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intermission 2

Why didn't anyone tell me the Olsen twins are making a zombie movie? I haven't seen anything that scary since I saw Paris Hilton naked.


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"Paris Hilton naked." "Olsen twins." "Zombie movie."

Wow. All you need is a reference to Keyser Soze and you'll be set with Google bait for the next few months.

I just don't get the Olsen Twins craze. I mean, everytime I see them, I remember Full House...*shudder* It's a total buzzkill.

My, that baby fat's come right off, hasn't it?

Ditto on the "Full House" effect. And I'm getting a little creeped out about how they're always touching. In every picture. Something about that just doesn't seem right.

If she were an animal, PETA would call this a Hollywoodcaust starvation of epic proportions.

Funny, I always wondered what hundreds of countdown clocks across the world suddenly crashing would sound like.

The nice thing about having a twin is, there's always someone there to hold your hair while you purge.

I have a Gentlemen's Bet going in regards to those two. I figure that within six months of their eighteenth birthday, the Playboy spread is published.

What is frightening is how these women -- ok, technically they're kids until sometime next month when they hit the golden age of 18 -- are mega-millionaires because they've cultivated their trade very well (and they deserve the revenue that comes with it), yet they appear now not far from captivating that crack-whore-wraith look that is just sooo appealing.

I had bet agaisnt them going for the centerfold scene, as they seemed far too shrewd for that avenue --- they have a good 10-15 years easy to always change their minds --- but after this pic, I am not so sure that was a good bet.

their creepiness factor is only enhanced by the fact that they look like living Precious Moments figurines.

And i thought they were weird looking little kids, too.

That should shut down all the Olsen Twin countdowners.

Since when is Calista Flockhart one of the Olsen twins?

The really scary thing to me is how closely they are starting to resemble the Barbi Twins! Now that's truly frightening!

caption: "Forget the Fuckin' star, give me a MEAL!!"

You'de figure, being multi-millionaires(esses??), they could afford a nutritionist and a trainer to help bring them up to healthy-looking.....

On a side-note, they have been on every talk-show known to man lately and they seem like very nice, down-to-earth young ladies. My daughter's a HUUUUGE fan, so I've been recording them for her and watching them with her, she appreciates that kind of thing.


So last week...

"And the term "prostitots" applies. Expect to see them in Playboy after they turn 18.

Mary Kate: hate that hair color. Ashley: What are you, like, Paris Hilton's minime?

And, here they are, all grown up.

Jeebus, go have a burger! Gah!

Unhealthily slender. I don't think I've ever seen anything they've been in.

I never heard of the Olsen Twins before.
I have never seen Paris Hilton naked.
I don't know whether seeing Paris Hilton naked is a good thing, or not.

I am so happy about this, too.

They look like famine victims. I mean this seriously. Look at pictures from any famine and you will see the resemblence.

I almost saw Paris Hilton naked, but by the time I finally got to the party, she was long gone. You just can't get a cab to stop for a kangaroo in some of these urban neighborhoods.

Apparently it takes two.

To make a whole one.

Jim, that's exactly what I thought when I first saw this pic....with all those millions, can't they afford a decent meal?

I just don't understand the demographic that they appeal to - my daughter is 14, and she went through a period a couple of years ago of wanting to rent their movies, but other than that, we haven't spent a red cent towards building their fortune. Their clothing line, which WalMart carries, is mediocre. Who buys this stuff?

Twins have a tendency to be very close, hence why they are always touching each other...in addition it seems they keep getting asked to pose like that.

I think they are very pretty girls but WAY too thin. They really need to put on some weight.

But I, too, am creeped out that there are guys out there who are counting the days to their 18th birthday. Dudes! Full House!

I know everyone starts out small...I guess it's just because you can still see them like that if you flip on a t.v. (I assume since I don't have a t.v.)

Great Scott! They could put an eye out with those elbows!

I've been out of the country too long. Last I knew, they looked like two little troll dolls. Now they look like female gollums.
What's the attraction?

Hey girls, here's a tip: for the love of God, EAT SOMETHING!!!!!


If the camera adds ten pounds (as everyone claims), those girls must be in the negative weight range.

That's scary. Just scary. I wonder if Sally Struthers is going to show up and start taking donations on their behalf.

The really sad thing is that there are millions of little girls out there in America who will think this is the standard of feminine beauty they should aspire to...

Yeeks, they're creepy.

Don't forget, these kids have the extra problem of being extremely short people. As Tracy Gold, and others can testify, child stars tend to be short as adults, and, once grown, get an unbelievable amount of pressure to shed the baby fat.

What's with that anorexic olsen twin, now paris hilton is way f**ken hotter than that!!

anyone noticed that the olsen twins (especially Ashley) are really starting to look like the Barbi twins...that's not a good thing..the olsens were ugly kids and now they're turning into ugly adults. All we need to hear now is that they suffer from bulimia. But anyways, looks don't determine the kind of people that they are...right???