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76. What was the nerdiest thing you ever did? I think I just did it. BASICBD.gif -------- Note: this post is part of what was the Spirit of America Ask a Blogger challenge, a challenge in which I am woefully behind. All the previous questions are in one happy place.


Oh, dear. That looks so first semester. Try:

10 ? "Happy Birthday, Basic!"

Damn. I think that just confirmed that I'm even nerdier.


Nice. Would be an infinite loop though, which is usually funny the first time you do it.

I was going for the infinite loop thing, which is the first thing I ever did in BASIC.


Photoshopped the Castel Wolfenstein intro graphic.

Without photoshop.

1 pixel at a time.

At our Atari Party last year, I hooked up a Commodore 64 and put in Castle Wolfenstein. I figured it was a good, accessible game (because of the current game....there is a current Wolfenstein game, isn't there?).

I left it at the title screen. Only one person approached it, pressed space to start the loading, and then walked away after the old 1541 started spinning up. Well, started, and then commenced, and then began spinning up, and it took thirty seconds for the party member to abandon C64.

I think you get a nerdx10 score if you did that on an emulator, which I think you did. Otherwise how did you get a screen shot?

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