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When I Say Happy, You Say Birthday!

Go Saddam! It's your birthday!

I was trying to find a poetry generator that would let us all make birthday poems for Saddam, but I couldn't find one that fit the purpose (I wanted to be able to submit my own words). So, I'll just have to leave it up to you. I'm sure Saddam must be feeling quite dowtrodden today - after all, it's his birthday and his followers are being wiped out at an alarming rate, his favored city of Fallujah is burning and he's not really aging very well. Here's your chance to cheer him up. Write a one line message to dear old Saddam. Later on today, I'll collect all the messages, put them on a virtual card and then I'll email it to Red Cross and see if they can't get it to him. Show that birthday spirit! Let Saddam know just what the world thinks of him as he celebrates his 67th birthday with the cockroaches and prison guards. Update: JFH had a great idea: Everyone donate to Spirit of America in the name of Saddam!


Hmm... maybe people could also donate to the Spirit of America in honor of Sadam's birthday, that should cheer him up!

Here is the line:

"Should have eaten the bullet when you had the chance you sick bastard".

Can't we just send him one of these?


You know - for the ex-dictator who used to have everything........

"and one to grow on, you little rascal you! I wonder if the trial will be over by this time next year"?

"Enjoy this very, very special birthday, Saddam! As we know, first and last birthdays always take on a special significance!"

"you're 67, and things couldn't be better. Now let's run you through the plastic shredder!"

"Dear Saddam, I hope you get showered with love on this very special day. Golden showers of love, that is!"

An Ode to Sammy:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
All of those sorry-assed, Islamofascist dipshits that survive the onslaught of the Coalition forces are going to end up swinging at the end of a rope till the buzzards and maggots finish scavenging the flesh from their rotting carcasses
And so are you

Advice on paring down that third line would be appreciated.

I think it's perfect.