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here's that handbasket we've been waiting for, hop in!

Ok, one post. Just because I had to. What the FUCK is wrong with Barbara Walters and the entire ABC management? God help us.


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I always suspected that there was a pan-dimensional portal to Hell fixated under 77 West 66th.

I guess this is the proof.

Does this mean white slavery will soon be the new hip thing?

Someone needs to contact the ACLU and have them file a lawsuit against the producers of the show.

I don't generally agree with everything you write. But on ABC's new dumbass show, we do agree.

I wrote about my disgust for this show yesterday. Ugh.

Wrote about this last night. These people are seriously brain damaged. Taking advantage of:
A) teen pregnancy
B) difficulties of adoption
C) reality TV craze.

These people have NO SOULS. At all. None. It really fucking pisses me off too.

That show is a different turn for the reality TV bull**** craze.

I'm suprised by the tangent this takes. I always figured we'd see reality shows take a hit in popularity (which way is questionable) when someone finally got killed in one of the stupid shows.

But this is pretty insane.

How long until they start to air the special segment of this trend where they have a 16 year old girl who wants to be on the adoption show, but isn't pregnant yet. TV producer thoughts Hey! Lets have a reality show to get her pregnant!
/TV producer thoughts

Bizarre world we live in today...

This is just plain old sick shit.

What's the big deal? That's how I got adopted.


When Chuck Barris proved 25 years ago that people will do ANYTHING to get on TV, none of us saw this coming..

Are there any more new lows to reach?

After all the complaints they seem to be getting, hopefully their next show will be:

"Who want to be the new VP of marketing?".

sick, sick, sick.

that just absolutely floors me. I thought "The Swan" was about as low, taste-wise, as television could go, but this has that all beat to Hell. (Literally).

what the person said about soullessness and the portal to Hell....

Handbasket? It's more of a rocket-sled now...

I'm not sure what's got the kid down more, being given away like a toaster on "spin the baby" or Miss Temporary's death grip on the twig 'n' berries.

The more I watch tv, the more I can almost understand why other countries detest us. This is totally despicable- beyond the other trash out there!

I'm adopted. I'd like to say that whoever came up with this show has absolutely no idea about... anything beyond taking advantage of an easily-exploited national resource (unwed teenage mothers) for ratings and cash. Nice.

I can see it now: "Mommy, how did you and Daddy get me?"

"Daddy and I won you in a contest."

The wonderful world of Disney.

This certainly does reflect a new depth of sickness and depravity. What makes it even worse is all these reality shows that are brazenly exploiting human degradation are so insanely popular at the same time that artistically valuable TV shows for adults with more than 12 brain cells are being censored for supposed "indecency."

I heard about this earlier today, and thought immediately of a story I read years ago that would make a great reality show, if this is the direction television is going. It was about a very rich man who was telling his guest at his remote island retreat that during his lifetime, he had been a big-game hunter. He showed his guest the numerous trophy heads lining the walls of his home.
There was a space reserved for one more, though; the ultimate prize. That's when the man turned to his guest and informed him that he had a one-hour headstart....

Survivor Island, anyone?

The Most Dangerous Game, Trish. Read it several times throughout high school and college and I never forgot it.

Give it a year or two. Fox will find a way.

If ABC had thought it through they could have blamed this on Susan Lyne and Lloyd Braun.

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of American People. Nor have they gained coin by assuming they have good taste. If they had any taste, Bawbwa Wawa would not have had such a marvelous career handing celebrities onions on "live" television, and Heraldo would be a used-car dealer here in Reno.

So when they refer to CBS as the Tiffany Network, they mean the sort of "tiffany" that comes from a Chinese job lot consumer-goods catalog.

Here's a rhetorical question for you: If on-air indecency were to ever be actually defined, would you consider this more or less indecent than Howard Stern getting a lap-dance on live radio?

Come to think of it, which is INHERENTLY more indecent and exploitative, in your opinion?

Presumably, Howard's trained stunt perverts have all been legal adults.

Come to think of it - because I just did - it's pretty fucking bizarre to realize that here, Howard fucking Stern has the fucking moral high ground!

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw!

I need a nap to digest this. The cognitive dissonance has exceeded my levels of waking tolerance.

Ooops. Sorry about that, CBS. My bad.

As an adopted kid (well, not a kid any more) I have to feel a little sickened by this... Of course I HAVE NOT SEEN the show so I hesitate to pass judgement.

I don't really watch network TV anymore since they screwed up Star Trek, cancelled Angel and dumped Firefly.

My gal-pal and I watched Queer as Folk on Showtime last night instead of 10.4 or whatever the latest network disaster movie was.