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Set the TiVo

Two of my least favorite people in the world appear together tonight! I hear that Ted Rall will be hanging with Bill O'Reilly on the O'Reilly Factor this evening. The clash of the bloated egos should be interesting, to say the least.


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Is it wrong to hope for mutual destruction?

Rall fans, like us, should let O'Reilly how happy we are that O'Reilly is giving Rall publicity he obviously craves but doesn't deserve. Rall should be shunned.

Matter, meet Anti-matter.

Any chances both men's head will explode as they scream at each other?

It would be great if they beat the shit out of each other, because, either way, I'd win.

O'Reilly is going to skewer Rall with a, um skewer, cook him over an open fire, eat him and call it good. Then, unfortunately (IMO) O'Reilly will succumb to the worst case of indigestion the world has ever seen.

Shortly after that I expect to see B.O. wandering the streets mumbling incoherently (& yet at the top of his voice) "Who's looking out for you?"

Methinks there is a drinking game to be made of this... anyone wanna take a crack at it?

Even a majority of the sewer that is DU agrees that Rall was an ass (with this particular comic at least)


DU is against him?

Maybe he's not so bad.

Take a drink if:
OReilly raises his voice
Rall calls Bush a liar

If you have a drink for every time O'Reilly says "Oh, come on!" or "Am I wrong?" you'll be in the hospital by 8:15.

I feel badly for those who have to closed-caption this disaster.

"DU is against him?

Maybe he's not so bad."

LOL...actually its the shrieking moonbats over there brow beating those who were offended. But hey when there's a few reasonable people on the other side, there's always hope.

If there's one thing I noticed about DU lately, it's that tearing down our soldiers does not play well over there. There really are reasonable people at DU. They don't outnumber the moonbats, but they are there.

take a shot every time O Reilly says "pinhead"

I can't believe all you pinheads don't like O'Reilly.

"If there's one thing I noticed about DU lately, it's that tearing down our soldiers does not play well over there. There really are reasonable people at DU. They don't outnumber the moonbats, but they are there."

The hard core leftists are basically using DU as a recruiting station. They prey upon DU's hatred of Bush to all things American. Glad to see a few to say" Fuck you I'm a democrat not an anarchist!"

Holy schneikies!!! If you guys thought Rall's comic was bad, you should check out his latest "column" wherein he equates the US military to the Nazi SS and says Bush has INS and other concentration style internment camps all over the world.

The man is seriously INSANE.


It's titled "An Army of Scum". He is treading dangerously close to getting himself into trouble with someone somewhere.

Just For Chuckles
When They Eat Their Own, We Laugh


Factions, lol.

Oh my f-ing Gawd, I am watching Rall on O'Reilly as I write this and he just stated the New York Times is a moderate newspaper!
I guess it is just more proof how the far left have pulled the pendulum with them.

Set ups like that really make me whistful for the times of bloodsport and gladiatorial combat. With a matchup like that, no matter who dies we (the viewing public, representatives of the gene pool) cannot possibly lose.