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So....How about those Yankees?



How about that Rocket?...

Pitcher of the month...

And in the Senior Circuit no less...

Has he had his first official beaning yet?

Go Rangers!! A-WHO?

Hehe, yep. Never claim the pennant during April, Bosox fans. A lot can go wrong over the next 6 months.

So sorry to hear the Pedro is upset and whining about being dissed.

we're still 1 game ahead...

Bite me.

Red Sox looking to close in on their coveted "Champions of April" but can they capture their 5th straight "Champions of May" (which may in fact be a record) title is the real question.

As a Mariners fan, I'm already writing the season off as a total loss.

Well, an almost total loss. The Yankees are playing badly, and that brightens my day.

As a Rangers fan, the first question that comes to mind is, who are these guys anyway?

As much as I enjoyed sweeping the Red Sox, I hated helping the Yanks.

Well, DiT, I'm one Yankees fan who thought it was a terrible idea to go after A-Rod, at the expense of losing Soriano. I hope you guys enjoy watching him as much as we did.

Red Sox are Daylight Savings Time: Spring Forward/Fall Back.

Screw Clemens:Kevin Brown AL Pitcher of the Month.

It would be just like Steinsticker to take Pedro from us. Well...maybe we could do fine without him.