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Questions 43-46: One Bad Apple

Note: this post is part of today's Spirit of America challenge. To find out what's going on and what you missed already and how to join in, please start here and scroll up. All the questions are in one happy place. 50k all the way! osmonds.gifTrust me when I say that today is not the day you want to throw down with me. You will lose. Badly. Just ask the condesending receptionist from my doctor's office, who is probably in tears right now. Let's get busy with the questions, shall we? 42. If you couldn't live on Long Island or the greater New York area, where would you live? Why? Probably upstate New York (that's not the Greater New York area, is it?). We've been going up to Roscoe, New York every summer since I was about five. I love the peace, the slow pace and being surrounded by nature. I love the way the night sky upstate, where you can billions more stars than you can see here on the Island. I love the dirt roads and cool mornings and evenings. I could live like that. Definitely. 43.If you had to do it all over again in regards to blogging, would you? Honestly, no. When I think of how much time I've spend blogging, it scares me. But if I knew then what I know now, I would definitely find other means to get my writing and opinions out there. That's not to say that I don't love blogging, because I do. But had I known that it's a package deal complete with trolls and enemies, I might have just done it anonymously. Or not at all. Hell, I think the answer to this is, I don't know. 44. How can I be as cool as Michele?? (you can't isn't an answer!) Show your tits, dude. 45. How much time goes into administering a blog like yours, both in absolute terms and in comparison to the time spent creating content? It runs different every day. Most of the content is created in my head, as I drive or shower or work. It's just a matter of opening up the innards of the blog and typing it in. Generally, I'll have a two or three sentence idea in my head when I sit down - it pretty much flows from there. I very rarely write in advance or prepare posts ahead of time. Everything here is pretty much off the cuff. I can type at an amazing speed, also. For argument's sake, take this post. That took about twelve minutes from conception to birth. Today's post on that idiot from UMass took a bit longer (about 25 minutes) because I had to re-read the original story a couple of times in order to address the points. Each day varies - some days I'll blog for a couple of hours worth of time. Some days it amounts to about an hour total that I put in. Again, with the time wasting. Are you guys trying to force me to realize that I have no life?? 46. What was your favorite cartoon show when you were a kid? Sigh. You people are really trying to destroy my reputation. It was The Osmonds, ok? THE OSMONDS! There, I said it. I loved that show. I loved Donny. I loved Jimmy. I loved the songs and Fuji the dog. They toured the world and took us with them to all these exotic locations, including Transylvania where they met a vampire, and Jimmy would always do something stupid so hilarity would ensue and then they would sing and....it was Rankin Bass, man! How could you not like it? That's enough. I'm going to drown my stress in a huge, greasy cheeseburger and a chocolate egg cream. 47-50 when I get back.


Ya know, I'm certain I watched those Osmonds and the Jackson Five cartoons, but everytime I try to remember any of them, all I can visualize is the "I'll Follow The Sun" segment from the Beatles show (omg, I didn't just give my age away, did I?...)

You make Upstate sound like a wasteland...oh wait, nervermind.

"I love the way the night sky upstate, where you can billions more stars than you can see here on the Island. I love the dirt roads and cool mornings and evenings. I could live like that. Definitely."

Funny, I was just asked the same question and my first thought was Long Island. I think you would lose your mind up here. We don't even have receptionships. The dentists wife/technician/secretary wanders downstairs to say hello, offers a cup of coffee and goes back to her soaps.

On the other hand, I have a really nice office.

The Osmonds?

Well, that's OK. The best I could come up with for myself was Hong Kong Phooey. Really.

Upstate New York?

Come to San Diego, costs roughly the same as Long Island without the shitty weather.

Wow, I didn't even know there was a Beatles cartoon show! With the Beatles' never-ending popularity, why hasn't this show been a rerun perennial?

For me, the answer is either reruns of the '60s Spider-Man cartoon or "Challenge of the Super-Friends"



you mean somewhere in this Blog is a pic of yours???? AND I'VE MISSED THEM SO FAR????

Oooooo! The Roscoe Diner!!! I miss that place.

We've been going up to Roscoe, New York

How far upstate is Roscoe? (Oh, all right, I'll look it up on Mapquest.)

When my grandfather retired, he and my grandmother moved out of Flushing and up to a little village in the Hudson Valley. I'm never able to explain to anyone (and especially to anyone unfamiliar with New York) exactly where it is--but it's gorgeous up there. No one who thinks NY = Manhattan would ever believe it.

Anyway, good pick. Trees, mountains, lakes--all the stuff I miss here in the flatlands.

UPSTATE New York?! (Damn, I knew I should have eliminated a wider area than the greater NY area. Too late now, huh?) If not, how 'bout outside the North East US?

Not that there's anything wrong with the Upstate, spent a great 6-8 months in Saratoga Springs learning how NOT to melt down a nuclear reactor.

The Osmonds. You know, I'm only a couple of years older than you, but I swear, until today, I did not even know there was a cartoon show featuring the Osmonds.

I'm with you, Dave.

I remember the Jackson 5 cartoon, but not the Osmonds

Donny lives near me, or maybe I live near him... anyway, the first time I met him I thought, dang, this dude is SHORT!

After that though, I found out he is really a nice guy, very personable and easy to talk to.


There was an Osmonds cartoon? I thought the Osmonds were cartoon characters.

Every time I read about this sort of thing, I'm glad I remember almost nothing about the seventies. It must have been a terrible, dark time. Ugly clothes, Osmonds, Pina Colada Songs, Watergates and Jimmy Carters.

I'm glad mankind survived and created the wonderful decade of the eighties.

Great, now I've got that "One Bad Apple" song stuck in my head.

At least you didn't pick the Bay City Rollers... (S..A..T..U..R..D..A..Y, Night...)

Wasn't so bad Otto. Led Zep. Zappa. The goobers wore bellbottoms and we wore Levis and smoked Marlboros.

And Hydroponics! oh man. the things we learned about horticulture!

Well, I remember the Jackson 5 and the Beatles, but not the Osmonds. I remember watching the Beatles cartoon when my mother told us that the Beatles were breaking up---because of DRUGS! Waaaaaah! Mommy! Say it ain't so!

My favorite cartoon was Jonny Quest. Robot spiders, paint monsters, pygmies, Turu! Man.

Evil Otto, don't let them fool you. It was terrible. Two words: avocado green. Not only that, but there was gas rationing and crushed velvet and macrame and they took away all the Jarts and the red M&M's and made us wear Quiana, and, and, and---it all ended in disco! Oh, the inanity!

You forgot harvest gold.

And I absolutely loved Quiana. seriously. wowee!