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ted rall risked his life so you can see his shitty cartoons

From Editor and Publisher:
Rall, who risked his life in Afghanistan himself as a visiting cartoonist/writer after 9/11, told E&P: "The word 'hero' has been bandied about a lot to refer to anyone killed in Afghanistan or Iraq. But anyone who voluntarily goes to Afghanistan or Iraq [as a soldier] is fighting for an evil cause under an evil commander in chief." "Tillman gave up millions of dollars," Rall added. "To that extent I think he's admirable, but the cause is not. ... He would have been a better person and a better husband if he took the $3.6 million and played football and left the poor and beleaguered people of Afghanistan and Iraq alone."
God damn soulless fuck. I suppose Rall wanted us to sit back and take it after 9/11? He lives in New York City and still, he doesn't get why going into to Afgahnistan was the right thing. Rall can thank people like Tillman that we haven't had another attack like 9/11. While he draws humorless cartoons shitting all over our troops, he does so while not even giving a thought as to why his neighborhood is not a pile of rubble. What a scumbag. Truly. I don't think I've cursed so much in one day as I did today. As for David Astor of Editor and Publisher, he really ought to take his face off of Rall's ass before someone comes along to kick it. Read the rest of the E&P crap. h/t once again to Gerard What I wouldn't give to see the end of the careers of both Ted Rall and Micah Wright.


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This guy is syndicated and Muir is not?

There is no effin' justice in this world

The Washington Post still has it up on their electronic version of the editorial page.

Ted Rall "risked his life" going to Afghanistan ,as much as Sean Penn did going to Iraq before the war, and Jane Fonda going into North Vietnam during that war.

Rall STILL believes the bullsh*t the Taliban sold him when it comes to the mythical pipeline in Afganistan.

What I found interesting is the advertiser who was sponsoring this garbage via a banner ad perched above the comic. You guessed it...The John Kerry campaign! Seems like the Pat Tillman's of the world are all idiots supporting the evil plots being spun by republicans in the White House and the nuts who believe in this idiotic conspiracy theory are just the type John Kerry would like on his team. Sounds a lot like his testimony against the soldiers he fought with in Vietnam, doesn't it? <>

Everyone should write MSNBC & Universal Press Syndicate & ask them to stop carrying Rall's disgusting work.

I have always believed in the freedom of speech, but such freedom does not mean that Rall must be provided with a venue to say what he wants. Instead, let him find a street corner somewhere. He can shout all he wants to there.

When Mahmoud Kahil, cartoonist featured in the Arab News, died I figured Ted Rall was a cinch for that job. Now I realize that Rall is so bad of a scribbler that he can't even hack that gig.

I'm pretty sure Rall was still on the West Coast during 9-11. For a couple of years before that, KFI, the biggest talk radio station in and around L.A., gave that moron a regular slot every weekend. IIRC, that stint had ended by 9-11, but they still used him to fill in for others occasionally, and also had him phone in his "expertise" from Afghanistan every morning.

Needless to say, I was relieved to see him move east. It's too bad he didn't move a little bit farther east.

Actually, he was on the east coast, on a train. I believe the train was headed from Philly to NY. I'll have to check - he wrote a strip for comic collection of 9/11 stories.

"Visiting cartoonist"? My brain just shut down at that point.

It's funny, I used to like Rall's cartoons, Tom Tommorrow's as well - until 9/11 happened and they lined up the wrong side.

But then all of the liberals lined up on the wrong side.

For you it's an irritant, for me it's a loss because I no longer have a place in society where my attitudes fit in.

There's no party for 9/11 liberal hawks...

Note to Ted Rall:

Ever hear of Rage Against the Machine? That's artistic leftist dissent done well.

The poorly-worded, ill-researched paranoid rants and artistic hack-jobs you call political cartoons are pathetic. This one wasn't even original; you just cartooned that imbecilic UMASS article.

I suggest you find a new line of work, preferrably one that doesn't involve writing or illustration.

Noted two things about the E&P piece:

1. They neglect to mention what Rall has Tillman say in the opening panel:

"Never mind the fine print. When do I get to kill Arabs?"

IOW, not only is Rall indulging himself by calling Tillman an idiot, he's also characterizing him as a racist by putting words in Tillman's mouth that Pat never said, never even hinted at.

2. They say that the second person says "Sad?" in the last panel. Not correct, it's "Sap?", which makes it doubly annoying.

Go visit Andrew Sullivan. He has the contact information for the people at the press syndicate who distribute this strip.

Michelle, thank the Good Lord that there are people like you who take the time to expose shit like this. You have my greatful appreciation and admiration. Thank you for your time and effort -- you are making a difference.

IOW, not only is Rall indulging himself by calling Tillman an idiot, he's also characterizing him as a racist by putting words in Tillman's mouth that Pat never said, never even hinted at.

Can his surviving wife sue for defamation of character or slander?

And Rall'd better hope I don't cross his path. I work in the People's Democratic Republic of Manhattan, and my motorcycle gloves have carbon-fiber knuckles.

Me and Christopher Hitchens.

Only two people I know of who can actually brag about having voted for Nader.

Joshua Scholar, I can totally relate. There are a few sane liberals out there, but VERY few.

I put a couple email addresses up at my blog where people can complain--stole the first one from Andrew Sullivan, tracked down 3 others. I will try to update the list in about an hour.

I'm starting to burn now. My focus before was on the last panel, but that first panel is really starting to irk me quite a bit more now.

Asher, I voted for Nader.


I suppose the liberals should also compain about Muir's free speech rights and demand that "Day by Day" get published as well.

I suggest that Rall get together with Robert Maplethorpes people. Rall should then take today's cartoon, laminate it, put it in a bowl of urine, and display it in a museum. That's the only way it would ever achieve being called 'art'.

Alan, remind me never to cross you.

Mr Rall is truly sick, unless he is incomprehensibly stupid and insensitive.
I'm not a US citizen but the soldiers fighting and dying in the Middle East are protecting my childre just as surely as if I were an American. (Shamefully, my own government is too Rallish to help). Thanks, US.

(for more addresses see "The Ted Rall Unemployment Project" at http://brainster.blogspot.com/)

Subject: Dump Ted Rall now

Lee Salem
Vice President, print syndication
Universal Press Syndicate

Dear Mr. Salem:

I write urging you to cease carrying any written or
graphical works by Ted Rall, effective immediately.

A recent cartoon by Mr. Rall, published on the Slate
website but hastily withdrawn, depicts Pat Tillman,
the fallen American soldier, as a murderous racist.
Such a smear could only have come from someone
who is not merely dishonest and anti-American, but
MALICIOUSLY dishonest and anti-American. In its
venom it recalls anti-semitic propaganda put out
during the 1920s by the loathsome Nazi war criminal
Julius Streicher.

For this reason, filtering out Mr. Rall's more
disgusting works is not enough. Just publishing him
at all proclaims one's indifference to treasonous
hatred and dishonesty. The First Amendment
bestows upon Mr. Rall exactly the same entitlement
to have any of his works distributed by Universal
Press Syndicate as it does upon David Duke,
namely none whatsoever. We, not the State, decide
who meets the minimum standards of civilized
humanity -- and Mr. Rall has emphatically and
unambiguously repudiated those standards.

You have a Streicher on your hands, driven by
malice for the best among us. It is time to get rid
of him.


Alan T. Furman
Sunnyvale, California

"'Visiting cartoonist'? My brain just shut down at that point."

Yeah, I have a better title for Rall: "cartoonist emeritus." Hopefully we'll see that sometime soon.

Oh, and Alan J., if he got together with Mapplethorpe's people, wouldn't it be more appropriate for them to laminate the strip, roll it up, and cram it up his ass?

People are giving Rall more credit than he deserves when they link is name with that of Robert Mapplethorpe. Altho he got caught up in a contraversy involving so-called artists who had nothing but contraversy going for them, Mapplethorp was in fact a supurb photographer who included contraversial and distastful subjects among his works. Most of his photos would not have been out of place (subject or artistic value) in the photographic magazines of the '50s.


She can and she should.

Now whether she'll win that lawsuit- well, I don't know where she lives, but if it's out in the 9th Socialist Repub- er, 9th Circuit Court area, she might wanna move first.

Editor and Publisher seems to have had second thoughts about that idiotic "risking his life" line in its story:


Why is it over 700 people die and no one barely notices but some football star gets killed and suddenly everyone cares? Do we have our priorities screwed up or what. I HATE sports when even our TAX DOLLARS are spent to support professional teams. It Seems sports have become a diversionary tactic to further dumb down Americans along with Hollywood gossip and fashion trends. How shallow of a Nation have we become? VERY!....

C, if you think this is about sports hero worship then there's no hope that you'll ever really understand.

C, you feel that way because you are terminally gay, right?

Personally i agree with Mr. Rall, but i do not condone the manner in which he has made his statement. I think that by calling Pat Tillman an idiot he is merely stooping to the level of those who hated on France and Germany and Canada for not joining the war. Pat Tillman was not an idiot, he was merely misled.

The thing here is, we equate Iraq and Afghanistan with 9/11 constantly. Does anybody know why we do this? Because we are told that there is a link. We've been told this from the beginning and even though evidence to the contrary has come out over and over again, we still continue to believe there is a link. The fact remains that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 nor did Afghanistan.

Rall did not want to "sit back and take it after 9/11" as you claim, he merely wants to find who is actually responsible and punish them as opposed to fighting many different countries for many different reasons. 13 of those 15 men that comitted the 9/11 acts were from Saudi Arabia. Why aren't we in there occupying that country? What happened in the governmental ranks that we overlooked such a glaring correlation?

One more thing, as for the soldiers over there being responsible for no further 9/11 attacks that is utterly false. If anything, those soldiers are pissing off people making it MORE likely that another attack will happen.

What is TRULY preventing further terrorist attacks is that the U.S. government and people now no longer think that they are impervious to attacks. They are taking threats seriously and not discounting them out of hand.

Correction: 15 of the 19 men aboard the planes held Saudi passports but were actually Egyptian. The Saudi's funded the attacks.

I apologize for the incorrect info.

These are the real people trying to hurt us! But why aren't we attacking them? Or North Korea? There are tyrants all over the world! Why aren't we attacking them?

I love this stuff: "And Rall'd better hope I don't cross his path. I work in the People's Democratic Republic of Manhattan, and my motorcycle gloves have carbon-fiber knuckles."
huh huh huh. Yeah Beavis, that'll teach him.

You're a pathetic loser.

I love this stuff: "And Rall'd better hope I don't cross his path. I work in the People's Democratic Republic of Manhattan, and my motorcycle gloves have carbon-fiber knuckles."
huh huh huh. Yeah Beavis, that'll teach him.

You're a pathetic loser.

Pat Tillman wouldn't want to be called a hero. He didn't want any special attention when he enlisted, he just wanted to do what he thought was right. After the events of 9-11, he felt he needed to protect his country and was prepared to do what he must and go where he had to. He died doing what he believed was right. We need more people like Pat Tillman.
Pat Tillman died in Afganistan, trying to find the people responsible for the attack on the WTC. Atleast he died doing what he believed was right.
Luckily, he did not die in Iraq. As we know, Iraq and Saddam were not connected to 9-11, nor was there any REAL evidence of WMD. All Saddam did have was the gall to try and assasinate the current president's father, oh, and a whole lot of oil.
Yes, Ted Rall is a jackass. He was wrong to use Pat Tillman's death as a platform to speak out against the Iraq War. He should have kept his mouth shut about Pat Tillman.
One last thing to think about.

Pat Tillman chose to serve and go to war.

President Bush chose to hide out in the National Guard
(scoring the lowest possible score to qualify for flight school, yet jumped ahead of 150 other applicants...)
Vice President Cheney requested and received 5 deferments from service, until he was no longer eligible for the draft. (and by the way, Tarvisch Reid, his daughter happens to be gay. I don't know wether it's terminal or not...)

Say what you want about him, but John Kerry also chose to serve his country and was wounded 3 times. He did not try to get into the National Guard (which is widely known was a haven for rich white kids not wanting to go to Vietnam, NOT the National Guard of today that serves in Iraq) and he did not try and defer service once (let alone FIVE times!)

Would President Bush have turned down $3.6 million dollars to go to and risk his life in battle?
No... he wouldn't. He's already proven that.
Yet he had no problem rushing to war, concocting and exaggerating evidence to send others with far less, off to fight and die.
That's the worst part.

The real problem is this; Ted Rall is right! But truth hurts so bad... To become cannon meat for sake of George Bush and call that shit heroic? No, just sad.

Ted Rall is a disgrace to this Country... Lets take out all of our soldiers... who by the way fight for HIS freedom also.... and Through him in there with no means of defense. And if he "accidentally" gets killed.. Then we can make jokes about it!!!!!! THAT SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD PLAN. How would your mother feel about that Ted?? Or did you even think about that when you made the cartoon about Tillman??? YOU ARE DEFINATELY A DEAD BEAT.... AND YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE IN AMERICA LOSER!!! WHEN I EVEN HEAR YOUR NAME OR READ ABOUT YOU PERIOD YOU MAKE ME WANT TO VOMIT.. SICK BASTARD

See? this is what i'm talking about. This kind of anger about Rall criticizing something blinds you from the anger that you SHOULD be feeling about the lies that are spoon-fed to you. For example, how about the Administration's falsifying of Tillman's Silver Star report? Would he still warrant that medal after gettin shot in the back by one of his own? And these soldiers are not fighting for anybody's freedom except their own. None of these nations are a threat to the United States and being in there is making more terrorists than there would had they not have been invaded.

P.S. it's spelled T-H-R-O-W not through.

You guys are such clueless hillbillies, its hilarious. Just believe the lies of the Commander in Thief and go send your children to die for nothing. Rock on!