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One thing to say in re John Hawkins's five hundredth post regarding women bloggers. John Hawkins is just jealous that he doesn't have tits to flaunt. Controversy is his cleavage.


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Tell him to eat like Michael Moore does. He'll have gigantic man-boobies in no time.


Yes, and notice how he never links to my substantive posts on feminism, either. John is all about the cheap shots. Like most conservative anti-feminists, he's got nuthin' when you try to make the debate on the facts, rather than the polemics.

By the way, Michele, that's a copyrighted photograph of yours. Did he ask permission to print it on his blog?

Hawkins keeps burying anything that looks like a reasonable point with silly polemics and thoughtless nonsense.

It's too bad.

Those of us who think female bloggers get as many benefits as drawbacks due to gender, and that they're minor either way--and thus believe that their are neither discriminated against nor at any particular advantage--were and are just bemused by the entire conversation.

Although I will say that Rosemary has been rather offended to be referred to as merely "my wife" and in some sort of third person condescending manner, by more than one of the parties involved.

Not trying to start a fight, but....

Hawkins can always go the Oliver Willis route...

No, not that. I mean including cheesecake photos.

Hope this doesn't count for my blog request, does it? ;}

"John Hawkins is just jealous that he doesn't have tits to flaunt."

Wait a sec. Michelle, you've flaunted your tits?! I missed it. Dang. I guess that shows that I am not a pig, but really and truly a person here for the written content only. I guess I will have to pore over your archives paging feverishly through your written content until I find what I'm really after.

What was the other post about?

I tell you, this whole situation disturbs me. What are you people doing out of the kitchen anyway? Are those shoes I see on your feet?! Oh! The horror!

Eh, I would be pissed too. Women have a natural advantage. If their ratings go down, they can post pictures of themselves and get more hits. What can guys do? Not a whole heck of a lot. Oh wait.
Wait, that's what RWN said. Whoops.

If their ratings go down, they can post pictures of themselves and get more hits.

Yea, that's why I did it. Dick.

I started coming here thanks to RWN. And now I am leaving thanks to RWN.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hurt your feelings by saying something about John?

See ya.

Oh, dear. Michele, there goes your lofty status as a Higher Being. Don't you realize that you've been proped up by Hawkins desciples?

Michele- you did what now?

And I'm assuming you think my name is Richard; The last time I checked, supporting your side of things by using a link to Frank J's Tee Shirt Babe contest as an example of how male bloggerss can do the same thing as RWN says female bloggers can (although via pictures of women, not themselves, heh) shouldn't be construed as attacking you unless you're looking for a fight with people who have no beef with you.
Unless of course, you say it is. In which case, bring it! My non-existent blog can take yours any day of the imaginary week!

Hey!! Come on.. You can't name a post boobage and then not put a picture of boobs up.. That's just cheating.