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Reason Number 32,568 why the U.N. is a Farce

Sudan keeps seat on U.N. rights panel bq. In elections Tuesday for 14 seats on the main U.N. human rights watchdog, the coalition said three out of four African seats will be filled by non-democratic regimes -- Sudan, Guinea and Togo. In Asia, Vietnam and Pakistan, which both have questionable human rights records, are vying for seats and at least one will be elected, it said. Sudan:
"What I saw was village after village which has been burnt down," [British journalist] Phil Cox said on CNN's International Correspondents program. "Usually there are bodies around the villages. There are mass graves outside. When I say mass graves, I mean large pits in the earth, maybe 10 to 20 bodies in them, and these pits, 20 to 30 pits around the villages."
Give me one good reason why the U.N. should not be dismantled.


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Is sadistic torture being committed by Americans, against Americans, on American soil? I welcome your opinion of a fascinating story on the abuses committed by drug task forces of the HIDTA and local police that have yet to recieve much public scrutiny. Go to: Newark Police & HIDTA Crime Blog. Let me know what you think!

Sometimes the only way to reveal the truth is through a work of fiction . . .

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Think of the mass unemployment that would result to the dismantling of the U.N.
There would be diplomats on the streets begging for change, the soup kitchens would be mobbed with foreign dignataries unable to feed themselves, and the civil unrest that would result in losing such a premier debate society would be impossible to stop.
We just can't have that.

Hopefully, while we wait for the most overhyped High School debate team to be disbanded they do as little harm as possible.

At least Sudan is being balance by Togo. I hope our UN representitve decides now might be a good time for that year long sabbatical. I would love to see us boycott this POS orginization.

An organization has to be representative to work. And unfortunately at least 1/3 of World Governments think ethnic cleansing is an internal matter unless Muslims are being ethnically cleansed.

The U.N. adds value in proving that the ability to fight 2 wars simultaneously and act unilaterally is critical for developed nations.

I was about to shout NOTHING, but I actually found one: The UN arbitrates domain squatting issues.

Of course, that can easily be handed to some other standards-body like the ISO.


And the UN is an organization that's representative of whom? Mostly oppressive dictatorships and kleptocracies.

I think we should make a stink about this and kick the UN off our soil.

We won't do that, though. The UN provides political cover for every corrupt politician in the world including our own.

Michele, the UN started out as a farce, and it never got better.

The Soviet Union started in 1945 with three votes (a compromise with the west - the Soviets wanted full voting rights for all 15 of its member states).

Remarkably, Stalin argued and used the example of the United States of America as a comparison to the USSR, until someone told him we had 48 states.

So they got three. Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. And the UN became a soap-box for the next 50 years for the East and the West to air out their differences.

The Cold War is over. The UN is an anachronism whose time has long since past.