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Micah Wright is a Liar [Updated]


PLEASE NOTE: Do not email me about this. This happened two years ago. I no longer think nor care about it. I do not want to give you my thoughts on it, add a comment to your blog, do an interview with you or answer any questions or write about it myself. I have no interest in any of this anymore. I have a small idea of what is going on that has turned the attention of you all to a two year old post, and the fact of the matter is I do. not. care. Think about it - this shit happened two years ago. Who knows, maybe Micah Wright has made his ammends by now. Maybe he has learned his lesson. Maybe the fact that some idiot is going around pretending to be something he is not doesn't really warrant all of dragging this shit out into the public two freaking years later. Let it rest. You want to pick on the new jackaSs, that's great. But I think after two years, you can leave Wright's story to rest. Also, I don't write about this stuff anymore. That was a long time ago, a different life. If you have any interest in punk rock and fast cars, feel free to head to the main page and read. Otherwise, you are kicking the wrong tree here.


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Or rather, the opposite. Tried wringing something out of Michele Catalano and Glenn Reynolds bum-rushing Micah Wright, but couldn't even... [Read More]

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I can't believe these people. And still, all that his friends and admirers are going to be talking about a week from now are "chickenhawks". What to call him? Rubber chicken?

I liked when the Washington Post reporter asked him if he'd ever killed anyone:

"'That's one of those questions that I really don't like to answer,' he says after an uncomfortable pause. 'You're shooting at people and other people are shooting and people fall down. Put it this way: I never shot at anybody who hadn't shot at me first.'"

None of which is technically untrue.



Fucking wow.

Not only is it the media's fault, it's the right-wing's fault, because people posting on-line accused him of being anti-American.

They, you see, "forced" him to lie.

It's actually pretty easy to figure out who's lying about that kind of thing. We have a kid on campus who works a pro-Taliban table at the regularly scheduled protests who claims to be "ex-CIA" ("You can't tell me - I know what we do to people...").

Ask him who the ADDO was when he was in. If he's claiming to have served in the Army, ask him which unit he was in - from division level on down, then ask him about his CSM. If he still talks a good game, it's not that hard to track down lifers to confirm his stor (Dear Sgt Hardass, I'm writing ou about Smedley Pencilneck, who says he served with you '95 - '96...)

IIRC, there's a vet in Texas (or somewhere down here in the SW) who debunks claims by pseudo-vets.

For the most part, it's not worth the trouble, except when someone's making a real ass out of themselves, or trying to get some benefit they're not entitled to (like claiming their anti-war bull should carry special weight).


Why is it that between his "apology" and the one from the UMass commie I feel even dirtier than I did before they each apologized...?

HAHAHAHAHA!! Do you remember ripping me a new asshole for calling Micah Wright a liar two years ago?!

(Well, the worm has turned, has it not, my tin-plated friend?)

I already outed myself as a former asshole!

It was the media's fault!

Reminds me of the movie, "Quiz Show." When the Charles Van Doren character finally sees that the Federal investigation is gonna reveal him as a fraud, he goes before Congress to testify and contritely spills his beans. For a while a bunch of people congratulate him on his courage and integrity in fessing up (since he's the sort of handsome, charming guy everyone loves), until one senator (in an emperor-lacking-clothes moment) calls bullshit on the whole affair and points out that the courageous thing to do would have been to not lie in the first place and then to keep doing it up until the moment you were about to get caught.

Excellent analogy, Russell.

Great story. Yeah, what a tool. But I still like his posters, some of them.

Maybe I'm just stating the obvious here but it seems that Wright was lying about his non-existent military record long before he had any "pressure" to do so. You're right, Michele: he's just a fucking liar:

"But once I was out of the Army ROTC program, there was a lingering impression among friends that I had been in the Regular Army."

How exactly do one’s “friends” get the “lingering impression” that one has been in the “regular army” unless one tells them so? Either Wright is lying about having friends or he was lying to people about his Ranger status as long ago as 1991 or 1992 (assuming, that is, he’s even telling the truth about his age).

Duty, Honor, Country. Three simple words that convey so much meaning - and which also provide the measure of a person's character. How typical of a weakling like you, Mike to try to add weight to your arguments by cloaking yourself in the guise of one of our most honored professions - an elite army soldier with combat experience.

Mike, you are nothing but a thief, stealing the honor of men far better than yourself. Real soldiers have won their honor by sacrificing comfort, family time, sweat, blood, and even their lives. And you have dared to steal all that honor with your words and pen. I wonder if you are truly ashamed of your actions, Mike, or if you even care. Someday, if your son should ever ask you what you did in the war, Mike, will you have the courage to tell the truth then?

As for your ‘Anti-war Crowd’ associates, Mike, will they shun you now? Or will they fete you for your 'coup' and subsequent confession after being caught? How they treat you will now show us the measure of their character and "honor."

Well put, Alan. Wright borrowed the respectability of military service at the same time that he was borrowing the images of those old war propaganda posters. He twisted and mocked both to serve himself. And on top of it all, according to his Mea Culpa and his WaPo interview, Wright says that he has deep regard for both the original poster artists and for the soldiers. Apparently, when this guy respects what you do, watch out, because you're about to be ripped off.

Dammit, Michele, you're tearing down all my heroes. Next thing you'll be saying is that Kyle's Mom is a big fat bitch.

How about - Pedro wears pink panties!!

HA! You just made my day!

"The trouble with writing a book about yourself is that you can’t fool around. If you write about someone else, you can stretch the truth from here to Finland. If you write about yourself the slightest deviation makes you realize instantly that there may be honor among thieves, but you are just a dirty liar."
-Groucho Marx: Groucho and Me (1959).

"Dirty liar."


Please tell me that someone has forwarded this information to the duped Washington Post reporter -- along with our war hero's comments about how easily he shined the reporter on.

Also, has anyone ever verified the great and glorious Kos's purported military credentials?

I was in ROTC two years and dropped out. My friends think that I was in ROTC but dropped out. That's because I told them I was in ROTC two years and dropped out. My communication skills must be exceptional.

Are you saying he's not genuine?


And to think I used to feel semi-guilty when wearing my jump wings around Rangers 'cus I got mine at the USAFA jump school and not at Fort Benning.

In the ranks of coaches and corporate executives this is called resume padding, and usually there is a high profile dismissal immediately afterward. Someone probably employees this guy, and might be interested.

I'm just saying...

It's time I revealed the truth.
I'm not really Amish.

Laurence, you bastard!

Ok, ok. I don't really have a blog.

"IIRC, there's a vet in Texas (or somewhere down here in the SW) who debunks claims by pseudo-vets."

B.G. "Jug" Burkett, www.stolenvalor.com

See also: http://globalspecops.com/wannabe.html

And a big FU to Micah also, FWIW. I'm not military--and not a wannabee, either. The closest I ever got to the military was doing yard work as a kid for a retired Army recruiter. But I hold our troops in the highest regard, and wince whenever anything happens to stain their honor.

Looks like that excerpt you posted from his apology has been deleted from the page you linked to. Weasel...

"Man gives every reason for his conduct save one, every excuse for his crimes save one, every plea for his safety save one; and that one is his cowardice."
- George Bernard Shaw ( Don Juan, in Man and Superman, act 3).


Michele, I think it is self-evident to any thinking American who is not brainwashed by BuchCo Propaganda that you and your neocon cabal of murderbloggers are ultimately responsible here. I point the finger at YOU!!!!

Dean, the devil made him do it?

As is well-known, Michele IS the devil.

Well, I'll give him this much credit- he was smart enough to plonk this out on a Saturday. Unfortunately (for him, not us) this story's gonna have legs for at least a week :)

Okay. I can't stand it any more. I'm not really the reincarnation of Attila the Hun. There. It's out.

I am sorry to say that I am not the real Slim Shady. There. I feel better for having said it here first.

I remember reading that Post article when it first came out. I remember enjoying the posters as I went through the slide show. And although I disagreed with his anti-war stance, I balanced it by thinking that he had earned his right to feel the way he did on account of his experience.

As someone who just got out of the service, I cannot even begin to express my annoyance with this man.

What a great post, Michele -- we're lucky you haven't retired after all.

I propose a name for "people" like Micah -- rubberdove.

I want your blog readers to know that the only reason Micah Wright came clean on his lies last week is because I pursued three FOIA requests with separate US Army commands, seeking proof of his service, after he failed to provide documentation to me. Despite common perceptions, it is not easy for a reporter to verify the service of anyone with a Ranger background, or anyone who claims to have been associated with Special Forces. I did not have Wright's social security number and he refused to provide any validating information, aside from his birthdate. I filed the FOIA requests to follow up on the July 2003 article I wrote about Wright. When I finally verified in April 2004 that he had never served as an Army Ranger (each FOIA took months for processing), I called his publisher and demanded that the publisher press Wright for documentation of his alleged service. The publisher called Wright in the last week of April and he confessed his lies. I decided to write the story in my Sunday (2 May) column, and wanted to get a comment from Wright, which I did when he called me on Friday evening. --Richard Leiby

Excellent, Mr. Leiby.

I must admit I was unaware of this whole shebang, so kudos to those who held him to account.

The Washington Post followed up. I wonder whether others will, such as those mentioned in an interview with an on-line comics-oriented magazine.

WRIGHT: I was on NYC's WBAI radio last Thursday, then again this Monday morning, and Wednesday morning I was on "The Wakeup Call," a NYC drive-time show. On Wednesday I'm going to be on "Democracy Now," a nationally syndicated Pacifica show. That show is the Mount Everest of Progressive Radio... everyone tries, but no one can get up to the top... I'm really excited for the show.
one senator (in an emperor-lacking-clothes moment) calls bullshit on the whole affair and points out that the courageous thing to do would have been to not lie in the first place and then to keep doing it up until the moment you were about to get caught.

Or to keep doing it until your book is about to be published, like Richard Clarke.

Oh yes, and he's seems quite contrite. His website's current bio:

Micah Wright is a writer who has worked in television animation, comic books, graphic novels, videogames and film. After a successful career in animation, Wright became interested in the work of WWI and WWII poster artists, leading to his anti-war posters. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Sunday Guardian (UK), The Progressive, the Christian Science Monitor, the Boston Globe, the Fox News Channel, and the Washington Post, much to their chagrin.

Micah was cloned in a labratory from the DNA of Victor Lustig, Charles Ponzi, Frank Abagnale, Henry Gondorf and Limehouse Chappie. He is an accomplished practical joker, and an incredible prevaricator.

He aspires to be a better person.

Ah, Micah should've known better. Being a combat veteran (or lying about it) doesn't buy you any cred or respect with the Right. Party affiliation and agreement do.

Took a quick tour around this guy's website. 100% Anti-American. In EVERY title.

Is he anti-war? Nope. Every single one of his titles involves some sort of war. Heck, His American Cross title is all war all the time.... from the viewpoint of a character who fought on the British side in the Revolution and became a British professional soldier so that he could keep fighting against America.

I'm sorry, but this is just another face of the enemy. When will we treat him as what he's proven himself to be?

Ha Ha Ha
Jeff, if you're not being sarcastic, you're a fool. Like the Left doesn't demand toeing the party line, as your comment so eloquently demostrates.

Didn't say the left was any better. In fact, I didn't even mention the left. So what were you talking about?

"So what were you talking about?"

Ummmmmmmmmm ... the fact that you are a fool.

Being a combat veteran does indeed win you cred and respect with the Right. But respect for that service is not equal to agreeing with that person's politics.

And it's not relevant with Mucus Wright anyway.

Micah Wright is to the anti-war crowd what the abusive soldiers are to the pro-war forces: people who have devastated the credibility of themselves and their fellow travelers.

Mr Wright isn't really sorry, except maybe about getting caught and a potential loss of income. Why should he be sorry? After all, it doesn't matter if he lied, cheated, or whatever he did...beacuse he's In The Right.

When you're In The Right ("Right" as in "correct"), you can do anything you want...the ends always justify the means. After all, when it's just little 'ol you and a handful of your plucky, brave friends facing down the vicious Bad People (who run the Government, the Media, the Police and probably the deli down the street), well, what's wrong with aiming a few punches below the belt? After all, They do it to Us all the time...and we're better people than they are!

"You dare call us liars?" the people In The Right bleat, "We're nowhere near as bad as the horrific forces we are fighting! Hell, you must be one of them! Fascist! Pig! Nazi! Yankee fan...!"

As Vonnegut (or was it Nick Lowe?) said, "and so it goes..."

Mr. Leiby,

Good detective work, but don't you think it would have been more appropriate to have checked out Micah Wright's bona fides before you published a profile of him in the paper? Refusing to supply his service records or even social security number, shouldn't that have been a tip-off that something was fishy?


Don't feel too bad about being fooled, he would have fooled this 82nd Airborne Vet.

I never really paid much attention to him before now though.

"As is well-known, Michele IS the devil. "

This is patently ridiculous. Everyone knows that she's just a sub-contractor.

A mercenary, then?

One ironic thing in all this is that many of his supposedly antiwar posters were great favorites of warlovers like myself. One man's parody of Rumsfeld is another man's gleeful embrace of his gusto...

"A mercenary, then?".

Aha! I knew you were just doing it for the gifts instead of a true devotion to evil. I feel so... used!

I also have a confession: I'm not really named "Otto."

I am evil, though.

I too have a confession: I really do as a matter of fact have a first name.

Micah wasn't totally lying . . . he's a browneye Ranger with the hash marks to prove it!

As a general principle, people who tell you they were cooks, radio operators, and supply personnel in the military are probably telling the truth; those who claim to be SEALs or Rangers are much more likely to be BSing.


I am not. [snif] Really. A tree.

I am sorry to have deceived you all, but John Kerry has been driving me fucking nuts...

I'm with Nadine. While I appreciate that it was Leiby's reporting that finally outed this sociopath, I think Leiby was a little to grateful for the gifthorse of Bush-bashing that Wright could provide. His original piece was a Valentine to Micah. Where's all that spunky reporter cynicism? Apparently it only gets aimed at members of the Bush administration.

Send him one of those "Clinton cigars" so Micah can celebrate his coming out party. Sort of a "birds of a feather, stick together" party.

Oh and considering Micah has made himself a whore, send an invitation to Monica

Any one have a picture of the douche bag just in case we might see him and want to rip his face off? Can we get it posted? Whats his address?

If anyone posts Micah's address, phone number, etc., for the purpose of encouraging physical harm upon him, will be banned from this site forever.

The guy may be a lying asshole, but a vigilante style beatdown is not something I can get behind.

I only hope that members of America's Ranger community meet with Mr. Wright and...you know...discuss the propriety of claiming to be something you're not.

I think it was Mark Twain that said you don't have to be clever if you're honest. Mr. Wright appears to be very, very clever. But not clever enough.

1. I will never again watch "Angry Beavers" or anything associated with this jackoff.

2. I am really upset that Wright has/had anything to do with Doc Savage.

3. I worked for the Army in Kosovo. I have never and will never claim that I was "in" the Army. I might have bee there, but I did not serve.

4. What he deserves is a thorough ass-beating, in print. He's a fake. Expose him.

5. And after that: obscurity.

Hey, I never claimed to be an exotic hybrid grain. I have always made it clear that I merely reference it as a nickname.

Is it possible to court martial someone for claiming to have served in the military?


What I find curious is why the Left needs to fabricate military service. Isn't at least 1/3rd of the country Liberal? Well according to Liberals it is. Shouldn't this result in a massive number of available Liberal veterans?

Or is there something more going on here? Are there so very few credible Liberal veterans that they really do need to fabricate?

I am a graduate of Ranger class 13-87 and I have been pissed off about this ever since he clained to have graduated Ranger school with me. Needless to say none of us that went through that class remember him, including my bros from the company he claimed to have served in. Glad this posing chunk of butt-lint has finally been exposed.

Tim blair pointed out a link where someone is auctioning off Wright's cred on eBay.

The first time I heard of this guy was when I followed a bunch of hits back to his blog to find a thread with my name on it. He said he was a fan of my comics, but was depressed because I appeared to be a Bush Zombie due to my pro-WOT comments on my blog.

I debated him and his minions and they backed down. I never believed he was a Army ranger unless it was for the other side. As a veteran myself, I can almost always tell when someone is a real vet and when they're one of those liars like the ones who fed John Kerry stories.

Let this be a lesson to all you anti-war protestors who allow yourself to get wrapped up in other people's propaganda. The left is lying anout damned near everything. Here's a perfect example.

Just to set the record straight, Micah Wright was outed by the WA-PO because a small group of REAL Army Rangers read his comments and fired off a mass e-mail campaign to the Washington Post, letting them know that he was a fake. What may have not been so obvious to some, was glaringly obvious to us. Enough of us contacted the WA-PO that they were interested in following up on checking out Wrights history. THAT is what precipitated WA-PO's investigation. They sure didn't feel it necessary until they were prompted to do so by us. Those REAL Rangers can be found at www.socnetcentral.com/vb for anyone who may be interested.

Don't wonder in amazement for a minute that the Left is falling for Micah's lies. You don't realize that to a leftie, to a post-modernist, there is no such thing as truth. They believe that power is all there is. Duty, honor, country, patriotism, they are all lies to trick anyone who believes in them. So are they upset about Micah? No. Not at all.

As post-modernists, since there is no such thing as truth, there is no such thing as lying, and no such thing as dishonor. The only thing that matters is whether they can use Micah or anything else to wrest power from those who have it. Period. That's it.

They call power "hegemony". They call the process of showing that there is no such thing as truth "deconstruction". Everything is a story, a fairy tale, an illusion, that they call "discourse". To expect shame, or embarrassment, or guilt, or a chasened silence from these people is a false hope. Thinking that way supposes that they share a value system that honors truth. They don't.

You remember last month's racism fraud in California? The lady professor who trashed her own car and blamed her white male students (or their friends) as perpetrators? Well the leftist lady president of the college shut the entire college down for a day of political reeducation, workshops, and sensitivity groups. But it turns out the whole thing was a fraud. However, rather than being angry, rather than apologizing to the students for thinking they were twisted and evil and needed reeducation, the Lady President actually said it was a Real Good Thing the fraud happened since it opened people's eyes to the problem of racism.

You see, in the eyes of leftists, any fraud that teaches hatred of Western Culture, hatred of capitalism, hatred of white folks and hatred of Christianity is a good thing. The fact that it is fraudulent makes absolutely no difference. Expecting lefties to be upset, embarrassed or ashamed is absurd.

As a politically active fanboy, seeing this stuff make Instapundit makes my brain hurt. I can't say I'm particularly surprised, since reading Stormwatch (up thru about halfway into the Citizen Soldier schmozz, when it became apparent that all he was really doing was accusing people like me of destroying the country) and his interviews convinced me that he was (a) a talented writer, (b) an asshole and © full of crap. It's just a shame that the biggest press the industry is likely to get this year, save maybe "oh look, there's a Spider-Man movie out" is about some jackoff who got scared and tried to bullshit his way out of a corner.


This is nothing new.

As I recall, back in the days of the Vietnam war, some of the loudest, firiest members of Kerry's old outfit, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, turned out to have "inflated" their military experience more than a bit. By some odd coincidence, the lurid claims of personally-witnessed war crimes largely originated with the fakes....

Antiwar "veterans" should be assumed to be imposters until proven legitimate.

So Micah is Hot Abercrombie Chick is Belle de Jour...?

I'm a member of the Special Operations website that tracked Micah's claims down back in 2003. I was a member of 3d Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, and was disgusted by Micah's claims of being a Ranger. What he did was essentially piss all over the souls of fallen Rangers throughout history, by claiming to be one of them. I have zero remorse for him.

Back in the day, when we first outed him, we went to his website trying to let other people know that he wasn't legit. His little cronies came forward in a blind defense of him, while he sat back and smiled at the robots he had coming to his defense. One thing I especially remember was a friend of mine saying to them "If I am wrong, and Micah turns out to be a completely legit Ranger, I will apologize to each person on this board, AND I will post my apology on SOCNET." Micah's cronies echoed the claims, that if he wasn't legit, they'd apologize to us publicly. To date - this hasn't happened. They've gone into damage asessment mode, and are doing their best to avoid any uncomfortable scenes, while once again Micah hides behind them.

Micah apologized because he had a company of pissed-off Rangers on his ass, NOT because he truly felt bad. I feel no remorse for him, because he felt no remorse for stepping all over the bodies of men who have died in defense of their country.

Its always amazing to me that a POS like Micah think's they're not going to get caught, sooner or later.

As long as confessions are coming out of the woodwork, my name isn't really Lucy. Is it possible to meet Micah? I can do such interesting things with man-whores and paint brushes.

Yo, Leiby:

You're fired.

D'ya get it, pencil-dick?

Why on earth do some people insist on turning this into some kind of indictment of "the Left" ? That is what is called logical fallacy, to attempt to discredit an argument, let alone other people personally, based on a personal (and extremely justified) judgment against someone who claimed to be likeminded.

Let me put it this way: Many years ago.. Mike Warnke duped loads of Christians with his "I used to be a Satanic High Priest until I found Jesus" act and sold a shitload of books, etc -- until he was found out to be... yes! a big fucking liar.


Would it be fair to go on about "Why do CHRISTIANS feel the need to fabricate stories of redemption!???"

pshh. Other Christians aren't responsible for the fact that Warnke was a fucking liar. Other "anti-war" or "leftist" people aren't responsible for Wright being a fucking liar. (and neither is the press)

only Wright is the big fucking liar. We should just be sure that he isn't allowed to make any money off of his "coming clean". Obscurity is what he deserves, at the least.

Well, Karrie, it goes like this. You go to Micah's forums and look for his "fans" to make some kind of condemnation against his actions, but all you see is "it's ok that you lied, because Bush lied, too" or "It's ok that you lied because you used it an effort to tell people just how bad America and Bush are."

It's the left that's rallying around him - make that the FAR left - and that's why I drag them into it.


Good point. That kind of an argument holds no water with me in this case, or in the cases of "oh it's okay if we don't follow the rules because Saddam was worse" crap.

I guess the Far Left and Far Right spend too much time pointing fingers and saying "look we're not THAT bad!" to realize that half of what is being said is bullshit.

Maybe I'll wander off and find his "fan page" and start something honest!

Think it'll work?

Eh, don't bother Karrie. It's an echo chamber in their. You can find the link to the forums on one of these posts. You have to register to view.

Hey, I'm slightly suprised.

The most recent page worth of posts on the "big lie" forum topic is not really ass kissy at all! A few people get rough with him, and there seems to be a bit of a more restrained condemnation, such as this:

"That's my body hitting the ground as I fall down in shock.

"Thank you for coming clean before I told anyone else what I thought was a remarkable history, but is shown to be just a tall tale.

"I feel that your work would have stood on its own without the lie, but we will never know if that would have been the case.

"I am devastated and made nauseous by this news. I didn't do the research because I took you at your word, something that came easy.

"Gah - "

And someone even calls him on the "confession" not being courageous at all! I'm in a little less despair now. ( a little )(although i seem to have spoken too soon, they are gagging the people who express the strongest views - whether that is for language, or for expression, I don't know)

They do have a big notice at the top of that topic that states that it is the ONLY place in the forums that you are allowed to talk about the big fucking lie. Disappointing. Would be fun to see him thrashed in all of the threads.

This is hilarious - from the Ace-O-Spades Blog - quoting Micah

"You don't know what war is like, man. You don't know what you're talking about until you've fucking been there, right in the shit, man. You don't know what it's like to hear the sound of those -- you know, those things they shoot up into the air, sort of like cannons, those things -- screaming down on your position. You don't know what it's like when your, what do you call it, the guy who leads your platoon or whatever, your, err, Leader Guy, dies in your arms, cut in half by one of those things that hurt people when they step on them."

As long as you're going to spam my comments, I'll spam yours.

My latest letter to Roger.

Dear Mr. Ailes,

Sean Hannity's interview of former School of the Americas interrogation instructor Tony Robinson was great. I'm worried, however, that the public isn't embracing his description of the treatment of Iraqi POWs as being less harsh than a frat hazing. The American people don't understand this because they can't identify with Iraqi POWs. They need to see Americans they know and respect undergoing the same kind of hazing. Then, they'll see it for the harmless fun it is.

I think you can make this happen. You can do so by reenacting the Iraqi POW hazing on Hannity & Colmes or a Fox News Special. I'll gladly volunteer to masturbate into Sean Hannity's mouth. I'd consider it my contribution to the war effort. Afterwards, we could all go to my house for a night of pizza, beer, and gladiator movies.

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

Spam your comments? Please show me where I did that. Also, your link isn't working, or your site doesn't exist.

You've got ten minutes to offer up proof and/or a link before I delete your comment, patriot boy.

Blogspot is bloggered.

Someone is spamming this entry all over the progressive end of the blogatopia.

see: http://www.haloscan.com/comments.php?user=patriotboy&comment=108361627651563939
for two examples.

You have the most obvious motive.

Whoops, I see that your link only appeard in Atrios' comments and not mine--it was truncated. Please accept my apologies if I was wrong.

I have not the time nor the use for going around spamming people's comments. If I had something to say I would use my own name.

Now get lost.

Well, well, well. What do you know?

More than a year ago, this "Micah" character had an interview of his posted on a comic book website. In it, he made some strange claims about going to Panama, as a Canadian citizen, like Panamenians were going to kill him for being American. Being that I'm Panamenian and I travel back home once in a while, I questioned this in a post I made :



From the interview;

"I went back to Panama a few years ago and pretended I was a Canadian. They really hate the USA down there. We put a corrupt government into power which has been worse for Panama's citizens than Noriega ever was - and who run more drugs and launder more drug money than Noriega ever did as well. It was extremely depressing to see how little our invasion had done to solve any real problems there."

He went to Panama and had to pretend to be Canadian, what utter BS. I'm Panamenian, if that were true, when I visit my family I would be stoned to death for getting a US citizenship not too long ago.

The current government is more corrupt than Noriega's militarism? Does the author know that the current president, Moscoso was elected by the people and not placed in by the military. Which interestingly, there is no military in Panama anymore. And you know what? That's great, most Latin American countries shouldn't bother with armies anyways, Costa Rica has done great without one.

Does this buffon know that after Noriega went nuts, he was unleashing the military and police against his own citizens? The political assasinations? (look up Hugo Spadafora) etc, etc, etc. How about an idiot dictator hitting a podium with a machete ranting against fighting with the US?

It's this type of exageration and dismissal of the facts that just discredits people's arguments. Obviously, this person has a strong point of view (US bad), and when he goes to any country he wants to reafirm it.

Please pick another country gringo.


Now I know why he was so off, the guy is a freaking liar. Now I want him to tell us if he ever travelled to Panama or not, at all?

I've been reading up on this story around different blogs, and one of the things that maddens me the most is when people go, "Yeah, he's a liar, but I still kinda like his work..."

Folks, Micah ripped off the idea for his book of redone WII propaganda posters from the web, specifically from www.somethingawful.com. The forum members there did a huge number of them about six months after 9/11.

Here's the link to the Photoshop Phriday feature that they posted on the site-

Here's one of the most widely circulated originals done up by forum member Ropekid-
Notice it's the same image on the cover of Micah's book.

Notice that the SoemthingAwful feature predates his book by about a year. Notice how these mock ups are all about a million times more funny and creative than Micah's milqetoast reditions.

Now please spread the word that not only is Micah Wright a lying piece of shit, but an unoriginal, plaigarizing, untalented, lying piece of shit on top of that.

Smengie, I have to differ with you there. Actually, I have to outright say you are completely wrong.

Micah Wright gave me permission to use one of his remix posters in August of 2001 for a project I was working on.

Micah is many things - as far as I can tell (at least in this instance) plaigarist is not one of them.

Yeah, but it's not like he's the first one to take old propaganda and alter it for different propaganda purposes. People were doing that before there was Photoshop, even.

No offense, michele but you are the one that is odviously mistaken as to the time frame.

How could he have started up the whole anti-war posters bit in August of 2001, BEFORE the September 11th attacks and the war on terror? It doesn't make any sense just looking at it.

In this review of his book

they even state in the very first sentence:
"Sometime after 9-11, Micah Wright—a former Army Ranger who was part of the invasion of Panama and became disillusioned with American’s foreign and military policy—had a brilliant idea."

Smengie, you are right. It was in 2002, for my second year of the Banned Books Project, that I used the poster.

I apologize.


I've just wandered into this forum after reading all 796 posts (no exaggeration) on Micah Wright's forum responding to his confession and apology. There are plenty of posts that express disgust with, or condemn, him and his actions. Here are some excerpts:

"what Micah did was absolutely wrong and there is no reason, rational or otherwise, to defend him. his actions have destroyed his short term career and affected the careers of many others in the comic industry and his projects in other media. he can't take that back. I don't know if I can bring myself to read another one of his books. I think that's fair to say for a number of his readers, and I was one."

"His personal experiences were cited endlessly and repeatedly as the foundation for, the reason for, his opinions and beliefs. The content of those books were given credibility by his experiences. Not to say those viewpoints, held by those not having served, are invalid. But Micah repeatedly, and occasionally in a very vile manner, pontificated that critics didn't know what the fuck they were talking about because they hadn't "been there" or experienced what he had... "

One addressed to Wright: "I always thought it was sort of interesting that your 'moment of clarity in Panama' sounded a lot like John Cusak's personal-revelation story at the end of Grosse Pointe Blank. You might want to not ever open your mouth about politics again. You probably also want to not ever try to defend your position on anything based on your having had some personal experience with it."

Another addressed to Wright: "Your a disgusting and repellant sad sack of shit. 'tis obvious that you are one of those over-weight geeks who spent their adolsenace in their basement's watching Star Trek and never kissed a girl until you were 27. . . .For you to in any way claim a kin-ship with such a noble soul as Pat Tillman is beyond repellant. Ergo, I bid you to live out the rest of your pityful, tragic and disguting existance in poverty, shame and anonimity as a laughting stock and prime example of the 'New Left.'"

"I like how Wright blames the Washington Post for printing his lie. Yeah, it was their fault. They should have done their fact checking on some comic book guy. Come on. How dare you blame them. They had no reason not to believe you. You fuckin dick. I'm boycotting your books from now on, and I am spreading the word."

There are plenty more, but the one I'll end with is this one:

"I will never buy anything else you write or produce.
I will do my best to make sure no else does either.
I hope a real Ranger evens the score with you."

I don't know about the folks here, but to me, these posts sound an awful lot like "condemnation against his actions."

Just setting the record straight.

I still like his posters. I'm a former Marine (if you don't believe me go fuck yourself)that can't stand the neocon dicks that are fucking up America. Too bad the Democrat Party sucks big monkey dick too.

hi! I love used wear!!

Wow, I didn't know who he was, but after reading about him on this page and his confession on his website I think this guy is a real shit bag.

Its not the polotical crap that pissed me off about this fuck, infact id probly not "gel" with many of your political views myself (but everyoes got their own views and all that crap) its the fact this ass got one of my favorite comics canceled cause of his lies, he didnt even pass the writing off to someone else before he came out so as to save the title, no he wanted all the fuckin cash he could get.