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Being Ted Rall

Cox & Forkum


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THAT is political cartooning at its very best.

I watched him last night on The Factor...the man does not have a soul.

And then there's the column he wrote the day after:

An Army Of Scum

Hat Tip -- Disseminating VRWC Propaganda

What planet does this man live on? (I mean Rall). How about a new disparaging name for people like Ted- Handywipe. Keep their articles and drawings handy to wipe with.

Um. I would hardly equate the U.S. military in Iraq with the SS. (In reference to Army of Scum.)

This asshole is focusing on the actions of a select FEW instead of doing any kind of commenting on actual facts. My husband was over in Iraq and be damned if the media ever reported on anything positive they did over there.

It just pisses me off to see jerks like this take the liberties and freedoms -- that soldiers have bled and died for in service to this country -- and do nothing but wipe their asses with them.

An opinion is one thing. And I can generally respect one's right to have one -- even when I disagree. But what he's done is down right wrong.

Yeah this guy is a real class act. I don't know if he's doing this for free publicity or he's just a moron but it doesn't matter, they run hand in hand in this matter.