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Q&A 33-38: Once You Go Black

Note: this post is part of today's Spirit of America challenge. To find out what's going on and what you missed already and how to join in, please start here and scroll up. All the questions are in one happy place. 33. Speaking as a blogger, do you believe Adam and Eve had belly buttons? Can you support your conclusions? I would have to actually believe that Adam and Eve existed before I was able to espouse my views on their belly buttons, eh? However, if they did have belly buttons, I think that Adam would have been an outie. 34. What was your favorite subject in high school? English, by far. 35. Least favorite? Gym. Two words: square dancing. Ok, one more word: Uncoordination. 36.Gold or Silver? Silver. Something about gold just turns me off. Our wedding bands are silver. Though, if we went for our first ring choices, we would have these. I swear. See here. 37. Is black the new black? Yes, and it pisses me off, because I was into black back when it was unsavory to do so. And now everyone loves the black and I look like I'm trying to be stylish instead of trying to blend into the background. 38. What's the nastiest thing you've ever drank? A six day old cup of coffee that I had mistaken for a fresh cup of coffee. Rancid milk rules! _____ Don't forget the Art Sale! Yes, I'm a shameless whore for my husband. What wife isn't?


HA! Ok, if you believed, outie. I can live with that.

But why? Cause God's finger got stuck? That's like "why did He give men nipples"? It's almost as if He was doodling, when He said "if you had boobs too, they'd be right here. And here".

Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho.