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Rall v. O'Reilly

Rall is on O'Reilly now. Claiming that the strip isn't really about Tillman. * Ok, he will NOT admit why papers aren't running the strip. * He claims he's not offensive, the adminstration is offensive. Total avoidance of the issue. * O'Reilly: "There's something the matter with you" * Rall is still claiming the war in Afghanistan is a scam. * Rall says bin Laden never said he was responsible for 9/11. Apparently Rall doesn't think we know who perpetrated 9/11. * Ohh Blix agrees with Rall! There's your proof he's right about everything. This guy is delusional. * Hey, did you know that the NYT is a moderate newspaper? Ted says so, so it must be true! Well, all in all, that was very LAME. O'Reilly used the time to do his usual snarky, bully commentary and barely approached the issue of Tillman, which is what this was supposed to be about. Once again, O'Reilly's need to satisfy his pompous ego let's another one get away. Yawn.


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It's not about Tillman -- it's about "Tillman." You know.

Glad I don't have cable -- there would be bits of tv all over the place.

the strip isn't really about Tillman.

Sure, Ted, NOW you tell me.

You know, I don't like O'Reilly any better than you do, but I could warm up to him if he'd just thump Rall over the head a couple dozen times tonight.

He draws conclusions like he draws his cartoons: amateurish, juvenile and sloppy.

That was almost a cordial discussion. I expect more from O'Reilly.

I also noticed he said he's waiting for a real war on terror to be fought...*yeah*...what exactly would Ted Rall do against the terrorists?

I loved that comment, Steve - "I'm waiting for the real war on terror to get started, Bill". Whatever.

It looks like he pissed on Tillman's grave to start some buzz about his book to me.

Get busy on that packing!

Disappointing exchange - I really expected O'Reilly to ream him about the cartoon - they barely even discussed it. Like we needed 12 minutes of "Rall you're a lefty" already. Duh.

Although I have to admit it cracks me up that Rall felt like he oughta be on O'Reilly's show in the first place. Gimme some mo fame!

The 'real' war on terror will commence just as soon as OJ finds the 'real' killers.

Yea - OJ, when he drove down the freeway I put my TV in a box and sold it for 1/3 of what I paid for it less than 3 months before that. I still don't have one.

What the hell is wrong with society?

Rall wants to piss off conservatives. That's really the only reason he's in business; he's a reverse-Coulter. He doesn't do it 'cause he's good at drawing, that's for sure.

Somebody ought to kick Turn Roil in the testicles so hard he'll choke on them - assuming he has any. Except I do not want to make that shitstain into a First Amendment martyr.

So what are the odds that, oh, say, Robert Fisk will fall from a height onto the Turd? If I only had an Infinite Improbability Genrator right now...

I believe him, the strip really wasn't about Tillman. It merely used Tillman's tragic death to draw attention to Rall's pet ideologies.

Ummm, I'm not sure that makes it any better though.

when i heard about the upcoming interview, i thought, o'reilly shouldn't give r@ll the publicity, but at least he'll ream the bastard.
god was i wrong. pathetic performance on o'reilly's part, and r@ll got the publicity.

I was disapointed by O'Reilly, I expected more.

Im going to offer you something, which I am sure you already knew, but to which the facts became to me at least, indisputable.

Did you notice anything about Rall's lower left lip? Something which might perhaps be due to repeated heat applied to a substance encased in metal.

Damn Rall, no wonder you live in a fantasy world.

Hey, Michele, I wonder why it is that you know that the show will feature two of your least favorite people in the world and you make a point of watching it!

Perhaps you'd be in a better mood if you avoided things that you know are going to annoy you, rather than actively seeking them out.

Just a thought.

When Rall claimed the Pakistan and Saudi Arbia were more responsible for 9/11 than Afganistan, I wanted to see O'Reilly followed up with "So, it would be ok with you if we invaded Pakistand and Saudia Arabia because you say they are more responsible?" I think this would have made Rall squirm, unfortuntly O'Reilly did not ask him.

I'll have to second the sentiment expressed by many, that O'Reilly was WAY too tame with this nutball - Rall is so far left, he's off the curve. He's a card-carrying member of the black helicopter left, and O'Reilly could have made mince meat out of him. I would have liked Rall to describe his definition of the word "hero"...chances are, he'd blether something about "standing up for one's beliefs", a "willingness to fight for what is right", etc....free clue, Teddy....that is EXACTLY what Pat Tillman DID.

It's not about Tillman, yet he specifically names and insults Tillman in the comic strip.

Rall is pathological.

The catch-all for the left is "Yeah but it's not as bad as Bush." That they use it for this shows that anything on the left is permissible because "it's not as bad as Bush."

C'mon guys can't take little humor. If analyzed carefully the cartoon attacks the misdirected attacks on Iraq and Afganistan ruining 1000's of more lives, destroying cities and innocent livelihoods young and adult while the real criminal is scotfree residing in an ally country. To me TedRall had the real balls to critize and bring to limelight some realities one should talk about. O'reilly in his show was just flaring the mass sentiments. Otherwise he wouldn't have a show. Ted Rall is the real hero.