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talkin' to myself

A couple of things before I once again delve into the bottomless pit of packing. After perusing various comic sites reading about the Micah thing, it dawned on me that I have written about comics in a while (especially since I opted to let Four Color Hell drop off the cliff of the internet). Alas, all my comics are safely tucked away in long boxes, ready for the move, so I can't even take out the newest purchases for review. I do owe someone a rather lengthy post on Neil Gaiman and Sandman, so I suppose that will have to fulfill me until I can pry those long boxes open after the move. On the subject of guitar riffs: When I read the article announcing the list (in the post below), what I thought of was not riffs that are made great by their music, but by the instant recognition one gets upon hearing them - that and riffs that open songs, rather than middle of the song riffs. With that in mind, I nominate (songs that don't already appear): Black Sabbath, War Pigs Pink Floyd, Money RATM, People of the Sun Kinks - Really Got Me You know I can't do anything without including a Faith No More song in the mix, so for this purpose, I'll go with Ashes to Ashes. And to throw in a song that probably two people who read this site will know, Life of Agony's This Time. Yea, there's more. But boxes await. And Brainster, thanks for reminding me of Jeff Beck's Freeway Jam. It's been way to long since I heard that, or thought about the people I associate that song with. Do I really want to pack? Or do I give myself a night off. We're not closing until the 11th........


I dig the guitar break on My Sharona. Part of it's not a solo, part of it is.

I don't know if there's anything virtuoso to it, but I dig it.

Not sure why Alex Lifeson or Pete Townshend had a hard time breaking onto that list.

I have no effing clue who "Muse" is or why he is placed above Eddie, a genius of the strings.

But two Lifeson riffs that begin songs and are immediately identifiable are Spirit of the Radio and Limelight.

From Payt, Substitute and Pinball Wizard...how many others for him? he was an amazing songwriter...and Moon was the greatest rock drummer...

But that was before everyone stopped caring about musicianship.

Michele, have you checked out alt.binaries.pictures.comics on Usenet? Great place for old memories. The .reposts newsgroup frequently posts complete runs.

7/4 baby.

Well, except for Gilmour's solo. But I don't blame him.

Michele: Thanks for the new RATM inclusion. I also like "Vietnow" because it reminds me of Led Zeppelin's "The Wanton Song".

Ben: Townsend is more of a chords, not a riffs, player (great riff in "Join Together", though).

And, not to overuse Zeppelin, I always confuse the riff for "Money" with "How Many More Times."

As for further nominees, "Aqualung", "Nobody's Fault But Mine", "Cult of Personality", Helmet's "Ironhead", The Cult's "In the Clouds", Smashing Pumpkins' "Zero", Nine Inch Nails' "Last", and in the vein of "Sweet Child O'Mine"-- Radiohead's "Street Spirit"

Sitting on a park bench

Sultans of Swing -- Dire Straits.

Heartbreaker -- Led Zeppelin.

Trampled Under Foot -- Led Zeppelin.

Hey Nineteen -- Steely Dan.

Reelin' In the Years -- Steely Dan.

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For -- U2.

Train In Vain -- The Clash.

La Grange -- ZZ TOP.

All She Wants To Do Is Dance -- Don Henley

Life's Been Good To Me So Far -- Joe Walsh.

Any guitar riff list must include Sweet Jane by Lou Reed (in my humble opinion).