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Last Day for SOA: When Lileks Talks, We Listen/Donate!

[Attention, James: I keep returning your emails, but your filter is bouncing back my Command Post address as spam. Spam!] lilekssoa.jpg Do what Mr. Lileks says. Join the Victory Coalition. He did. And he made this swell graphic. Today is the last day you will find me begging for Victory Coaltion donations. The Spirit of America challenged ends at 12:01 a.m. PST, which means 3am for me, but my computer will be long shut down by then. The standings so far: The Fusillis: $16334.49 The Victory Coalition: $11713.44 Liberty Alliance: $5880 Do you see what this means? No? It means that all told, the Blogosphere SOA Challenge has raised $33,927.93 for Spirit of America. All of our bickering, backstabbing and one upmanship has obviously paid off. Let's shift into high gear as we make the final turn on the Victory Coalition lap. Let's close this thing out with the Victory Coalition on top. Sure, we'd have to raise over $5,000 in about 18 hours, but what's your demographics, James? Are your readers rich? Anyone out there cater to the six figure income crowd? Know any celebrities? Slept with Tommy Mattola? Got anyone you could blackmail? Surely you must have some dirt on someone. Use it! If not, get the hell off of your lazy ass and go sell a kidney. Sacrfice, people! Now, just because this is the last day of the challenge, it certainly is not the last day I will be fulfilling my promises to the SOA/VC contributors. In fact, I'll be filling requests for weeks to come. Which is fine, because I'll have plenty to blog about for a while. I kind of had a bit of a malfunction with Outlook last night and lost a certain folder. So if you already donated to SOA and asked for a dedicated blog topic in return, and you have yet to see that topic addressed, please send me another email and I promise not to lose it this time. I'll finish with the questions at some point today, in between the packing and stressing. I am also going to throw out one more offer; it's not much, but it's something I'll have fun doing. First, is a cd (with mps, not audio files, because I can fit more that way), containing my (at least)50 favorite songs, complete with a "book" I will make to go with the CD, that will include annotations for each song - sort of like liner notes, plus a CD cover drawn by my very talented husband. Anyone who donates at least ten dollars today gets one. If you have already donate but did not cash in on one of our offers, you may use your receipt for this one. So, to recap: * Lileks says give to the Victory Coalition. * Challenge ends tonight * Many good offers still stand * We are in second place, but wish to be in first * You must resend any blog requests you made of me * Blog posts and question blogging will extend into the future, even if the contest is not * I have a new offer up today * This is the LAST day my entire weblog will be devoted to SOA. Make it count * You are all incredibly generous and I thank you, along with the Victory Coalition, the other alliances and Spirit of America.


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Lileks is the shiiznit

I really, really, REALLY want that CD.

It'll be a collector's item someday! ;)