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Go! Go! Micha's Rangers!

I'm tired and it's been a long, frustrating day trying to swat away the moonbats. Before I head into Adult Swim land, I have to confess that I found a photo of Micah Wright with his Rangers squad. So there must have been something to his story, after all. [click for bigger] Worst. Photoshop job. Ever. Sorry, I'm delerious with sleep deprivation. For the hunters: All Micah Wright posts are here. The Micah Wright Remix Gallery is here.


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I think I remember those guys. The purple one is the gay one, right? Tinky Winky?

I dunno, that yellow one looks pretty..er, happy too.

That is so bad, and yet I still laughed at it.

Wow! So underneath the mask he's an Asian chick who can't act?

Would you believe my 5 year old son has never heard of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Showed him the picture this morning, didn't recognize 'em.

Wild Force PRs - check
Ninja Storm PRs - check
Dino Thunder PRs - check (Tommy Returns!)

Mighty Morphin PRs - Dad, you're making that up!

I've seen these guys in action. Noriega must have sh*t his pants when they jumped in!