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Do I hear another million?

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!! Yea, yea. I know that Big Hero Smash was on Hugh Hewitt's show talking up the BLAAARGH Coalition. But we went one better. Lileks called into the show and announced that he has joined the Victory Coalition! AND - he said he would see Hewitt's puny contribution by ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Ok, so he lowered it to fifty, but still. We've got Lileks on our side and they don't and that's like having All that is Good Itself on our team. So, nyah. We also got Meryl and Laurence to join us today, and Allah has already praised us, so we are covering all the religious bases. If we could get Raving Atheist and one of the Blogs4Gods to jump on our wagon, we'll have all the bases covered. Yes, questions/answers coming up. I've taken the day off from work tomorow to get more packing done and I am not looking at one single box tonight. I need a break. Now, go buy my husband's art while it's still available.


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I'm an ordained minister so we've got one more angle covered.

You foolish people. With the Chief auctioning HIMSELF off, we are sure to bypass both of you!


I bet you all eat pork on the side, especially Allah.

Mu wa ha ha ha...

Am I right to have heard "ONE MILLION DOLLARS" in Dr. Evil's voice?

Joshua. I had exactly the same reaction! "ONE MEEEELYUN DOLLARS!"