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66-70: Oh my god, she's talking about s-e-x!

66. What's your favorite sexual position? Yea, like I didn't see that one coming. It's position number 27 from the book A Contortionist's Guide to the G-Spot. If you try it, make sure you use diagram B and keep it right side up. Anything else and you'll find yourself in the hospital with a lot of explaining to do. 67. Have you ever sexual relations with a woman and, if so, please describe. Looking for a little masturbatory material? Try here, bud (NSFW). It's free. 68. Who gave you the best orgasm you ever had? Grohe 69. What kind of music do you like to have sex to? I don't. I prefer that we provide the soundtrack. However, if I just had to have a song playing, it would be Rammstein's version of Depeche Mode's Stripped. 70. If you had the chance to give Yassir Arafat an STD, which STD would it be? Dude. Do you mean that I would have to give it to him personally? Even if I had an STD to give him, you just could not make me touch him. This conjures up all kinds of thoughts, the most prominent thought being one of vomiting continously until the image of Arafat naked in the same room as me is purged from my existence. Worst. Question. Ever. -------- Note: this post is part of what was the Spirit of America Ask a Blogger challenge, a challenge in which I am woefully behind. All the previous questions are in one happy place.


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Yourself!? Course not. Get a nurse to give him the shot.

The shower head made me spew. Good choice with Stripped. That song kills me

Maybe a JDAM instead?

I agree with Carol, had a mouthful when I opened Grohe . . . but it does work for both . . .

70 - that's not that bad a question. Answer is a snap...

Courtney Love