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fragrant like hormel's chili

The last word on Rene Gonzales. Or is that the last laugh? 'Cause I am laughing.


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Oh. My. Lord.

The best part was "into swinging."

Oh man, I was crying.

Thanks for posting that link. Individuals writing things like what Gonzales wrote about Pat Tillman prove the wisdom of the first amendment. We let them say what they will and those exposed to such venom always seem to react appropriately.

I'll never eat Hormel's Chili again.

Thanks for the laugh! Finally something to counteract that sour feeling in my stomach that's been there since this whole thing began. Well, that and Prilosec.

N*pples like dessert plates? Good lord.

Who cares about this twerp? This is something for talk radio to cover, nto a smart blog like ASV.

Anyway, we've got more serious people in the State Department and CIA undermining the war effort:


Well, thanks for telling me, Buck. And here I thought it was my call what to cover.

LOL...a hell of lot better than the keyboard death threats.

"Must cook, do laundry, fellate"

I'm guessing that those aren't listed necessarily in order.

"Looking for a solid, Momma Joad-type."

Man, that just plain nailed it. Especially when combined with fellatio. Ick.

What's the definition of "hero"?

Someone who can suck the chrome off a bumper, apparently.

Good lord what a pathetic fool.
How did they ever fit so much stupidity in to such a little tiny package? "Carrot Top?" Freakin' Carrot Top?

Case closed, I'd say.

My favorite part: "No Jewesses." Yeah, wouldn't want to hurt his cachet with all his Palisympian homies.

Send him to Gitmo. It ain't Puerto Rico, but close enough. And he'd find lots of like-minded fiends er I mean friends, although probably not so many with dessert-plate nipples...

Heard on the radio today that Pat Tillman has been nominated for the Silver Star. Haven't found any other media confirmation of this yet. Has anyone else seen or heard this?

At your service, Dave:

Army awards Tillman posthumous Silver Star
CNN) -- A Silver Star has been awarded posthumously to Cpl. Pat Tillman, the former football player who died last week after returning to an ambush to save the remainder of his platoon, Army Special Operations Command said Friday.

The story is linked to my name.

Now all I want to see is the name of the Arizona Cardinals changed to the Arizona Rangers.

Thanks spd rdr. It seems Tillman was a hero after all.

Yeah. He got what he deserved. How about that.

I really liked the "Equals, but I'm superior" part.

This is wrong on so many levels that my brain hurts just trying to take it all in.

Why did he have to drag an otherwise blameless brand of chili into this?

People seem to be treating this as if it was written by Gonzales himself. I kinda doubt that...although I'll admit, it's not outside the realm of possibility. After all, look at the stupid stuff he said about Pat Tillman. This jackass just might write anything, so long as it draws attention to himself.

Wow, he speaks "Cuban" and can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. I wonder if Castro needs a new bitch?

Can you imagine how he will feel 10, 15, 20 years from now when someone brings this up? Thank God there was no internet during the late 60's- early 70's!

That guy needs some serious help.

Can you believe this fruitcake was born on "Independance Day"? How could someone be this screwed up in the head and still be allowed in the general public?