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Thanks to alert reader Sarah, who pointed me to Mr. Blackfive, we can now see Kerry and Rall sitting in a tree. [clicky clicky] So much for the theory that I made that one up.


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Kerry has a way of turning up with everything anti-American.

Does anybody on the Kerry Campaign think that an ad associated with Ted Rall's work will change any minds (assuming there are still minds at work for the LLL reading it)?

Looks like a bad investment to me. Maybe that will be the first thing the Oracle of Omaha will tell him.

Ted Rall is scheduled for the O'Reilly Factor tonight to discuss his "views". Should be interesting (if he shows up).

I assumed that the Kerry ad was just in circulation on Ucomics. I doubt they specifically said "put us with Ted Rall". You'll think what you want anyways.

Scott, I didn't think of it in that way and I resent you implying that I wouldn't believe it. It very well may be and I'll retract my post if it's true.

However, Kerry does still link to Democratic Underground on his official site.

I was going to post on how shameful this smear is ... but I think the contrast to this quote works better:

"At this time, our thoughts and our prayers are with the Tillman family for their loss. Like men and women across America, Pat heard his country's call after 9/11. He, like so many others, answered it without fanfare and with a true sense of duty. And like every man and woman who wears the uniform, Pat earned an eternal debt of gratitude from the American people for defending us in Afghanistan. Every American who serves their country is an inspiration, and we are so very lucky to live in a country where so many men and women answer their country's call every single day.”

John Kerry

Of course, I just went to Ted Rall's website and saw this:

click here to view image.

Whatever that proves (nothing, obviously).

More generally: I refreshed the page about 30 times. I saw the "shoot the terrorist" ad repeated several times, but never did see this Kerry ad. That's not to say that Kerry didn't run an ad, but if he was running an ad he seems to have pulled it.

So. Michele. About this muckraking...

He links to DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND fercrissakes, who the hell needs to rake any muck? Kerry's wallowing in it.

Kerry's wallowing in it.

I would hardly call one text link in the sidebar of the campaign blog (along with 48 other similar links), wallowing.


There will be no political rants. There will be no leftie bashing. There will be no warmongering. There will be no talk of the election, the war, Israel, anti-war demonstrations, Michael Moore, Iraq, Iran, immigration issues, political correctness run amok, nor will there be any pointing at other bloggers who do talk about those things in a way that runs opposite to my feelings on the subject.

That part of ASV is over. It just has to be that way. It was not an enjoyable experience to write about those things. The last thing in the world I need right now is more negative adrenaline.

Yea, then I wrote a post about it where I changed my mind.

Last I looked, I wasn't beholden to you, jackass.

And sign your own name next time. I'm sick of anonymous cowards.


I'm confused. And I don't mean that in the way it's come to be used, where it's a euphemism for "You're obviously contradicting yourself." I mean it in the sense of, I'm genuinely confused about what you're writing.

You said all this stuff two and a half weeks ago about being done with politics and political blogging on ASV. No more political rants. No talk of the election, the war, etc. Which is fine. But then there's this post, http://asmallvictory.net/archives/006671.html, about the war, multiple posts about Rall (leftie bashing, however richly deserved), and so on.

So I think to myself, "Okay, I guess we're back to politics." I post two political comments in one day.

And now you post this. I'm not sure who you're giving the warning to. But if it's me, could I request a clarification of mission here? I'm sensing that there's a rule being laid down here, but I'm not sure I understand what it is.

Oops. Cross-post. I see what's going on now. Nevermind.

Josh, you know you're ok with me. Some asshat put that other comment in under my name. I'll have to change that.

There's no link here. Just cause you found an ad for kerry on a page running rall's toon doesn't mean he likes rall.

they're both sobs but this is a charge that ain't gonna stick.