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undercover val

50-100 coming tonight. Right now, it's moving errands and whatnot. Before I go, I must ask a question of you. It seems that Val got someone to take his offer of cross-dressing, leg-shaving blogging in return for a $160.00 donation to SOA. The thing is, the person who made the donation asked Val if he would also wear a disguise. A Michele Catalano disguise. When Val asked for my help, I said perhaps a Yankees jersey would do. I think he threw up. So I told him I would ask you. What would you suggest Val wear as a Michele disguise? Which all reminds me that I still owe someone a photo of myself in a Mets cap. Anyone know where I can purchase a burqa so I don't show any skin in the photo? [50k by the end of the day!]


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I'm pretty sure if I shaved my wife's head and sent it to him, he'd have the Catalano disguise complete.


Now why would you want to avoid showing skin?

C'mon! John Hawkins needs a new post!

Grey has a point...Hawkins is nothing without you, Michele.

hey im a first time reader here.....and i would just like to say spiffy blog im adding it to my list of regulars including imao, right-thinking, rightwingnews, and realpolitik. oh yeah......and nice ta tas;)

I think that Senator Kerry's campaign website is selling burqas.

Oops, my mistake. It's just promoting a defense policy that makes it more likely that American women will end up wearing them.

My bad.

No burqas here, but I could express mail you one of my 30-odd housedresses as a loaner.

Oh, okay: I'll wash it first.

Perhaps a Glad wrap burqa?

(A man can dream)