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see me feel me yadda yadda

Tommy is on IFC. I once thought this movie was pure artistry. I must have been smoking some really strong stuff back then. It is both cheesy and pretentious, with a touch of abstract weirdness, for the sake of abstract weirdness. Which really amounts to a whole lot of cheesy pretentiousness. No, Tommy has not held up well. Not at all. Update: Ok, the whole Cousin Kevin scene worked, only because the dude who played Kevin (who later went on to do the voice of Spot the Dog for Disney UK) was really pleasing to look at. The Ann Margaret/baked beans scene? Just really, really wrong. And I totally forgot about Jack Nicholson.


If they had had blogging back in the early 70's, my blog name would have been Pinball Wizard.

I am the Pinball Wizard of my generation.

OK, wierd Who things working here......

Hey, I'm the one who had the post titled "She's a pinball wizard!"

Hey, i'm tommy. cheesy, pretentious, abstractly weird. Yep, thats me.

I cannot eat a can of baked beans without thinking of that scene.

And this is a bad thing?

My brain's so fried right now that I as I was reading your post I thought to myself, "what the hell is she thinking? that movie's still brilliant---the scene when David Spade says "It's go time, fat boy" and hits Farley in the head with a two by four....

And then it hit me, ah yes, NOT Tommy BOY...

I need to go to bed.

I had almost forgotten about listening to Ann-Margaret and Oliver Reed trying to sing "Go To The Mirror, Boy". They don't have so much as an octave of vocal range.

It would never do for me to note that I thought the thing was a horrible abortion in the first place, unlike the brilliant album, or the later brilliant Quadraphenia and also astoundingly good (without doubt the best rock movie ever) movie.

Never do, so I wouldn't say that.

I wonder if Quadrophenia has held up well... I enjoyed that movie And the music so much more than the trippy, hippy Tommy.

I saw the movie only once...and hated it, even as I still have my original Tommy album. My high school boyfriend took me to see it performed at the old Aquarius Theater in Los Angeles in 1971, Ted Neely in the starring role (later saw him at the same theater in Hair.. y'all might remember the actor from the movie "Jesus Christ Superstar"..he was really much better on stage). It did not translate well to film at all.

Hated what Kubrick and Nicholson did to "The Shining", too.

In buttview, we were fools buying this brand of Kool-Aid. "Quad" was the better album, and even shittier movie.

Yeah, I got to thinking about Tommy again after your Pinball Wizard post. I'm a couple of years older than you and I was a pinball wizard back in the day and thought Tommy was great. I watched it again when my wife bought me the video back in '85 or so. Man, that was painful. That film is just so 70's. I had to take it back, and tried to remove it from my mind. (Which wasn't too hard to do, since I have trouble remembering things from the 70's as it is.)

It has long struck me that Pete Townsend is musically gifted, but his storytelling is shallow and pretentious and silly. If it were simply instrumental music, or if someone else were writing his librettos, he'd be much better off.

Tommy is musically brilliant, but the libretto--the story itself--really is quite weak. Not "childish" as some would say. Just shallow and weak.

Quadruphenia: I much prefer the soundtrack to the movie, to the original. Townshend let bassist John Entwistle remaster it. Ox re-did his parts with an Alembic bass, to much ballsier effect. He also deleted some unnecessary rhythm piano parts, like on "5:15", and restored some of Moon's drum intros. The movie itself? Worth watching once, which is more than can be said for Tommy.

Dean Esmay: In the liner notes to the remixed cd of Who's Next, Townshend responds to the "childish" charge against the aborted project Lifehouse: "I hope so. I was a child when I wrote it."