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one step closer to the edge

And I'm about to......collapse. They moved our closing date to May 11th. Did I mention that the people who are going to rent the place we are in now are supposed to move in on May 12th? Please stop me from killing someone. If you can't do that, please start taking up a collection for bail money. Or lots of liquor. I'd even eat the brown acid at this point. Anything to escape reality. Serenity now! Thank you. _____________ P.S. You could also make me happy by going to vBay - the Spirit of Team marketplace - and taking one of the offers that will help get us to 50k in the next 24 hours.


I feel your pain. Two years ago, when we moved from Los [expletive deleted] to Orange County, we had escrow bumped four times, and ended up homeless for a weekend.

My motto: Don't think about it, DRINK about it!!!

A not-too-fun but better than nothing option: Get a big truck, put all of your stuff in it, park it somewhere safe for a day or two, and live in a hotel for a couple of days, while relaxing.

Get a big truck, put all of your stuff in it, park it somewhere safe for a day or two, and live in a hotel for a couple of days

Yep, that works. Of course, in our case it was more like three weeks, while the alleged realtor selling our previous place dinked around. That not only delayed our closing and move-in dates, but inconvenienced the people from whom we were buying the new place. Urge. To. Kill.

At least the new place was vacant so the ripple effect stopped there.

I'm glad we were able to find a hotel with weekly rates (one of those Extended Stay places with a kitchenette, actually not too bad).

I hope you got something out of it for your trouble. The couple we bought from wanted to move our signing date (and the time, later in the process), and both times I made 'em pay cash money for the privilege. Not little bitty cash money, either.

Still, don't sweat it. In a year or two you won't even remember that it was a hassle. Good luck.

To quote Garth -

'Don't eat the red licorice.'

Do they have "Pods"---portable storage units---out there?

A friend of mine is moving from the Twin Cities to San Jose, CA. She travels a great deal for her job, and she's not going to be there for her move date. Her solution was to get a pod dropped off, she filled it, and in a couple of days, Pods will pick it up and move it to San Jose for her. She's saving a boatload in moving costs by doing this. Just a suggestion:)

Sorry for the hassle. I've been there and I sympathize. Good luck and I hope it works out without too much more stress involved.

Let me know where to send a good bottle of tequila and it's yours Michele. I'll put some cointreau and a good bottle of mixer in there too.

Forget in a year or two, not even. I remember one move, I was moving out the same day the new owner was moving in cause if a snafu and that was in 1986, more than a year or two ago.

You'll definitely need the tequila.

This brings back fond memories of when I bought the house I live in and told my landlord I'd be out of my apartment at the end of September and I didn't actually take possession of my home until November 6th!

Escrow issues had occurred because the former occupant had passed away while there was still a lawsuit against her for a traffic accident...what fun!

You rang?