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Question #80: Meet the Mets, Beat the Mets

This post is part of what was the Spirit of America Ask a Blogger challenge, a challenge in which I am woefully behind. All the previous questions are in one happy place.

Disclaimer: This is meant as no offense to two of my favorite Mets fans. There are exceptions to every rule. By the way, Mr. Crank is celebrating his fourth blogging/baseball writing anniversary today. That's like, elderly, in internet years. Go say congrats.

This seems like an appropriate time to answer question #80:

You always say that your Mets rivalry is different than your Boston rivalry. Explain.

This is easy.

  • Boston Red Sox fans have a sense of humor. Mets fans - for obvious reasons - don't.
  • You can discuss baseball with a Sox fan. A Mets fan will only discuss for about ten seconds before he threatens your life with a broken beer bottle.
  • The Sox have a nice stadium and classy uniforms. The Mets stadium looks like a giant toilet bowl and their uniforms belong in a cartoon. It's much easier to make fun of the Mets.

Oh, wait. I've been sidetracked into writing about why the Mets are easier to make fun of. Let me try again.

It is much easier to maintain a rivarly with a team that can actually compete with you. Rivalries against teams that will be 67 games behind yours in the standing two weeks into the season are just not worth it.

Other reasons I harbor much hatred towards the Mets:

Gary Carter, George Foster, Howard Johnson, Keith Hernandez, Len Dykstra, Roger McDowell, Doug Sisk, Lee Mazilli and 1980's era Strawberry, Gooden and Cone. Old shit? Yes, but rivalries run deep. Oh, it started before that. Way before that. Approach me with the phrase You Gotta Believe and I'll vomit in your Mets cap.

So, about that Mr. Met? Why make a mascot that just begs to have his head smacked in?


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Well I was going to argue with your reasons, seeing as tho I grew up and remain a Met fan....

but then your points about the mascot and song are correct.

And while I tend to disagree with the characterization that Shea Staduium looks like a toilet bowl, the Flushing Creek that run right nearby the stadium was/is/forever rather pungent during low tide, and 10x as bad during the heat of the summer.

Still, if we Met fans (that is, tho of us unarmed with the aforementioned beer bottles) can still remain fans, that says something about our loyalty, which is something that BoSox fans can appreciate.

67 games behind 2 weeks into the season? Sounds like Republican Fuzzy Math.

Damn, now you just need to have your posts lean crooked to one side or the other to complete that whole Batman 1969 look.

Bam! Pow! Crunch!

Slander, I tell you! Mr. Met is a great patriot!

Ok, Crank, Mr. Met gets a pass, for now.
But that "theme song" is without question the worst drek ever written.
Of course, Michele could probably have a contest for "Worst Theme Song" and dredge up about 50 more stinkers.

Unable to discuss baseball with a Met fan? I wonder how "Jerome from Manhatten" feels about that?

Whatever happened to that dreadful Yankees mascot, Dandy? He wasn't quite the worst mascot ever (the San Francisco Crab probably has that honor), but you got the distinct impression that they were smart not to let him roam the upper deck at Yankee.

And the Mets had one real charm at their stadium--the Folding Sign man. Better than any mascot.

The Yankees mascot is Alan Greenspan.

Yeah, who was the last Yankee to give up a season in order to serve his country, like Mr. Met did?

What's wrong with George Foster? He was nice to me at spring training when I was a kid. I like him. But I liked him better as a Red.

Nothing but net with that response, Bill! My new hero, Mr Met!

I was a Mets hater from 1986 through the mid-90s. But with a lot of therapy and the emergence of the Atlanta Braves as a more hate-worthy team, I ultimately forgot about the Mets.

First of all, the Yankees too have (had? is it gone now) a very lame theme song. You know, the one where they tell us how to spell and pronounce the word "Yankees".

As a rule, theme songs are lame and only a fan could possibly like their team's song (I happen to like "Meet the Mets", but acknowledge that it's pathetic).

No sense in any Met fan denying the ugliness that is Shea Stadium. It's horrific and always has been.

As a rule, I don't like mascots either, but Mr. Met is at least not the invention of a design team commmissioned by a marketing department that's after big sales in merchandise. In that regards, Mr.

The Mets are very much an up and down franchise, whereas Boston is generally a contender. So, I can understand that Boston is a serious rival and deserves proper attention (hatred, etc.) But, I remember before the 2000 World Series that Yankee fans were PETREFIED that the Yankees might not win. I think most Yankee fans looking back will admit that they were more afraid in 2000 than they were during last year's ALCS.

fuck the yanks

First off that off the wall Republican remark from a so-called Mets fan is B.S any hard-working Ny'er who hates Hillary and saw the WTC collapse is grateful that a swine like Gore wasn't in office when our fellow Americans were murdered would never make that staement unless they were actually a Yankee fan.
BOSOX fan - your preaching to a chior - don't hate Mets fans - hate Yankee fans - they are the most uneducated fans around - all they know is 26 - thats it. I love the BOSOX - I have a picture of BILLY BUCKNER in my den!!!