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65: dollars for my forced thoughts

I'm throwing this in here as a question even though someone (make that three people) asked me this only today - this is a paraphrasing of all their emails: 65. How come you aren't outraged about the soldiers who were caught torturing Iraqi prisoners? When are you going to make your post blowing it off and calling it a part of war and then throw some moral crap out there about how we built hospitals? Just because I didn't write about it does not mean I am not outraged. Next time I'll try to be quick with informing you about my opinion on every single news item, from war to Jayson Williams. What those soldiers did is not a part of war, it is not to be expected. It is, however, expected that the people who committed these acts will be punished to the full extent possible. That good enough for you? Now that you consider yourself my boss, I expect a paycheck. Thank you. -------- Note: this post is part of what was the Spirit of America Ask a Blogger challenge, a challenge in which I am woefully behind. All the previous questions are in one happy place.
WE BUILT HOSPITALS!!! Yea, couldn't resist.


The response to this has been weird. People on the left are going "Hey! What about this!", and people on the right are going, "Yeah, that's atrocious - these people should be punished." Then the people on the left don't know what to do because the people on the right agreed with them.

No, they accuse you of trying to "deny responsibility" because you don't think it means the entire US military is a pack of thugs. :-(

Ask those a-holes how much they have found about UNSCAM from their favorite leftie bloggers?

Who wouldn't be outraged?

Maybe just post a disclaimer at the head of the blog: "Most torture disturbs me. Unless I say otherwise, just assume I'm against the latest report of torture. Thank you."

Heheh. Nice reply.