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77-79: Something old, something new, something to make you feel like you are drowning

I have not forsaken you, my Spirit of America contributors. I have just been sidetracked by a lying jackass, as often happens around here. I still have 20questions to answer and about twelve topic requests to fulfill, and I shall get to every last one of them. Sooner rather than later, I hope. So, we are at 77, I believe. 77. What song is rocking your world right now. By that, I mean a song currently being played on the radio and not an old song. Funny you should ask that. Just yesterday I heard a Jazy Z/Linkin Park collaboration/remix that did indeed rock my world. 99 problems and a bitch ain't one. I happen to be an unabashed Jay Z fan. I think he writes the smartest rhymes in the business and his vocals are sexy smooth; even when he's cursing and complaining, he's making love to your ears with his voice. Runners up to this questions include Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Audioslave's I am the Highway. 78. Now reverse that. What OLD song is rocking your world right now? Hard to say, man. Most of my playlist right now consists of old songs. Currently making the rotation is I Had a Dream Last Night by the Butthole Surfers, Stuck on You by Failure, Anthrax's Inside Out and Crowbar's Planets Collide, which also happens to be the answer to: 79. What's the heaviest song you know? Well, there are all kinds of definitions of heavy - I don't know if you mean heavy lyrically, musically or both. So I'll go with what I define as heavy and that's Crowbar's Planets Collide, as stated above. Sludge rock, as the term for Crowbar-type music has been coined, is just what it sounds like. Listening to it is like being aurally dragged through a swamp filled with thick, dirty mud tinged with soup-like tar. It's a million grey clouds suffocating your very soul. Seriously. This shit is heavy. But it's so damn good. I've been kind enough to upload the mp3 for you. Download here. Lyrics below. There's no inbetween with this one, you'll either love it or despise it. By the way, this is the song I was referencing last week. -------- Note: this post is part of what was the Spirit of America Ask a Blogger challenge, a challenge in which I am woefully behind. All the previous questions are in one happy place.
Swollen eyes that bleed for you Cold steel bars I'm watching through You've been baptized in a lake of tears Crucified yourself with your own fears But you learn from what's killing you And this time it's real Beyond your prayers Too numb to feel Beyond your prayers Deepest darkest thoughts you dream Curing's harder than it seems Slave to no one but your misery Broken man lies where you used to be Now watch the planets collide


Thanks for the music you write about and occasionally post. I downloaded the crowbar song (twice, actually, because I thought the first one got buggered) but I can't get it to play in either Winamp 2.81 or 5 or in my registered version of musicmatch jukebox. Is it ripped differently?

Maggie, I think it messed up, I don;t normally upload from work and something but have gone wonky. I'll upload a fresh copy tonight.

Not to mention that Crowbar is the heaviest band since The Fat Boys. They must be about three-quarters of a ton of fun between the four of them. Or at least they were when they first released an album. Have they been Atkinized in recent years?

Heh. Good point. I think they could sink the Queen Mary if they all got on board at the same time.