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Dedication #12: How to make Fallujah and walking for cancer appear in one post

This post is part of my Spirit of America challenge, in which people donated money to SOA in return for my writing on the topic of their choice. All previous dedications can be found here. A funny thing happened on my way to the blog. This was earlier in the week - I was going to make a long post about our tactics in Fallujah, and how I think it necessary that we do bomb the mosques - as long as the "insurgents" are using them for bases - and that we need act with more force. Then I came across this editorial in Newsday by one Robert Stewart, pretty much saying the exact same thing. Orignally, I was going to quote the article, but he did such a fine job explaining my own issues, that I figured I would just link to it. Now, remember that I have all these dedicated posts to do in return for donations to SOA? One of the generous people who donated was Jen of Cup and Saucer, who asked that I write about her participation in the upcoming the Breast Cancer Three Day Walk for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. So how do these two things tie in? Well, when Jen wrote to me about the walk, she also sent along a link ( to and blogged about) an editorial her brother wrote about Fallujah. It was the Newsday article I had just bookmarked. It's a small blogging world, after all. About Jen's walk and why she is walking for three days (from the North Shore of Boston to Charlestown) to raise money for breast cancer research - I'll let Jen herself tell the story:
In June of 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Believe me when I tell you I was stunned to hear that news. I thought I was too young. I hardly ever get sick. I eat my veggies, for heaven's sake! How could I end up with cancer? But I did have it, and that diagnosis was the start of a long journey of getting well. A journey that included a few surgeries, four cycles of chemo, and several weeks of radiation. Somewhere during the months of feeling nauseous and tired, I promised myself that when I was done with my last chemo I would sign up for the 3-Day walk. A few hours after my last chemo, in December 2003, I made good on my promise and registered to participate in the Boston 3-Day walk, being held late July of this year. I will be walking in honor of my Grandmother Kate (pictured above left with me), my Aunt Joyce (pictured above right, with my grandmother), and my cousin Diane, all of whom are breast cancer survivors and sources of inspiration to me. (The bald chick is yours truly, of course.)
You can read more about Jen's battle with breast cancer here. Jen's prognosis is good, but not everyone who is diagnosed with breast cancer will have the same good fortune as Jen, which is why raising money for this cause is so important. Jen's personal goal is $5,000. She needs just thirty dollars to reach that, but I'd like to see her exceed that goal, by far. I've been reading Jen's blog for at least a year, probably more. She's one of those people who are instantly likeable. Head over to Cup and Saucer, say hello to Jen and then drop by her walk page and drop a few coins in her cup. The walk is not until July, so I'll be mentioning this again and that gives you a couple of months to check on her walk training and offer up some encouragement. Go, Jen! Speaking of dedicated posts, at some point today I will have to don some Mets gear in answer to my Mets/Sox challenge. I may have to wait until tonight, so I can get drunk enough to not feel horrible about wearing the blue and orange.


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