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bitchslap ted rall day, spellcheck version

Update: Like Jeff says, sometimes being minimalist works best. So... Ted Rall is still an idiot.


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And of course, the real humor here is that there isn't, and there won't be, a "new draft".

I believe he meant collage. The doofus in the panel is offering a collage of reasons. It IS stupid, it ISN'T funny, but it IS correct.

I don't see the point of panel 3, either. Heck, I don't see his point overall, other than draft=bad, a point on which we agree.

No, I think he meant college, as in college deferment.

I'd say your both right. It's collage deferment because he gave a collage of reasons, and also meant as a play on college deferment (just as the panels below use the same space as a play on conscientious objector and conscious objector).

Ewwww, making me interpret Ted Rall, I feel dirty.

You may be right, Soli - but this just proves that Rall is so exceedingly unfunny that even his attempts at funny bits are mistaken for spelling errors.

And, like Joe said, there isn't going to be a draft. The only draft is the one blowing through Ted's head.

Yes, I think it was intentional. (Although as Soli points out, trying to derive meaning from a Rall strip is a soul-draining pursuit.) If, as Oscar Levant said, a pun is the lowest form of humor -- when you didn't think of it first -- a Ted Rall pun must be plummeting to the Earth's core as we speak.

Well there won't be a draft until after November anyway. After that ... well ... it would have been better to slowly build up the armed forces with increased volunteer recruitment but a draft would be shorter and cheaper given that bonuses and incentives would not be required. I mean, what has Bush to lose after that point? He'll be a second termer. And if he wants to do Iran and NK in his second term, he'll need a draft.

Yeah, I simplified my post. There's a certain elegance to minimalism.

Actually, I find this comic (unintentionally) hillarious. The people that want a draft are Ted Rall and his allies, because they think the American people are so stupid that they would forget who wanted the draft and have a backlash against President Bush. Hahahahah.

See, it's like Rall is a single act playing all 3 stooges. Every time he pokes himself in the eyes, I find it hysterical. Maybe that's just me though, okay I'll shut up now ;).

Soli, that's brilliant. I hadn't even considered that angle, although of course it'd get played up if that were to happen.

I think Rall and co are hoping for a sort of cargo-cult Vietnam, where if they reproduce enough of the outward signs the war will follow.

Oldman -

There will not be a draft any time in the near future. Bank on it.

in every conflict the US has been in since vietnam, people have soiled themselves worrying about a draft.

A conversation held between one of my ex-idiots and my mother's bf at the time, at the onset of GW1:

mom's bf to my bf: Aren't you worried about being drafted?
my bf: No. I'm a convicted felon. They won't have a draft, anyway.

The dude was dumber than a box of rocks, and he still knew there would be no draft.

I clicked the link expecting something more. The minimalism of it had me laughing. Too True!

Well, Q.E.D.