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The War Dead

Dear Ted Koppel: Here are more names of war dead to add to your reading on Friday night.
This was created by Alan of Avocare and originally appeared here. If anyone would like to compile a list of US war dead in Afghanistan, from the first Gulf War, the first WTC bombing and any terrorist attacks on American interests, I would be glad to add them to my list which I will most certainly send to ABC. I hope nobody takes this the wrong way - this is directed towards Koppel and ABC for their skewed sense of what a memorial is and is no way directed towards those brave souls who died while fighting for freedom in Iraq.


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I understand where you're going with this, but I think you are way off base. It's 1000x better to have liberals who care (I'm obviously giving some benefit of the doubt here, but Koppel really does seem to have sincere moments) about our troops, even if they mean it as a criticism of the president. President Bush is much better equipped to take the heat then some poor kid getting of a plane after an extended tour to screams of "baby killer." I think you're really sending the wrong message to try to stomp on what could be a real spark of patriotism just when it's flickering to life.

I think you miss the point, Soli. This isn;t about Koppel critizing the president. It's more about the duplicity and dishonesty in WHY he is doing this.

Patriotism? Hardly.

Okay, I'll allow for the theory that Koppel is doing this, as implied in a previous post, because it's sweeps. To this, I say hoooooo-rah! If the liberal that's supporting our troops gets great ratings and wins a huge market share -- and the unsupporting liberals that compete with him who just have empty whining with no spirit all go penniless and broke -- then I say that this is the dawn of a great day.

I happen to think Koppel is sincere in his respect for troops, but even if I didn't, for him to put it on for sweeps means he thinks that being respectful of our troops is the most popular thing he thinks he can do, and that's a sentiment I believe we should support in every way.

So, the Kool Aid tasted good, Soli?

Koppel shows ZERO respect for anything but Mammon.He is scum.

I drank the Kool Aid that was in the icebox. It was delicious, sweet, and cold.

I recalled, as I drank, that I had bought the Kool Aid from a man at a store, and thanked him for it. I did not care, then or now, why he sold it to me.

sorry, Soli, but thereís no patriotism behind Koppelís anti-war opportunism. Itís just another Vietnam Memorial: all victims and no heroes.

So why are all you dumb chickenhawks so afraid of facing exactly what you helped bring about: the senseless deaths of American soldiers?

The absolute, stinking cowardice of the right wing in America is astounding to behold. Shame on you all.

Heh. Here's the secret to responding to General Christian Patriot: he's an idiot, so laugh.

Dance for us more, little monkey General! You're so cute! Here's a peanut!

Oh and by the way, my late friend Gary Utter's piece on Chickenhawks is the last word on that particular subject. Not that I'd expect General Troll to read it, let alone attempt to understand it.

On the other hand, I will give Soli a bit more credit, for I would have to agree that it's better for the Koppels of the world to be expressing concern and remembrance for our war dead than to be mocking them or spitting on them.

Of course, if Koppel were serious, he'd talk about how many of these brave volunteers believed they were fighting for a noble cause, and might even note that many of them would be horrified if we were to pull out of Iraq and rend their sacrific into something meaningless.

Has Koppel ever done anything like that? If so, props to him. If not....

All I'm saying is I am emphatically for honoring our troops. I believe this is a good and virtuous thing. I believe that Koppel has found a way to make money by doing a good and virtuous thing and, since I am an avowed Capitalist, if you are waiting for me to be outraged that he might be motivated by something as 'crass' as profit, you will be waiting a very, very long time.

Also, arguments of the form "if he was serious, he'd do/say this one more thing ..." are simply rationalizations. You can make this argument about anything and it's virtually never valid (the only time it's meaningful is when there is a widely accepted precedent that someone specifically fails to follow). There is always one more thing to do because it's impossible for us lowly mortals to do everything.

Further, it is ridiculous to lump me in with the guy who's just spewing insults. You don't see me equating you with mbruce now do you?

Seriously, if reading the names of the war dead is going to convince those left who support the war don't you think Bush ought to examine why he went to war?