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ted rall pisses on tillman

Update: Visitors from The Corner and other various places - you will want to read the two updates to this story as well: here and here.

[click for even more offensive size]

Dear Ted,

Should you and I ever cross paths one day (and the time is getting close to where I will do my best to make that happen), I will risk the chances of going to jail just for that one moment of joy I will feel when my fist meets your face. You are a blight upon the human race and a disgrace to your profession. Yet, you are too stupid and self-absored to realize just how much of an idiot you are. I don't know whether to pity you or kick you in your small, shriveled balls.

A festering sore on the face of humanity, indeed.

Update: Smash has something even worse: people encouraging soldiers to frag their officers.

[Ed note: While I normally don't consider violence a proper reaction to circumstances like this, I did advocate it here, and I'm not taking it back. I seriously would punch the man if I ever saw him. However, I do not in any way condone death threats. You want to threaten the man with death, do it on your own site. Homey don't play that.]

Update: Please note that the comments here have been closed. Just...really unproductive.


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Truly a sick mind.

the problem with lefty pimps like rall is that they thrive on attention. don't give this little jerk any and he'll shrivel up and blow away.

As a self defined liberal.. and proud of that fact. I am truly appalled and disgusted by this kind of shit. People look at the "liberal" point he is trying to make, and think that he is some kind of a representative.

Please don't think that everyone who is "liberal" or "anti-war" is like Ted Rall.

This is tasteless. (extreme understatement of the year)

He no more represents liberals than Fred Phelps represents Christians.

He should be ashamed. and bitchslapped.

Ted Rall insults American heroes!

Next up: Glenn Reynolds says good stuff about nanotechnology, Atrios says bad stuff about the religious right, Kaus makes fun of John Kerry and Andrew Sullivan announces he's gay!

And somewhere, a blogger will link each of those stories.

I consider it my duty to keep reminding people what an idiot Rall is.

If you must mention T3d R@ll, why give him the google hits?

can't we (new yorkers) just get together and vote him off the island?

Let me help you with your decision Michele. You want to kick him in the balls.

You're welcome!

Yeah, I think sometimes how satisfyong it'd be to punch these asshats so hard they'll be shitting teeth. But then I decide, what the heck, at the end of the day they'd still be asshats, only with fewer teeth. And it wouldn't be worth bruising my knuckles.

As I posted on another blog, in a way this kind of thing is a relief. The left's hypocritical sanctimonious claim to "support our troops" is slipping and what they really think of those who choose to serve is out in the open. So their contnued spiral into marginalization proceeds apace.

I used to think Ted Rall was narrow minded, and I said as much on the Yahoo! Message boards when I used to post there.

This is slant of a person that is so far out of touch it is frightening. I know plenty of people who don't agree with me on politics who find this distasteful -- to say the least.

I wouldn't hit him. To hit him I'd have to touch him, and, well -- ick.

Ted Rall?...Oh yeah. He is that bitter, infantile, leftist who draws with his stools clenched between his teeth.

I wouldn't hit him. To hit him I'd have to touch him, and, well -- ick.

Use a 2×4.

Don't punch him. You can hurt your hand that way. Hit him with your forearm. Keep your hand open; otherwise, the muscle that clenches your fist will be what hits him, and you want to hit him with your ulna. Twist your hips as you throw the forearm. Then get him in the groin with the knee opposite the forearm that you just threw, twisting your hips in the opposite direction. Keep your knees slightly bent; it makes it a whole lot easier to get the proper hip rotation.

Don't be surprised if you don't get the expected reaction when you make contact with his groin.

Keep looking over your shoulder, Teddy, because it's going to come soon.

Dead man walking.

Pat Tillman joined the army because he was profoundly moved by the broadcast images of ordinary people jumping out of 90th story windows and answering machine messages left to husbands and wives by people who were shortly thereafter immolated.

He did not know where he was going to be sent, nor did he have any choice in the matter.

I would be interested to know where this cartoon was published and who the sponsors of that publication are.

It is on MSNBC under the opinion/comics section.

You can email the editor at letters@msnbc.com.

T3d R@ll comes to them via the Universal Press Syndicate.

MSNBC and all other places that published this should be ashamed of themselves.

If your local paper carries Ted Rall's work, you may want to write or e-mail its editors to inform them that their decision is costing them your subscription.

And, before anybody raises the point, this is not censorship; this is the operation of the free market. Every consumer has the right to spend his money as he chooses, and the right to inform suppliers of his choices.

And every publisher and editor has the right not to publish Ted Rall.

Ted has already demonstrated he doesn't know the difference between censorship and rejection of his crap by the marketplace.

But I do, and I will not knowingly do business with a company that publishes Rall.

I have a news site and I'm strongly considering not using MSNBC or Newsweek as sources anymore.

When we start talking about boycotting publications because they publish things we don't like, intellectually that gets into a murky area as far as freedom of expression and open debate are concerned.

Some speech however demands that sort of reaction. Obviously I would not lament the commercial demise of a neo-nazi rag, and Rall's mindless left wing vitriole is very nearly on the same level.

The main reason I have always supported freedom of speech is that it creates an opportunity for the truly mean, mendacious, and moronic to reveal themselves for what they are. Ted Rall is a fine example of that principle at work.

Ted Rall acts the idiot again. Surprise. However, please keep reminding us what a tool he is. It helps to keep my hostility properly focused.

Why couldn't Ted have been visiting the 100th floor of the WTC at about 8:30 am on 9/11?

Yet another of the questions I have for a Certain Diety...

"Use a 2×4."

Hm... will a baseball bat do?

Well, at least he dispenses with the myth that "everybody supported the war in Afghanistan".

As a liberal, I say have at him ... the disrespect and lack of humanity shown in this comic is pathetic. But don't believe this type of thought is typical of liberals. As an example of the sentiments of the vast majority of liberals (in fact, every single one that I personally know) regarding Pat Tillman, I am reposting what I wrote when I learned of his death:

"This is one of the people I'll tell my son about when he's old enough to understand. Dude walks away from millions to go after Osama. Truly heroic."

Kery, Macswain: Keep on dreaming that the rest of the US won't identify your side of the discussion with cretins like Rall and Moore. It's time and past time that the Left started policing its own.

How come Rall hasn't been sued by representatives of Matt Groening? His style is a direct and shameless copy.

So, does he work for anybody boycottable? I guess he's sold by Universal Press Syndicate - but they seem to carry partisans for both sides. It'd be like boycotting a book store. Is there some other way of getting at any sponsors of this guy?

Kery, Macswain: Keep on dreaming that the rest of the US won't identify your side of the discussion with cretins like Rall and Moore. It's time and past time that the Left started policing its own.

After the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, the Left -- including President Clinton and the lamestream media -- managed to tar Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, the National Rifle Association, and other political enemies as "unindicted co-conspirators" to the terrorist attack. Having a conservative opinion was tantamount to "hate speech" that was supposed to have motivated McVeigh. "We can't love our country and hate our government," President Clinton told us repeatedly.

It was wrong, but to a large extent, it worked. So don't be surprised if the Right does everything it can to link liberals to idiotarians like Rall and Moore.

Anonymous Coward

Considering how many books Moore sells, why shouldn't the Right link liberals to him?

As soon as I heard of this excrement, I knew where to go to find someone properly tearing it down.

We really need to organize a movement to get Ted Rall unemployed.

Appears as though MSNBC pulled the Tillman cartoon and replaced with Rall's 5/1 cartoon.

Not that it's an improvement.

MSNBC has pulled the particular Ted Rall item referenced by Michele. Their site now says:

MSNBC.com Editor in chief Dean Wright concluded Monday’s Rall item did not meet MSNBC.com standards of fairness and taste.

Of course, this explanation is in error, since it implies that Rall's items would ever meet anyone's standards of fairness and taste, and that MSNBC.com has standards.

Sadly, the anti-war Left probably still regards Micah Ian Wright as more of a brave and heroic patriot than they do Pat Tillman.

Re: DaveP and Anonymous Coward,

I'm conservative. More importantly, I'm an American citizen. More importantly still, I'm a person. Just like all the rest of us.

I take a look at cartoons like this, and everything else that is going around, and it makes me sick. I've concluded the only damned thing I can do is look after myself. I suggest you do so as well.

When liberals tell us this isn't indicative of their movement, let us take it at that. Don't counter with Moore, Clinton, or whoever. They've given us the proverbial olive branch, the least we can do is take them for their word.

If we all stood together and shamed these kind of whackos into obscurity, maybe we could move toward something of civilized society once more. Who cares who's extremists are more dangerous? Let's stop whippin' it out to whose is bigger and do something about the problem: irrational, hatefilled extremists.

It's not cool to make veiled death threats on someone elses blog.


You bring your bat, I'll bring my nine-iron. Michele? Sport equipment of your choice.

Let's party.

BTW... disclaimer for the litigation crowd out there... previous post in the manner of black humor. I would never wish death upon Mr. Rall.

Deportation to an Iranian prison, yes; death or assault by my hands, no.


I guess I missed my chance to REALLY score big for Spirit of America by auctioning off my autographed Ted Rall book for you all to burn. From the look of these comments, there might have been a bidding war.

Steve H of Hog on Ice and I knew him 21 years ago when Steve and I were publishing an underground humor mag at Columbia.


Would it be alright with you if he made them on his own blog?

I'm keeping my William Bennett autograph, though.


The problem with using a baseball bat is that you might want to use it for baseball again. With the 2X4 you can just throw it away after contaminating it on TR.

I hope we don't run across Rall at the same time, else I'll wind up going to jail trying to kick your ass to get to the son of a bitch first! About the best I can wish for him is cancer of the anus, the slow and painful type.

Total SICKO!!!!

Cancer of the drawing hand, maybe. But then, it would be hard to tell.

Rall is like that annoying kid that made body noises in class - He just wants attention.

don't agree? then "bash his balls in".. oh how civil.
you realize that attitude undermines everything doesn't it?

quit patting yourselves on the back. congratulations! you have a different opinion! so what? now what do you do with this oppertunity? you all throw up that wall. so instead of actually doing something real with it, it just becomes another round of self-serving political drivel.

ya'll are a spineless as them.

How come TR can not tell the difference between Iraq and Afghanistan.

I thought he was some sort of Near East specialist.

Rall's ignorance has no bounds, no borders.

Thankfully there are other Pat Tillmans in Iraq doing the painful and difficult work that Rall is incapable of doing.


first, STFU.

second, this is not about a difference of opinion. it is about R@ll's constant low level of decency and humanity in his drawings. He knows nothing of Tillman if he thinks what he is writing is true. for someone like R@ll to disparage someone who thought of living for a higher purpose in the stead of birth-right Americans like him, shows what kind of person makes up those who share and celebrate his point of view. his level of discourse is far lower than anything coming from those he maligns.

as far as the spineless accusation, I would like to know what you base it on. it's one thing to chatise the opposition, it's another to do it to the dead.

that is spineless.

Don't take this comic lying down.

It's at ucomics.com and two of the banner advertisers are Kaiser and AT&T Wireless.

Call these numbers to complain:
AT&T Wireless: 877 882 5256
Kaiser: 800.207.5084.

You have to go through a menu but you will get a real person. And, in my experience, the people I spoke to were very upset, personally, and said they would pass along the word.

Left - Liberal - DemocRATs - Communist

I don't see any difference anymore, Dean, Kerry, Clinton, Moore, R@LL, Gore, Kennedy...

If the "Left" doesn’t denounce these people, it is the same as Muslims being silent on terrorist.

I’m on the Right now, but you can thank the people above for pushing me that way.


Same old thing, day in, day out. Ok for the Far Right to equate every nut on the Left to mean ALL of the Left, but when Far Lefties do the same thing for nuts on the Right, the Righties cry foul. Color me happy to not belong to either extreme.

I do agree with everyone who has commented so far that Rall is an insensitive ass, but I also see a point of the hero worship thing. Tillman's death was a tragedy. They are all tragedies. His just happens to have a more famous face.

Thank you for openly expressing what nearly every liberal and Democrat truly believes but doesn't have the courage to express openly.

I love it! Let the Leftist idiots keep this up! All it will do is ensure a Bush victory in November!

Keep it up, Teddy!

(Oh, and yeah, you're a scumbag, too.)

Why on earth would anyone want to kill T@d R@ll? He single-handedly brings the entire Left's collective IQ down a whole point.

Ho Hum

In case you missed it, Tillman has been awarded the Silver Star for his bravery in saving the lives of his comrades under ambush.

That officially makes him a hero. Though, for many other reasons, he was already a hero.

When someone who put his life on the line to defend America and bring democracy to the oppressed is falsely and maliciously depicted as a racist killer, it can mean only one thing: Being the Julius Streicher of the Left is more important to Rhymes-with-gall than his livelihood.

His quest for professional demise can be helped along any number of ways.

Magazine subscribers can write and demand that he be dropped on grounds of MORAL TURPITUDE. Of course, this requires that subscribers be aware of today's hastily-pulled strip -- perhaps someone with money can rent subscriber mailing lists from magazines to inform the readers directly.

Or tell your local merchants that you consider the presence of his cartoon in the Los Puercos Weekly Freebie to be support of dishonest anti-American propaganda, and you are boycotting advertisers until it is pulled. The smaller the business, the greater the impact of each lost customer.

There must by now be mailing lists all over the place for military families and their supporters. Let the games begin.

MSNBC gets into the fray. At least they used words like "taste" when referring to what R@ll lacked. . .

I love it! Let the Leftist idiots keep this up! All it will do is ensure a Bush victory in November!

Keep it up, Teddy!
You know, I realize that you could mean Kennedy as well as Rall.

As I watch Pat Tillman's funeral live on ESPN, I am trying not to cry. The one thing I get about this guy Tillman, is that he puts the lie to all of R@ll's arguments against the war. Here is an intelligent, determined man who joined the army, not to make a statement, but because it was the right thing to do. If anyone would know whether the war in Afghanistan is right or wrong, he would know. And that hurts R@ll. And the only way he can strike back is to tear down Pat Tillman's memory. I pity T3d R@ll, he is an intelligent, gifted man. He is also a warped sad individual who will never feel the connection to his fellow men that Pat Tillman felt so strongly.

I have contacted AT&T Wireless to let them know why I am dropping their service (Thank you, GEAH). I am writing to ucomics next, and then MSNBC.

What a despicable scumbag T3d R@ll is. What a wonderful comparison he is to the American hero that Pat Tillman was--and will always be.


I'm not commenting on on Rall's comic, but the rather bitter taste in my mouth about both the left's and right's attitudes toward this war, and the actions from them. I'll agree with you, Rall is a douchebag and doesn't know what he's talking about, but it doesn't give anyone a reason to go for the easy "kick him in the nuts" type remarks and smug arrogant attitude by the right. both sides need to pull their heads out of their collective asses, before any real progress can be made.

Maybe it is time to admit Rall and a number of other reptiles have had their 15 minutes - and to simply ignore them. I'm sure that there is economic advantage in provoking controversy on the internet and that protests will not cause the outfits like MSNBC that provide a forum for people like him to stop.

Let's face it. Guys like Rall and Moore are performing an inestimable service by giving voice to what much of the Left THINKS but does not dare to say.
I mean, Rall may be evil and stupid (stupid and predicitble) but he DOES have balls.

The Left demands that because SOME of the anti-war Left does not think like a Ted Rall, the rest be given the benefit of the doubt. This becomes harder and harder to pull off the more Rall and Moore are honored with ink and TV time. Who is going to trust MSNBC again?

Let Ted Rall smirk and preen in the spotlight. He must be very stupid if he doesn't realize he is furthering the defeat of his own side.


for countermeme,

my favorite lines from Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid:

Rigby: "Them? Who is 'them'"?

Capt. Rodriguez: "Nobody knows Senor. Only 'they' know who is 'them'"!

msnbc has shown a modicum of class by pulling the cartoon.


I think he's in it for the death threats. It's how he gets his validation. He keeps them under his pillow and uses them as inspiration when he wants to get his nighttime jollies.

Okay, maybe he doesn't really do that, but what if he does? Who wants to contribute to that?

We ought to let the Islamics know that Ted is a secret Jew planning the subjugation of Islam.

Let our enemies fix the problem. The proverbial two birds with one stone.

This isn't even Rall's most repulsive work. Years ago, he drew a cartoon that showed Arlington Cemetary with inscriptions on the headstones that read "Fool", "Sucker", "Chump", "Loser", "Idiot" among other things. And the final insult is that this cartoon was run on MEMORIAL DAY.

Since then, I've hated Ted Rall and wanted to sucker punch him as well.

"But don't believe this type of thought is typical of liberals."

In my neck of the woods it is and I live in the Midwest heartland, not some uber lefty enclave like Bezerkeley. At least if you go by the opinions published in our local paper the last several days.

Interestingly the leftys here had to go to Communist Vietnam to get the kind of statements they needed to put the war in "perspective". And the perspective they we pushing? Surrender now and avoid the rush.

Of course had they asked the Vietnamese community in America they might have gotten different results.

The left does not seem to get the fact that despite 10,000 Iraqi civilians killed in the war (better estimates say 3,000 but what the hell) 70,000 potential victims of Saddam are alive today because of our efforts. Those 70,000 never seem to count relative to the horror of 600 dead Americans. Why? Is it because they are just wogs. Not like real people?

Wasn't Tillman killed on patrol in Afghanistan, not Iraq?
Not that it would make the cartoon any less offensive if he had died in Iraq

R@ll needs to worry about the Rangers. the real ones.

Anybody for witless?

This guy Rall hasn't got a clue.

I put up an email list on my blog of about 15 places Rall is published, will see if I can find more. I suggest a focus on the first panel, which after some consideration I find the really offensive one, because Rall uses it to portray Tillman as a racist killer--"Will I get to kill Arabs?" That's the part he cannot defend.

Misha- It's not cool to make veiled death threats on someone elses blog.

It wasn't veiled, and I left my address in case you want to call me on it. Feel free.

Michele isn't in the least bit responsible for anything I say.

I am, and I have no problem standing by it.

Ted Rall is not a liberal. He is a leftist. A liberal can at least be reasoned with and convinced he is wrong. A leftist moonbat is so certain of his own goodnes that anyone who disagrees with him must be evil, and therefore has no problem with any metod of combating them, no matter how low.

I've heard that to understand is to forgive. I understand Ted Rall, but cannot forgive him.

My brother serves in the US Army and originally was in Iraq a year ago for OIF1, he also serves at the same base Ranger Tillman did, Fort Lewis. I imagine Fort Lewis was hit extremely hard by his death, all the bases are basically huge families, if you need something, someone will see that it gets done.

So as my brother gets the news that he is leaving for Iraq on June 30th, arriving in a country that was more dangerous then when he left. I can't help but be scared, but I think it's completely wrong that any soldier or Marine, or just a member of the US Armed Forces be categorized as:

baby-killers, rapists, murderers etc., Unless there's proof, detailed proof that they done these things, then I would hope to God that the military hands down proper punishment.

That does a great dis-service against them and their loved ones, the sacrifices they have made for this country just so people can sit here and say that is far too great. Dead people cannot defend their actions or the reason why they did something. But Tillman died protecting the men that he served with. Could he have survived if he chose not to do that? Probably. Would the soldier who died in his place have this much attention? Probably not.

In a nation where only a select few are brave enough to enlist, they should not be frowned upon as murderers but as national heroes, for they are doing something that most people would never do since they're more than likely chicken shit to do that.

So my grandmother told my mother that my brother is going to give up his life this time. Grant it, not the news you want to hear ... before he even gets there. So I told my brother (I find my grandma nuts in most cases) what our grandma had said. He told me even if he knew for a fact that he was going to die, he'd still go. He then explained that there is this bond in the military where a leader would do everything in his/her power to make sure everyone makes it home, even if they had to die. You'd give your life just to ensure the soldier next to you, just recently married and has a young child at home -- makes it back alive.

I think that it's an act that few can perform, the notion that you are giving your life for a greater cause or just the most simple cause to make sure the men and women around you make it home. That's heroism. That is what Ranger Tillman did that day he died, he came to the rescue of a squad that had been ambused (I believed).

Get over it. We're all entitled to our opinions. What about the other 700 people who were killed in Iraq? Are they not heroes? Just because he's famous, his death is somehow more tragic than a guy who's wife is working two jobs to feed the kids? Get your priorities straight. If you REALLY want to censor people, start with Ann Coulter.

I think all of them are heroes. Every single of them, it's just that Tillman was just a high profiled casuality of war.

Important point about baseball bats, Andrea: don't swing it to take out your opponent - that takes too long and leaves you open to a counter-attack. Instead, jab it lengthwise into the solar plexus and face, and then when the target goes down, you can unleash the money shots to to the occiput and lumbar spine.

Note: Ted Rall continues to be a contributor to "Men's Health" magazine - submitting features called "The testosterone diaries." I recommend contacting Men's Health and letting them know the caliber of person they deign to pay.

First off that little bastard can't write about testosterone because you have to have a set of nuts to talk about it. Second all this shows you how wacked out the left is getting. I think if most people in this country heard about this, UMASS calling Tillman a dumb jock who got what he had comming to him and the contractors who one lberal POS said were mercinaries who got what they desrved just shows the level of hate that is saturating the left. Yet none of it's leaders are calling these people out for the hate and intolerance that they spew, look who they are running. The left is a train wreck and as I often say this is not your father's DNC.

I sent my letter to Men's Health Magazine yesterday. Either Ted R@ll goes, or they can cancel my subscription. I'll give them two more issues. If R@ll's tripe is still littering their pages after that, my dollars will be spent elsewhere.

Before the veins that are popping out in your collective necks burst, remind yourselves that Ted Rall is a political cartoonist. Then take whatever medication it is that soothes the savage beast. Take a deep breath. Move on.

Wah! How dare someone express an opinion that isn't mine. I know, I'll hurt him! Cos' I'ma smart!

Grow up.

I saw over on Tim Blair's blog that someone had e-mailed Rall that they would "shit on his grave." Sounds like a plan to me! And whenever that day may come, I'll be sure to have an extra bran muffin or two so that ol' Ted will get full measure.

What a turd of a site. What this collective group of scared apes forgets is that Pat Tillman died so that someone like this cartoonist could criticize him, W, God, who ever. Freedom is worth dying for, but his death is not worth all the scared apes on this site.

Didn't anyone read the cartoon? It is a comment about Bush and how he has duped the people who are fighting these wars. Right after 9/11, the majority opinion of the American people (including Pat Tillman) was to go after the people (Arabs) that did this to us. The cartoon is saying that Bush went to war to expoit gas and oil resources and that it had nothing to do with 9/11. In other words 9/11 was an excuse to go to the mideast oil fields. Ted Rall is making a comment about this administrations policies not Pat Tillman.

As a political cartoonist he is going to stir up controversy, but the reactions that I am reading sound like the same reactions that the Satanic Verses got when that book came out.

It is unfortunate that he used Pat Tillman's memory in this manner, it was a tasteless way of making his point. Pat Tillman is a hero who gave up a lucrative career for something he believed in. In this day and age, this is a truly rare thing.

Idiot, Sap, Hero?

The guy sure touched a nerve. Maybe a smidge too "on point" for this bunch.

Yeah, Pat Tillman died so that a contemptible piece of shit like Ted Rall could piss all over his memory. The liberal concept of freedom in a nutshell. For an encore, let's hear more about how Larry Flynt is a First Amendment hero.

The guy sure touched a nerve. Maybe a smidge too "on point" for this bunch.

So if I say something that makes you angry, I must be correct!

So, if I call your mother a whore, and you react negatively to it... I sure touched a nerve. Maybe I was just a smidge too "on point" for you.

Starr, you missed the point. Yes, Mr. Rall's primary target is obviously the President. But he also deliberatly and specifically insulted Ranger Tillman. If it was all about the administration, any random soldier would do. Why single out someone high-profile like Tillman? "Gee golly, somebody is making the VRWC* look good for a second! Can't have that! Better smear his name quick before this gets out of hand!!!" Idiot, sap... whatever else anybody can think of... please, refer to me by the same words. I would be honored to be in the same boat with a guy who gave up that much (and it wasn't just about money) to go and give his life for his fellow soldiers.

As far as the ongoing controversy about which weapon to use on Rall, interesting, but... count me out. Part of the enlistment oath in the U.S. Army is "...I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..." and "...obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me..."

So. Until the National Command Authority (President Bush) or somebody in my chain of command decides that Rall is a domestic enemy and issues me appropriate orders, I am not weapons-free. However if that order ever comes we can do a lot better than a 2×4. Until then he can continue making his insulting, disgusting, and hateful cartoons all he wants, and I will die to defend his right to do so. But be that as it may... he needs to get his sorry self out of my country.

*Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. See Bush, Cheney, any Christian, Big Brother, me, and anyone not seen carrying the appropriate protest sign.

Maybe he can explain himself.


Already covered that this morning, honey. And no, he doesn't explain himself. He just digs deeper.


Exactly. Why would I get all worked up if I knew my mother to not be a whore. Why all the bile? I think it is because you sort of know you are being duped. Yes, that is the great fear. That quiet voice that will not go away.

I think some on the left have missed the point - and gleefully and blindly continue their point-missing to the point of ridiculousness. They scream "we have another opinion and you're squelching us! That's un-American!!"

It's not about someone having a different opinion, folks. It's about dishonoring something sacred, i.e. a soldier's life. Mr. Tillman happens to be in the media - in my opinion - because he symbolizes so many soldiers like him who gave up families, jobs, friends, etc. to serve their country.

So to those who say "get over it, it's someone's differing opinion", I say you are missing the point. We need to value and honor our soldiers' lives and contributions no matter what side of the issue you're on. You can have the opinion that the war is wrong, and that's your right. But before you speak, think to yourself: is it edifying and ethical and moral to call a fallen soldier - no matter who he/she is - a "murdering racist"?

Just my $0.02.

Why all the bile?

I don't know. Maybe you should ask Ted Rall--the one who called Pat Tillman a murderous, racist idiot. Why is Ted Rall so angry? I think it is because Rall sort of knows he is being duped. Yes, that is the great fear. That quiet voice that will not go away.

...Rall sort of knows he is being duped.


Looks like now I hit a nerve. Your post, like your love of George Bush, makes no sense.

Happy sap-hood and so long to my fellow idiots and dupes.

Where did Rall call Tillman "a murderous, racist idiot"? And, so what if he did? It is just his opinion.

Where did Rall call Tillman "a murderous, racist idiot"?

Ummm, in that comic that this whole discussion revolves around. Perhaps you've seen it. You know, the one where Rall shows Pat Tillman asking when he gets to kill Arabs.

Not to nit pick, but that quotation is not in the cartoon. I thought you were referring to some text where you found that quote. Ahh, I see, you Foxidized that quote! That is, pulled it from your arse.

Actually, LiberalGuy, he paraphrased. And he's right. And if you can't see where Rall basically called Tillman a murderous, racist idiot, then guess which one of those three words you are? (HInt, it's not the first two).

Rall's comics have always been on the borderline of good taste, and to be truthful I rarely find them to be that funny.

But what really does crack me up is the way that you've pretty much guaranteed that everyone in the blogosphere will get to see this particular strip. I bet by Rall's standards that = SUCCESS. And he pretty much lives for pissing off conservative right-wingers, so I guess you can score him one there, too.

Don't get mad. Get even. When MarKOS Zuniga said "screw them" to the 4 dead Americans in Iraq we had a very successfull internet action to get his advertisers to pull their ads. I'm sorry for freedom of expression, but BY FUCKING GOD is this WHORE of a SHIT Cartoonist going to be paid with my money. We need to take action against the people that publish the MENTAL FARTS he calls cartoons and against the advertisers who make this despicable behaviour possible.

Ah, a bunch of riled-up right-wingers. Ha.

Cut the crap and stop crying: GREAT CARTOON!!!!!

Ohh another anonymous commenter with a riveting comment.

Ted Rall can jihad my cock. Tillman had more balls and brains than Rall ever dreamed of. Tillman also left this world with honor and dignity--qualities Rall will never know.

Today's world situation is not fun or easy, but let's not who got this started--jihadi pieces of pig shit. We must help all jihadi pigs acheive their goal of death. We must send them all to that great whorehouse in the sky. If all Muslims want to be jihadis, oh well. Maybe their rotting corpses will make the desserts bloom. AMERICA AKBAR, FREEDOM AKBAR, PAT TILLMAN AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this site nothing but conservative tilting at windmills?

Gee Abe, maybe you can take a look around and read instead of asking all my Sancho Panzas. Si?

whats with all the violence. All you guys can come up with to counter this is to punch him in the face? And you talk tough because it's a computer message, not face to face. Try doing something without violence for once, maybe it'll help.

Ok, ch. I'll try having tea with him and see what happens.

The muslim extremists who flew planes into buildings would not have done so if the US had not become to mixed up in the Saudi civil war. This is a war between the house of bin laden, the house of saad and the house of bush. The US is only in Iraq because George "he tried to kill my daddy" Bush is arrogant enough to throw valuable American lives around for his own means. Let that wretched part of the world muddle through its own pre-middle ages stupor while we focus on alternative fuels and the good life. I can't think of a more miserable place to die or a more miserable way to die (as a mercenary for a silver-spoon, yale skull and bones, coke head, kennebunkport, drunken fratboy, evangelical, AWOL, dumbass). I am no Clinton fan either, but at least his only faults were the truth and some issues with shagging women other than his wife.

Long live Ted Rall. Long live free fuckin' speech. But no, I don't wish any particular long lives to the officers and implementors -- The Tools, fucking mindless tools -- of empire.

Empire has no right over any life. And any life has the right to revolt against empire, to render its tools useless.

Solomon, I am going to leave your comment up here just so people can see what an idiot you are. Hey, do you know that your IP is logged every time you comment here? Would take me share that IP with a few soldiers. What they would do with it is their business.


To Starr and the liberals who say this cartoon isn't typical of the dem/lib position:

To say it's simply a cartoon criticizing the administration's reasons for invading iraq (to get the oil) is silly. Come on. Why on Earth would anybody think we would go to all that trouble? All we had to do was BUY the oil---WAAAAY cheaper than sending the freakin Marines! So no, I don't buy it that R#ll was just criticizing the Bush Admin.

And whatever R#ll meant by the cartoon, when major media publishes his kind of stuff continually, it's awful hard to believe that it doesn't represent general liberal thought, doncha think?

Which puts liberal thought pretty far out of touch, as near as I can figure.

And Liberal Guy, you are a lucky, lucky dog. Lucky, fortunate, blessed. But you might work on your information sources a bit. I don't look for agreement, but your post isn't based in reality or fact or history. How stupid do you think we are?

Nitro Nora

michele, I didnt ask for you to have tea, but you don't need to include death threats in every message you put up. Trying to act tough and threaten over the internet is the kind of strong armed ignorent stuff you come to expect from conservatives like you. If you disagree, just look at the number of posts that include some sort of violence on this site alone.

Ok, ch. I'll bite. You have until 5am tomorrow morning, when I get up, to have a list ready for me of all post in which I make death threats. Come on, get cracking.

Really. I want to see your evidence.

With the majority here being "Rall bashers" - myself included, I think I'll fit right in as far as that part goes. In another way (which you'll read further down) some of you may wanna hang me, tar and feather, etc., etc. ... but on this Pat Tillman thing, I'm totally with ya, and I feel it so strong that I had to write here.

Ttonight when I watched m'man, O'Reilly, there was Ted Rall. The more he said, the more inflamed I got. Anyway, I wasn't going to be able to sleep tonight if I didn't e-mail him, so I did a Google search to find Ted's site (which is how I ran across this site, by the way). Anyway ... I thought you'd like to see what I sent him - in it's entirety:

Dearest Ted Rall,

Tonight (May 4th, `04) on Bill O'Reilly's program was the first I've ever heard of you. I don't always watch O'Reilly, but I did tonight(!) after seeing the preview of "the person who called Pat Tillman an 'idiot' for dying for his country." I then did a simple Google search and found your website. By the way, I gave you the courtesy of reading your "e-mail guidelines." (In case it matters to you, I'm a 41 year old, gay, divorced father of two teens who "wishes to opine").

At some point in your life, you allowed yourself to become completely blinded. I feel that you genuinely believe all that you say, which is why I won't argue any specific point. You're utterly and hopelessly deceived. Your inevitable eternal end will be tragic, but just. "Whoa to them that call evil good." (and vice versa, as it applies here).

That was the "gentle" version of my reaction. What I really want to say is:

You $tupid imbecile. You let Bill O'Reilly intimidate the hell out of you. You're also a spineless son-of-a-b*tch because you were reluctant (afraid) to admit exactly what you said/felt about Pat Tillman in your cartoon. If I were a personal friend or family member of that gallant hero, my f@ggot buddies and I would look you up, come and get you, and KICK YOUR COMMIE @SS all the way to Pat's grave. You WOULD then apologize to him for dishonoring him - a man's man - a TRUE HERO who possessed more honor and dignity than you've ever even had a concept of. ..... Now --- get back to your own freaky realm with the rest of your pseudo "peacemaker" commie friends.

Do you think I'm afraid of you, or intimidated by the statement on your website re: "turning in" anyone who threatens you? PleAsE turn me in! Do you realize how much fun it'd be to appear on O'Reilly as the f@g that scared Teddie Rall?! ROFL

(name and address witheld, but not from Ted Rall).

p.s. I never, ever incite/encourage/condone permanent damage, just a good old-fashioned @ss-kicking. If you wind up minus a few teeth with swelled, black eyes and fat, bloody lips from someone who personally knew and loved Pat Tillman, you richly deserve it, you b@stard.

don't be to upset with rall. he is helping us
more than hurting us in his own stupid way.
you can leave a message for him at cht@rall.com

ted rall's e-mail is chet@rall.com

Pat Tillman is no better than the "good" average German citizen in 1933 ;-)

Ted Rall i don`t think he is a human with a conscience. His cartoon is immoral to the people United State of America and i think he should be ashame of himself and what he called his profession. As i know this not the time to make fun about Dead marines or thoses that fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. I am African Australian and i believe that when someone like Tillman died for his country people should be proud of him and respect his death. Ted, i was thinkikng that you should influence people to mourn for Tillman but a shame on you becase you are "pathetic". Tillman may your soul rest in Perfect Peace.

Perth, Western Australia

Ted Rall i don`t think he is a human with a conscience. His cartoon is immoral to the people United State of America and i think he should be ashame of himself and what he called his profession. As i know this is not the time to make fun about Dead marines or thoses that fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. I am African Australian and i believe that when someone like Tillman died for his country people should be proud of him and respect his death. Ted, i was thinkikng that you should influence people to mourn for Tillman but a shame on you becase you are "pathetic". Tillman may your soul rest in Perfect Peace.

Perth, Western Australia

"Would take me share that IP with a few soldiers. What they would do with it is their business."
You don't make an actual death threat, but this is still pretty close.

and besides, all the guy says is that pat tillman is a guy who got duped just like so many other people in the country. Tillman got sucked in by all the patriot be all you can be jumbo and he got killed for it. It's sad, but true that tillman had a good life that was ruined by the war

I was duped by the VRWC and I'm proud of it!!!

Solomon, good buddy:

This "tool of empire" would be happy to have you revolt. See my last comment about people becoming a "domestic threat". The Empire is about to strike back.

(sorry, couldn't resist)

Anyway. About my "mindlessness"... well, on 9/11, I came to work, found out about the attack, and proceeded to be glued to the TV for the next six hours while Manhattan fell apart. At that time I had been a soldier for five years. I asked to go to Afghanistan to correct this problem that day. You know, that little oversight of Clinton's that left a terrorist who had repeatedly attacked the U.S. alive. Well, I finally got to go last year. Did my little bit for the war effort, etc. So this "mindless tool" will not threaten your person. But to my understanding, nobody's crashed an airliner into your home or place of work since we went in. So you owe me a thank-you. And you sho' 'nuff owe one to Pat Tillman. And about a million other soldiers.

Oh- ch- one minor correction- Tillman's life wasn't "ruined" by the war. It was culminated by it. Not much help for his widow, I'm sure, but he made his choice. The VRWC didn't make it for him. I mean, the guy volunteered for the Rangers. If you don't know about the kind of mindset required for THAT, go read "Blackhawk Down". Son. I'm patriotic. I was patriotic before 9/11. That doesn't make me crazy. I DO NOT WANT TO BE A RANGER. Egad. A recruiting commercial DOES NOT instill the kind of cojones you need to go through THAT insanity.

-Just another happy member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Ch: "But no, I don't wish any particular long lives to the officers"

You take no issue with that statement but you take issue with mine?

Also, I'm still waiting for proof that I make death threats in all my messages. Having problems with that, ch?

People, people, people...

Calm down.

First, Conservatives: people who disagree with you are not "stupid" or "wrong"... they disagree with you.

Second, Liberals: read above...

Rall has an opinion that obviously some people take offense to; that's his job. He's a political cartoonist. He's suppose to stir up controversy -- which he obviously succeeded in doing.

I find it amazing that people in this country cannot stand other people's first amendment rights. People are entitled to their opinion, right or wrong. Just because you disagree with his opinion doesn't mean that he should be fired (or "disappeared"), the newspaper closed, or the sponsors boycotted. If I wanted to live in a country that does that, I would move to Iran...

Nathan, there's a huge difference between boycotting sponsors and "disappearing" people. Learn it. Then get back to me.

PS - what's the difference between Ann Coulter and Ted Rall?

Coulter has better legs.

Well, in fairness, I don't think she's trying to be funny - but she succeeds, often at her own expense, about three times as often as Rall actually trying to be funny.

And you know - it's not about idiology. Rush often makes me laugh out loud with one of his wickedly unfair bon-mots or deliberately outragious self-inflations.

He's a damn funny man.


What's the difference? You're still suppressing free speech...

Ever read the US Constitution? Learn it...

Ummm...how am I supressing free speech by not reading United Press Syndicate comics? Please explain?

If a publication thinks that people will target them because of some controversial material they might publish, they will not publish that material -- censorship by marketing.

Story you should read: Moore's new movie about Bush not being distributed by Disney.

(And no, I am not a fan of Moore)

You personally are not suppressing free speech. You are practicing free choice by not reading United Press Syndicate comics. Wouldn't be nice if you let the rest of us do the same?

Nathan, "supressing free speech" is the President ordering the military or the FBI to hunt down Rall and assassinate him for speaking out against him. That's what the first amendment protects people from. It does not protect Rall from having people trash his idiotic and disgusting cartoons. Or from making wistful comments about wanting to do damage to his person. If one of these passionate individuals actually does beat the crap out of him, well, they'll have to face whatever justice applies. (I would probably applaud them, of course...)

But of course we can demand his early retirement. Whether we get it or not is up to his boss. Why is wrong to persuade his boss to see things our way?

She's not stopping anybody from doing anything. If a thousand pissed-off people write to his syndicate threatening a boycott, they might be tempted to axe him. But if all his loyal fans (I guess he might have a couple...?) discover this and promise to do what they can to stop the boycott, they might change their minds. But, if they did... then according to your arguement, they'd be stomping on MY right to free speech! Call the ACLU!

The Exile:

You're comparing Ted Rall to the Nazis? Boy, that's about the worst case of attempting to create self-victimhood I've ever seen. How can you compare people with an ideology which advocated genocide to some hack cartoonist who's just too dumb to realize how wrongly his message will be interpreted? I mean really, this kind of generic throwing-around of the "Nazi" label is getting out of hand, on the left as well. Bush is definitely the worst president we've ever had by a huge margin, but he's no Adolf Hitler... and by the same token, neither is Ted Rall. If you don't like it, don't read it, that's your choice, but don't use him as a scapegoat to validate all your own personal beliefs.

Army NCO guy,

Everyone has the right to their own opinion. Rall has the right to publish that opinion. You have the right to publish your opinion.

Why should you be the one to decide what I get to read or watch? Shouldn't I be the one to decide to read a certain magazine or watch a certain movie?

Different points of view should be tolerated in this country. If you don't like NBC, watch FOX. IF you don't like FOX, watch CNN. It's called choice... Don't make it for me...

Sort of like what Tillman did... he made the CHOICE to go to into the military -- as you did. He wasn't drafted... but that's a whole other issue...

And another thing... don't all you bloggers who are posting the cartoon and writing about it realize that you're giving Rall far more publicity than he would ever have had before? For my part, I hope you keep doing it, because at least it might eventually stir up some real debate on the main point of Rall's cartoon, which is the Bush administration's deception and manipulation of everyone, not just poor Pat Tillman.

I just sent this letter to Mr. Rall, and I hope he gets plenty of publicity for his cartoon. I hope so much that groups stop carrying his cartoons, or maybe sue him for libel.

"Mr. Rall -

It is with disgust and shame that I read the Tillman cartoon that has been published by you today. Ignoring the misleading items in the cartoon (i.e. the fact that there were terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and that the Taliban were supporting, or more likely part of, al Qaeda before we invaded and drove them into the border territories of Afghanistan and Pakistan), I find your use of Mr. Tillman as a scapegoat tasteless and disturbing. I have strong doubts that you use your cartoon as a platform to badmouth or mock terrorists, purveyors of hate, and other misguided and disturbed individuals who kill innocents everyday. The fact that Mr. Tillman had beliefs which included doing his best to do the right thing, and that his beliefs may not correlate with your own, does not make your cartoon acceptable. If you want to mock the war, or the President, or reasons given for going to war, that is your right and your freedom. Showing Mr. Tillman as asking "will I get to kill Arabs", and soldiers who are under enough stress in a war zone as saying "Museums? Let 'em burn!" ...repair that pipeline!" requires proof. Otherwise, in my mind, it is simply slander and libel against Mr. Tillman and his commanders. That is no longer your right to freedom of expression, but lies, misrepresentations, and, hopefully, legal concerns for you.

With Revulsion,
Rob Fiero"

One thing at at time.

Nathan said: "You personally are not suppressing free speech. You are practicing free choice by not reading United Press Syndicate comics. Wouldn't be nice if you let the rest of us do the same?"

Did I say somewhere that I was trying to put UPS out of business?

Ted was right. The war is a sham, and Tillman is not a hero just because he died in battle or because he walked away from his NFL paycheck.

Real heroes don't allow their governments to be hijacked by right-wing fundamentalists who use the death of 3,000 Americans on 911 to justify a trumped-up war on terror, which was merely a power grab for US oil and gas interests.

Wake up, people. The oldest maxim: Lie big enough and people won't question it. That's what's happend, and it has nothing to do with right, left or center politics. It's all about money, and you fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Now get ready for the draft, cause it's commin'! Now all your kids, spouses, etc., can be "heroes."


Nor, Nathan my pet, does she say anywhere that she's going to go physically prevent someone from reading this tripe. You stupid lefties love to throw out "you're suppressing free speech" but you have no goddamned idea what free speech is, who's entitled to it, and what the actual suppression of it entails. And, worst of all, you daily dishonor the memory of those who fight and die for it with your little whinges, temper tantrums, and outright fabrications. Are your lives so devoid of drama that this is all you can manufacture?

This. Is. A. Weblog. It is not a legal document, it's statements binding. It is not a sanctioned publication, the official voice of anything but MICHELE HERSELF.

A little goddamned perspective, please.

Ted Rall writes a thought-provoking cartoon about the manipulation of American soldiers by our government and it is met with threats of violence and death. This is how the right-wing extremists in our society operate...they can't argue on an intellectual level so they have to use tactics befitting vermin.

Excuse me...

Who said I was a lefty?

And there you go again with the "stupid" when I disagree with you.

I believe in the Constitution and all it stands for. It's not perfect, but it's the best one in the world.

BTW, EVERYONE is entitled to free speech. Everyone from crazy whacky right-wing nuts to foaming at the mouth left-wing wackos. That's what makes this country unique in this world.

And that's what people fight and die for...

Bill K, you have no idea what you are talking about. Is the moon also made of cheese? Do little space men live in your Cheerios box?

The words coming out of your mouth make a similar amount of sense. Paranoia is a stinky cologne...

Nathan, you need to check your map...because you're literally driving all over it. What is it you believe? Because you speak one way one moment then another way the next. Is it truth you're arguing for or the sound of your own voice?


Map? We don't need no stinky maps!

I believe in the Constitution.

If someone wants to write an offense cartoon, go ahead. If someone wants to complain about it, go ahead.

All I'm saying is that people have the right to publish material that might be deemed offensive. Don't read it if you don't like it.

It's pretty simple...

No, you're coming here and berating Michele, and the rest of us, for decrying it for filth, then suggesting a course of action to let the publisher know we think it's filth. You claim we're suppressing free speech. Do I need to quote yourself to you? You can scroll up and read it for yourself if you like.

You're saying "anyone can print what they want", we're saying "fine but we can call them a piece de shite asshole if we want, and we can tell others we think the same". Sounds to me like you're telling us we can't. Kettle, pot on line two for you.


You can tell the editor that he published a piece of crap if you like.

I have a problem with people who threaten a newspaper for publishing something they don't like; or threatening the writer.

The first amendment is a two-way street, if you don't like what's published, publish something yourself -- don't threaten the publisher.

How am I threatening a newspaper by telling them I don't want to read their crap anymore? Is that what you call threatening?

You're not going to win, Nathan. Not here. Not now. Your arguments are based on, how should I say it....idiocy.

And we're back to the "idiot" thing again.

Don't read the newspaper... don't read any newspapers... like George W. I don't care.

And what's to "win?"

My arguments are based on my intrepretation of the Constitution. You're beliefs are based on your own intrepretation of the Constitution. There's no "winning." That's the problem with politicos: everything must be win or lose. Every hear of something done for the greater good? Or possibly, am I living in my own fantasy world? I already know what your answer will be...

So, the constitution says I have no right to call a paper and complain about their content?

No. We're having a communication problem here...

You have the right to COMPLAIN. You don't have the right to THREATEN.

NitroNora wrote:

"To Starr and the liberals who say this cartoon isn't typical of the dem/lib position:

To say it's simply a cartoon criticizing the administration's reasons for invading iraq (to get the oil) is silly. Come on. Why on Earth would anybody think we would go to all that trouble? All we had to do was BUY the oil---WAAAAY cheaper than sending the freakin Marines! So no, I don't buy it that R#ll was just criticizing the Bush Admin.

And whatever R#ll meant by the cartoon, when major media publishes his kind of stuff continually, it's awful hard to believe that it doesn't represent general liberal thought, doncha think?

Which puts liberal thought pretty far out of touch, as near as I can figure."


It's awfully hard to think for a lot of people, too. Just because a conclusion might be the most readily available, or easily arrived at, doesn't mean it is the correct conclusion - particularly when dealing with broad generalizations and groups of people.

I never tried to justify Rall's cartoon. I think it's in horrible taste and a dishonor to the man.

I will assert again that this is not typical of "liberals" or "anti-war" people.

I've been involved with many anti-war groups which consisted mostly of Quakers and people of various faiths. I've seen loads of anti-war demonstrators that are veterans. To paint all of these good people with the brush of Ted Rall, then to claim that because it is what is shown in the media - that you can't help but think that is what we are all like... well, that's irresponsible reasoning.

If you honestly believe that "liberal thought" - as represented by most americans who would call themselves "liberal" - is represented by the american media, I can assure you that this is an incorrect belief. The media has a market, and the media has a vested interest in keeping the "sides" polarized by showing the extremes. If people believe that there are huge differences, they watch more - to see the fireworks. If the media were to admit that there could simply be a rational differing of opinions - then an infotainment culture, such as our's seems to be, wouldn't watch ... and therefore less advertising revenue... etc. etc.

If more people sat down with their friends and neighbors, and realized that there is a wide range of opinion, and that it's quite okay to disagree on important issues, there would be a lot less vitriol being expressed on both sides - directed at some nameless, faceless "other", such as "the left", "liberals", or "the right", etc.

People who feel the need to rant about nameless faceless groups are perhaps showing that they do not fully understand the fundamental arguments being presented by the "other side" - or perhaps they would like to use ad hominem attacks on personalities to attempt to discredit an argument itself.

This castigation of "liberals" as being ridiculous, 'unamerican', or stupid because of Ted Rall's cartoon is simply the logical fallacy of a straw man argument. No one would be able to argue that Rall's cartoon was accurate or in good taste. (at least no one who has two brain cells, in my opinion) Attempt then to equate the opinions of "liberals" and "anti-war" people with Ted Rall's cartooning. Then a 'victory' can be claimed over their argument. Like I said, that is a logical fallacy, and completely unfair to a lot of patriotic americans who lean to "the left" in their opinions.

Just remember that the guy sitting next to you at the stoplight, or the lady at the counter in the store, or perhaps your buddy at the gym - some of these people are "liberals" or "lefties" - remember that their opinions are often just as thought through, and are certainly as valid, as yours. To dismiss anyone's opinion based on extremist views shown on the media is intellectually irresponsible, I think.

That is merely my opinion, however. I suspect that some people will read this and still conclude that I'm full of sh*t and all liberals "hate america". I hope not, but the fact is, extremists exist on "both sides". The task for those of us - who like to think of ourselves as thinking, rational humans - is to not let the categorization itself take over the argument to the point where specific issues and arguments themselves are lost in a sea of "hating the 'other' ".

I can name many people who hold opinions that are horrifying to many conservatives, yet they call themselves "conservatives". It is my duty to my fellow man to not let the extreme and often easily refuted expressions of extremists deter consideration of the basic arguments that reasonable people put forth. I may not agree, but I cannot dismiss an entire range of idealogical thought based on a stereotyped view of a few. It is certainly my duty to my fellow man to afford each person with respect, regardless of their political views.

This indeed is where Rall fell far short in his Tillman cartoon.


So what did I threaten the newspaper company with? Not reading them?


for what my opinion is worth (which isn't much) you have every right to let a newspaper know you won't read them if they print Rall.

The power of the dollar has been used by all groups to make a point. The ethics of boycotting as censorship is a great intellectual debate for people to engage in, but realistically.... go for it.

Money talks. And for newspapers, and even websites... readers or viewers equals advertising .. equals money.

I don't think that's a "threat". It's commerce and consumer choice.

Wow! When these hard core anti-Rallies speak, the words do not come from the mind or the heart. They speak with their fists. Do they think the guy with the biggest and badest punch or the country with the biggest and baddest weapons is de facto morally superior? Compassionate conservatism is an oxymoron.


The term 'hero' is used so often these days to describe our military. Are war and violence actually
ever 'heroic'? With the benefit of hindsight, would anyone today say that the unlucky guys who were
drafted and killed in Vietnam were heroes, given what we know about the war now?

When you consider
that the sitting president had the connections and smarts to pass up on his opportunity to be a
'hero' in a Vietnam, you have to ask yourself what Bush knew that Tillman did not. Maybe that's what Rall is trying to say..

The violence and anger aimed at Rall for speaking out on what he believes, literally leaps from the screen. Try channeling some of that hate towards the person who undermined the hunt for the perpetrators of 9/11 by diverting resources to fight an unjust war.

Try pulling your head out of your ass and realizing that Hussein is just as dirty as bin Laden.

"Keep looking over your shoulder, Teddy, because it's going to come soon.

Dead man walking."

Misha wrote this. I didnt say that you gave "death threats" personally michele, but that there was death threats on the post, like this one.

know who else made death threats? probably tillman before he fought in afghanistan.

tillman died, and it is a tragedy because he could have made millions losing for the Cardinals. Hunderds of innocent Iraqi and Afghan citizens not involved in combat die, and its "collateral damage" or "the price you have to pay" for our forces to occupy their homes. If a former college football star with an assault rifle was busy taking over my homeland, i'd probably want to shoot him too.

CH yesterday: t you don't need to include death threats in every message you put up

CH today: I didnt say that you gave "death threats" personally michele
The hell you didn't, CH,

I did make a post saying that I don't condone death threats. What my readers are into is their problem. Sometimes I delete stuff, sometimes I don't.

Just remember who's mouth the words came out of. They weren't mine.

I'm still waiting for that proof, by the way.

ok michele, no actual death threats were made by you personally. The closest you got was threatening people with giving IP's to soldiers, and letting them do whatever they want. Ya really got me michele, feel proud.

Interestingly enough, CH, that comment was made after yours. And no, I never really gave out the IP to anyone.

What misrepresentation this is! Everyone knows the talking heads for generals who face the press are pretty boys, not bad teeth cretans as was drawn here.

And my oh my but don't we have a bunch of anonymous blog tough guys here.....why don't you punks enlist?

What friggin'hump of an idiot goes to a wrong way war and blows off a multi-million dollar career?

Would you letyour kid do this? And how would you fell after the funeral?

I'm a left winger. I supported the invasion of Afghanistan and opposed the invasion of Iraq. When I read about Tillman I was moved by his quiet heroism. I'm appalled by Ted Rall's cartoon. It's cruel, it's simple-minded, and it is beyond tasteless. But there will always be assholes on both the left and the right. Just because Rall is an asshole who happens to favor the left side of the equation doesn't mean assholes on the right can tar all of us with the Rall brush.

Re: Pat Tillman

As a former Democrat, it is astonishing where the "Liberal Left" has taken the Democratic party.
One my fondest memories as a Democrat, was during JFK's Inaugural Speech, when we heard those famous, now forgotten words, "Ask not what your country can do for you.... Ask, what can you do for your country." Pat Tillman, whether misled or not,answered JFK's call, with his Life!

It is painfully obvious that Msr. Rall either didn't learn about JFK and his speech, and its ramifications, or perhaps he's simply a product of the "Me" generation, and feels the country owes him, he is of course one of the Elite.

In any case, calling Msr.Rall scum, or threatening to knock his teeth down his throat, merely tickles his fancy, we are of course, the misled barbarians.

To rise to the standards of Msr.Rall, we could only wish, that God Forbid, if there were to be another terrorist attack on U.S.soil, that we would read the following day, "The tragic loss at the hands of the savage Islamic terrorists, many prominent Democratic politicians and their supporters, who were attending a New York Times reception at the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton in Upstate New York, honoring Ted Rall, and Michael Moore. All those in attendance, including our hosts, have perished. Reports indicate that the only surviving democrat John F. Kerry, has renounced his U.S.citizenship, and moved to France with his new bride, the former James Carville (before the sex change),now known as June Carville Kerry."

As the final act during President Bush's second term in office, Bush, setting a bipartisan precedent, has named former Attorney General Janet Reno, to head the investigation into this terrible tragedy. President Bush offerd Reno his encouragement, stating that he is confident she will perform up to the her standards during the Clinton Administration, and will immediately revoke the Patriot Act, and re-institute the "Wall," as designed by the recently deceased Jamie Gorelick.

Wow, I was looking for Ted Rall's Tillman cartoon which I've read so much about and, low and behold, right here I've found not only the cartoon, but the home of the American Taliban!

You fundamentalist neocons are the scourge of America, you will bring it down into a simpering pile of ashes. You ought to read the Constitution of the United States of America, and the body of lierature written by the founding fathers of this nation, and then maybe you'd realize that Nazi Germany is YOUR country of choice. Sherman, set the WayBack machine.....

By the way, if ya'll happened to miss it live on the tube, Pat Tillman's little brother had this to say at Pat's memorial service:

"Pat isn't with god, he's fucking dead. So thanks for your thoughts, but he's fucking dead."

Finally, to "jimmy" (the moran who posted at 8:44 pm), you said, "If conservatives had their way we wouldn't have to fight for free speech because it wouldn't exist." Now ain't that America...

What does Pat's brother's speech have to do with anything being said here? Half the people who post here aren't even religious.

Oh, and Mark? It's MORON. Not MORAN.

MORAN is an affectionate name used for when intending to say MORON, inspired by a pro-war protestor's sign calling anyone anti-war a "MORAN." It has become a widely used term in political discussions during the last 18 months, and it's indication of the original user's language comprehension appears fairly indicative of most people who watch Faux News.

There are "morans" on both sides, so don't feel so smug. I can dig up at least three pictures of anti-war protesters using the word.

Oh, right. It was probably a conservative who said it first, because we're all dumm idyots.

Somehow the post by jimmy the "moran" from 8:44 vanished from this page...

Let my try again...Ted Rall is a fucking asshole.

Now I'll see if it's the language or the thought that got deleted.

well put mark!

Without much in the way of something pithy to say about the cartoon Mr Rall let me add my genuine sadness for having seen it. For every overly clever cartoonist who claims to be more well informed than those who see his work I would add a note of caution about responsibilty. Responsibilty you ask? Yes, responsibilty to the memory of a man who felt a duty to a higher calling than just merely putting a pen to paper. Perhaps he felt a duty to protect those of differing opinions from people who plot to bring death to our shores. That small stupid silly little cartoon is proof perfect that Pat Tillman died a hero. Pat Tillman died for a country he believed in. Ted Rall should sleep well knowing he defamed a dead man. Who is the hero now?

so much for freedom of speech, eh, you violence-threateners? violence is the answer to an opinion you disagree with? you want to physically attack a human being for something he said? you should be ashamed. people like you make ME ashamed to be american.

Would Ted Rall have the nerve to speak his mind in front of the Ranger Battilons or the NFL?

I think he would not be man enough. He is that type of person that hides behind a desk.

David Pitts

Hey pgilman, do people like Rall make you proud to be American?

This wouldn't even be recognised as funny in left-left Spiegel magazine in Germany.
Strange kind of humor this guy has...

As for threatening the author, that is completely stupid and reminds me of the Nazi era in Germany. If somebody was not in line with the Nazis he would be simply "put aside".

If he is an idiot, let him be. By giving him so much attention, you just make him think that he has some kind of impact. Neglecting him would be the only mature way of reacting to him.

Submit Rall and bin Laden to sex change operations (that shouldn't be hard on "Ted"), put them in Burqas, and give them the Taliban.

Rall is using the right of freedom of speech, so yes he makes Me proud to be american. And Rall isn't hiding behind a desk, he went on O'Reilly's show and defended his point on the most biased channel on t.v, Fox news, so i think he has atleast some courage to defend what he said.

Disgusting. Pat Tillman deserves more respect than that. He gave up a lifestyle people dream of to fight in a hellish war he beleived in. So Rall is saying that it is assinine to fight for your beleifs? The 'war on terror' does not agree with me in any way but I respect those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for our country. These people accept the fact that they will have to take orders from a superior regardless of their morals. It's their job. If you have an issue with the pretext to this war, you should focus the mud slinging on this country's leadership instead of piercing the hearts of our soldiers. Yes, Pat Tillman is a hero but we must remember that he is one of many heros. Each one of our boys fighting this war has made sacrifices, whether it be a wife, children, mothers, father, friends or a NFL contract - they have left their lives behind to experience hell because of their convictions. That deserves your respect whether you agree with their decision or not. Rall is fortunate enough to have relative influence in the today's media and he is sharing his opinions - which I respect -but to degrade strong hearted individuals is gut wrenching. As far as I am concerned, you have not only spit on Pat Tillman's grave but every American soldier that has returned to us in a body bag as well as those who still have the morale to fight.

Bush is an asshole. And so are you Ted Rall.

I stopped watching TV a few years ago just to avoid the brain wash. I found out about this cartoon a little later then most. I have to say that this blog is way more disturbing then any cartoon I have ever read. You all want to dismember this guy, hit him with 2×4’s, punch his face in and so on. The media has control over your brain. Ted Rall made a great point and like all cartoonists at the expense of someone. George Bush is working on taking away your freedom. Now your all just becoming Free Dumb. Best wishes. I used to love our country. (nice example your setting for our youth)

In the New American Century we don't need to worry about opinions from political satirists that rub against the Ministry of Misinformation, we've eliminated the subversive concept of freedom of speech, and we've corrected the other outdated flaws in the Constitution that have repeatedly been used by the commie/fairy/liberal/feminazis to undermine the sanctity of our God-blessed Christian nation.

We've learned that God made a mistake when he gave free will to all his children, and we've corrected God's mistake by correcting the Constitution so that only the rightful white moneyed owners of the land can express free will, and then only if they adhere to the guidelines for thought spelled out in God's Republican Plan.

Specifically commenting on the subject of free speech, God's Republican Spokesman jimmy "the moran" once said, and it bears repeating: "If conservatives had their way we wouldn't have to fight for free speech because it wouldn't exist."

Oh my god, my take on america just got a fresh new perspective. Not. The viciousness of the attacks on a political cartoonist, the time spent, the level of threats made ('dead man walking'?!) the refusal to entertain there may be some truth in Mr. Rall's satire...it's so american to just decide, oh, i don't really like what that fellow has to say, I'll just beat him into a pulp. It's no wonder the world hates you, you're all a bunch of schoolyard bullies, from the alleged president on down. And everytime I see a blog like this, that truth is re-enforced. I don't know why I bother.....

OK, as a liberal I have to admit that I think that Tilman is a bona fide hero. But not because he gave up his football career to enlist and not because he died in combat. Solely because he put himself in harm's way in an attempt to extracate his fellow soldiers from an untenable and lethal situation. He sacrificed himself for others -- there is no higher honor one soldier can pay a comrade in arms except to risk one's own welfare for the health and safety of that comrade. For this reason, and this reason alone, Patrick Tillman should be honored in turn.

With that said, Rall is right in at least one sense. Pat Tillman's death was not in service to his country, but rather in service to a corrupt and inhumane administration whose unilateral political agenda is a throwback to the 1950's.

Pat Tilman's tour of duty in Afghanistan and his death have not served to make America any safer from terroism. Ultimately, his death served no greater purpose and his life was wasted in service to a self-defeating and outmoded political philosophy. The real tragedy here is that other well intentioned, brave Americans like Mr. Tilman continue to die in service to this bankrupt ideology.

"commie/fairy/liberal/feminazis to undermine the sanctity of our God-blessed Christian nation" This small minded, hateful, ignorance will be the bane of the America we used to know.....goodbye America; we loved you when you were a righteous free country.

I'll use republican logic here, "It's war, people die, get over it. There are 140,000 troops over there and ONLY 700 have died. 50,000
died in Nam, what's the big deal, PEOPLE DIE!!"
Shucks, even Britt Hume said it was safer to be in Iraq than in L.A.
Spoken like a true narrow-minded, short-sighted, shallow, cold-hearted, bone-headed, know-nothing, wretched conservative huh?


T3d R@11 made several comments to Bill O'Reilly concerning defending our country,

"O'REILLY: But your strip here mentions Tillman specifically, and uses the words idiot, sap. You have a question mark on it. But I mean, for a guy who died fighting for his country, you don't think you crossed an ethical line here?

RALL: Well, I don't think honestly, [here is the first honest thing R@11 has said EVER...he just doesn't think 9-)] I think it's a horrible tragedy that people have died in Afghanistan and Iraq, but it's a lie to say that they've died for their country. I have been to Afghanistan, and there's no way you could confuse that with the Texas-Mexico border. You are not defending your country when you fight in Afghanistan.

O'REILLY: Well, all right, but we'll get to that in a minute. I mean, if you don't think that the Afghanistan government under the Taliban led directly to 9/11, then you're living in the outer limits of reality."

Now according to this point of view, ALL the Americans who died in WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, etc., etc., did not die for their country either since our "borders" were never threatened? He also went on to say in an exchange with O'Reilly, "O'REILLY: OK. There are reasons for war. There are 3,000 dead in the streets.

RALL: Not for this one.

O'REILLY: All right.

RALL: Yes, and they have yet to be avenged, Bill. I'd like to see a war on terror begin."
My biggest question to him is "where do think we should fight this "War on terror" if not where the terrorists live? This has been brought to you by a United States Marine, fully committed to kicking the crap out of anyone who dare attempt to force their way of life upon our great Nation. Semper Fi MAC!

There men and women in uniform deployed worldwide not only engaged in the global war on terroism, but in operations to ensure this country stays safe and secure. Their work and personal sacrifice allow individuals like Ted Rall to execute their right to freedom of speech...no matter how hateful and tasteless. Folks....execute your right to freedom of choice by ignoring him and judging him for what he really is....