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bark at the moon

[click for uneccesarily big size] Well, that certainly explains a lot.


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very. cool.

In fact, the moon is only 99% full tonight.
So expect 1% less moonbattery.

it was a killing moon...

It was huge and yellow and there were wispy clouds where I was, totally ah-semm (howl) the leaves blooming, all still narrower than the branches they run up, the car lights tracking down the highway seemingly dim and flickering under the wide brim of the moon reflecting daylight.

Was a good day to get out of work late.

It was a red moon here in the UK last night. I had a really bad day yesterday...wonder if there is any link?

You mean like my old norfolk bay(Virginia) granpappy used to say;

"red sky at night sailor's delight, red sky in the morning, sailor take warning."

Maybe it's the other way around on the other side of the Atlantic?