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Here's an idea. I understand the need (or want) of television stations to run footage of Americans running rampant in Iraq or Afghanistan, helicopters firing on people who "don't look like a threat" or the bombing of mosques (nevermind that there were terrorists in the mosques firing at us); and I understand the insatiable desire for certain countries and/or American tv stations to continually hammer home the point that war is bad and insurgents are victims and suidice bombers are victims and Bush is evil for bombing Afghanistan and Saddam wasn't a threat and oil, oil, oil, and American soldiers are bad, bad people killing thousands, no millions, no gazillions of innocent Iraq babies on a daily basis and torturing Afghan women and burning down mosques and whole villages - yes I understand why they want to do that because everyone has an agenda and everyone loves good ratings but god damn it I am going to raise a million dollars and open my very own tv station that airs nothing but images of 9/11, footage of mass graves, documentaries on the Kurds, news clips of suicide bombings in Israel and footage of both Saddam and bin Laden threatening annihilation upon the United States and that's going to be it for 24 hours a day seven days a week and if I have to I will tie you down to a chair ala Clockwork Orange and force you to look.


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I'll give up lunch 3x/week to support such a cause!

Where can I contribute to such a worthy cause!

Just as a suggestion, start with public access TV, its cheaper...get some sponsers and such..then move to a more commerical station! :)

May I suggest the inclusion of WWII-era movies where Hollywood stars gather together at the end to exhort you to buy war bonds? I suggest Panama Hattie as a starter. Also those old Warner Bros. cartoons. You like cartoons.

Otherwise it's just going to be too grim.

I think you should also add Oriana Fallaci reading her new book "Force of Reason". Too often our views on immigration are colored by the successful immigrants who blended together to make this country as great as it is. There are those who see immigration as a weapon.

Fallaci has her own interpretation of the massive Islamic immigration that is rapidly changing the face of European cities. She sees it as part of the expansionism that has characterized Islam since its birth. After reminding the reader how Islamic armies have aimed for centuries at the heart of Europe (a part of history that is not taught anymore in Europe, since it would offend the sensitivity of Muslim pupils), reaching France, Poland, and Vienna, she lays out her case, claiming that the current flood of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa is part of a carefully planned strategy. Fallaci uses the words of Muslim leaders to support this thesis.

In 1974, former Algerian President Houari Boumedienne said in a speech at the U.N.: “One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere to go to the northern hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.” In other words, says Fallaci, what Islamic armies have not been able to do with force in more than 1,000 years can be achieved in less than a century through high birth rates. She cites as evidence a 1975 meeting of Islamic countries in Lahore, in which they announced their project to transform the flow of Muslim immigrants in Europe in “demographic preponderance.”

The “sons of Allah,” as Fallaci calls them, do not make a secret of their plans. WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!!!!1

Where do I send my check?

Ok, girls, no more wholesale fucking and bearing the children of AY-rabs.

Sign me up.

It's sweeps month; it's just going to get worse as May progresses.

Nothing sells like excess.

Bill Quick has a shot of the WTC burning at the top of his blog--when it loads it's sudden, bright color, really catches your attention.

Do something similar. The media wants everyone to forget that something caused this war. They want the people to believe that we just woke up and decided to attack willy-nilly.

Post the pictures they don't want us to see. Put them everywhere. Don't let people forget that we are retaliating.

Imagine if it had been Iraqi's who had crashed the planes into the wtc...

The media wants everyone to forget that something caused this war.

Is that what the media wants? Or does the media just want to make a buck? Call me cynical, but I'm inclined to believe the media just wants to make a buck.

And, just as a point of order, "this" war is actually two wars, in spite of the widespread misperception that the two are linked in some meaningful way. Evidence would suggest that, Saddam Hussein's many crimes notwithstanding, support for the invasion of Iraq might be somewhat less enthusiastic if more people had a clearer understanding of the chain of events leading up to the invasion.

Post the pictures they don't want us to see.

Yes, because those pictures of the towers exploding are underutilized.

Don't let people forget that we are retaliating.

Or, more accurately, don't let people forget that we are reacting.


Ok, girls, no more wholesale fucking and bearing the children of Joshua Norton.

i'll give you a hundred bucks for such a station.

and this logic justifies us being in iraq.... how?

I'm a newscast director/technical director. I'll volunteer to work at your station. Sounds like something that people here should be seeing.