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That's the Spirit!

Today is the last day to get your donation in to Spirit of America in the name of Spirit of Team (which is the combined efforts of the original three coalitions). Our goal is no longer to beat each other, but to get our tally up to 50k before the night is through. So fare we have raised a total of $45,068. That means we have until midnight tonight (PST) to raise $5000 dollars to reach our goal. I think we can do this, considering what we have to offer in return for your bucks. The whole list of offers can be found at the vBay page (The Coalition Marketplace), including dinners, graphic design, autographed prints by both Cox&Forkum and Chris Muir, editing services, music, time on the Hugh Hewitt show, a Chief Wiggles lecture and cross-dressing blogging by Val. Today, we've added the incredible offer of three signed Victor David Hanson books! That's right, the Victory Coalition has VDH himself on their side. I will commence with the answering of 100 questions momentarily. Tomorrow, I will address all of the topic requests that were bought and paid for. Go check out the offers and, if you haven't already, donate and get us to 50k for Spirit of America.


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I also offered to shave my legs and document it, for $200. Not a single taker. The comedic value alone is worth it.

Proof that Spirit of America is on the right track:

Arabs are watching and trusting Arabs are watching US TV channel Alhurra.

Ooops cut and pasted more than I intended...

That should have read "Arabs are watching and trusting US TV channel Alhurra."

The link works.