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Spirit of America Closing Out Sale!

Last Call. Bar closes at midnight PST.


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Dirty martini with a Vicodin chaser.

Oh, perhaps you were not taking orders...

I wonder what SoA's tally is from all sources.

Feels good, doesn't it? Yes!

What the heck is going on here?? We're like $300 something away from $50,000, and it's 10:44 PST, and I have $500 to donate, and the FREAKING SITE SAYS THE CONTEST IS CLOSED! IT'S NOT MIDNIGHT YET!!


Michele, I know it's too late now, but all other bithness aside, you shoulda done like we did and settled in Delaware...

All media jokes aside, it's small, it's nice, it's quiet, beaches always in reach, shitload of shopping, and best of all, it's far, far from that hell-hole ya'll call NYC.

No sales tax, no bullshit from the realtors, and plenty of jobs for those willing to work.

Just don't tell anybody about how good it is here, OK? Wouldn't want to spoil a good thing.

Good luck with all the current aggravations.

To answer my own question, SoA says:

We have received $1,532,931 in donations in the last two weeks.
Contributions from 7,438 donors have been made to every request and
every area of Spirit of America's operations.

Here's Spirit of America's results page for the most up to date tally. Current total is $49,681.83.


And that would be the final tally, since it's past midnight.

can the bar stay open just a little longer :)