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Micah Wright Propaganda Remix, Back Atchya

See previous posts here, here and here. First, all credit for this spreading through the blogosphere goes to Treacher, not me. He is the one who sent me the email with the news of Micah's "confession," which I promptly posted about, which started the ball rolling. Greyhawk of Mudville Gazzette - a MilBlogger - is just a bit pissed off about this whole deal. And he's not mincing words, nor art. Now Greyhawk and I are joining forces to present to you the Make Your Own Micah Wright poster! You can use all of Micah's work here - because the originals of all his propaganda remix stuff is open domain art, as Wright is so fond of saying, we can do this - and remix it yourself to say things like, oh - Micah Wright is a Liar? You know, I would have let this go - maybe -if not for the fact that Wright is scurrying around the web practicing some hefty revisionist theory work. First he lies, then he lies about lying, and then he tries to cover up both the extent of his lies and the total lack of personal responsibility he showed in his confession. The guy is a tool. So lets use him like one. You can find all the art here. Allah has provided a few examples of what can be done, as has Greyhawk. No prizes, just fun and personal satisfaction. Greyhawk gets the ball rolling, don't miss his "remixed" poster towards the bottom of his post. Email your remixed posters to me, or put them up on your blog and drop a link in the comments. [Also, Wright has "disappeared" a good portion of his confession, but I will be retreiving the original version shortly]


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Can those of us without photoshop make suggestions?

Micah Write took the "chickenhawk" argument to an entirely new depth. This guy was cutting 'n pasting another man's honor the way he used Photoshop.

Thanks to Greyhawk, you, and Photoshop... the irony is so delicious.

We need a new word.

A new word for all those make-believe heroes who claim military service they never served to give themselves a phony "cred".

Whether you're talking about Michael Cimino claiming to be a Green Beret, or that doofus they just ran out of the WGA, or Micah "I was a Ranger and you weren't" Wright, or even John Forbes Kerry, they need to be pinned down on it.

How does "rubber-chickenhawk" sound?

Richard McEnroe

A former Green Beret or Ranger is not going to shit on the graves of his brothers like these leftist do. They may not support Bush but they don't desecrate the memories of those in the US military.

John Kerrey is a fraud of a hero. A real hero doesn't have to remind every person they meet or speak to of what they did. In fact I haven't known anyone that has earned bronze stars, silver stars, purple hearts, etc., that goes around and volunteers that information. Usually they're very reluctant to talk about it.

If any of these dipshits were actually in the military you can bet they spent more time on their hands and knees picking up cigarette butts than holding a weapon. They were probably all desk jockeys or had some puke job where their greatest efforts were spent trying to get out of bed on time.

They only dreamed of being a Green Beret or Ranger. But they probably had their asses kicked by a few.

I've heard it all concerning John Kerry, but where is the evidence that he doesn't deserve his medals? From all I've read, he might not be Sergeant York or Audie Murphy, but he sure isn't any Dick Cheney or Rush Limbaugh, either.

As for Micah, I knew him in college and he was an accomplished scam artist then. So this stuff doesn't surprise me. He's a liar, a talented one who will probably become an even bigger hero to the misguided loony left.

As for the connection to Kerry, this can be Kerry's Sister Souljah moment.

His credibility is for sale on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=3980&item=2242178888&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW Get a bid in while it's still cheap.

My humble entry is here.

And mine is here.

Back in my day we used to call shits like Wright REMFs.

Perhaps that is a good starting point for a new coinage.

I've heard it all concerning John Kerry, but where is the evidence that he doesn't deserve his medals?

Kerry put himself in for his medals. He then put his other boat-pals in for medals and they all vouched for each other. One member has been very vocal going as far as labeling Kerry "chickenshit". Tomorrow 19 of the 23 officers that served with John Kerry are having a press conference announcing that Lurch is not fit to be president: http://tinyurl.com/2jftk

Also see: http://www.swiftvets.com/

but he sure isn't any Dick Cheney or Rush Limbaugh, either.

So he isn't a Franklin D. Roosevelt either, right? Here's a shocking statistic for you, jon, 98% of Americans have never served in the US military. And unlike Micah Wright, I really did serve.

So what? If Kerry's medals are bogus, get them taken away. If the 20 uncomfirmed kills I read about on thesmokinggun.com are bogus, then... they'll still be unconfirmed.

And 19 of 23 say he shouldn't be President? Well, at least they remember him being there.

Linking Kerry to Wright is stupid until you have evidence that Kerry made up the whole thing. Until then, scoreboard!


Unfit for Office
I was on Mr. Kerry's boat in Vietnam. He doesn't deserve to be commander in chief.

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