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Fallujah on Fire

Command Post has it all, of course. The time to hesitate is through No time to wallow in the mire Try now we can only lose And this war become a real quagmire Come on baby, set Fallujah on fire. We did all we could. We tried ceasefires, we tried to get the women and children to leave. We asked them to lay down their weapons. We did the house to house thing. If we don't do this, they're only going to laugh at us. While they're killing us. Will there be ripple effects? Sure there will. Should that stop us from decimating these animals? No. The time to win friends in Fallujah is over. They never were our friends to begin with. A few thousand terrorists are in Fallujah. And they aren't just Iraqis. They're Syrians, Afghans, Iranians, et al. Get them while they're gathered. And put al Sadr atop the pyre. Godspeed, soldiers.


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On the drive home, 'All Things Considered" was interviewing an imbed with the Marines in Fallujah. He was clueless about what was happening, but he did mention that the AC-130 (Spectre) Gunship was particularly active this evening.

Callsign for the Spectre?


Gotta love it.

I've seen what Spooky can do, and I would not want to be where those tracers fall.

You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

This is where I say "Kill them all and let Satan sort them out."

Winning friends and influencing people through superior firepower.

Well, the US is damned if they do, damned if they don't.

As has been said, the US makes for a poor occuptational authority. We just aren't brutal enough. Some may find that ghastly but it's just the way things are. If you're going to be called a brutal oppressive imperialist, you may as well get the benefits.

They will always hate us anyway,so the only option is to make sure that they're scared sh**less of us.

There's a very good explanation of the fighting tactics and of the reasons for the negotiations in the latest post at the belmont club.


Most likely the jihadis will fight to the last man and take as many civilians with them as possible. The negotiations were probably meant as a way to get some civilians out of the way and to create connections to the city elders. "the links with community elders is probably the only hope for averting a large number of potential civilian deaths"

OK, who had April 27 in the "Michele returns to war blogging" pool?

"You are a bunch of stupid fucks."

On cue.

Michele: just remember the great words spoken by Mark Twain:
"Write what you know about"

Ryan, deleted that comment. My new "take no prisoners" policy.

"Ryan, deleted that comment. My new "take no prisoners" policy."

OK...I'll will not copy or reference such then.

So, if things like You are a bunch of stupid fucks aren't allowed, can I still get away with saying things like I want to fuck a bunch of you stupid? Because, you know, fucking someone till they're stupid would really be fucking someone. I think.

Ok, I am SO using that.

"I'm gonna fuck you stupid!"


I should note here that there are severe and dangerous side-effects to being fucked stupid. For example, many of the folks found at Democratic Underground are obviously casualties of being fucked stupid at some point in their lives. Which is tough to understand, seeing as how impossible it is to believe those folks could ever get laid.

As long as I'm doing the fucking and not the one being fucked stupid, that's ok.

I'm just sayin' Michele. That's a might powerful ability you have at your disposal. Use it wisely, padawan.

To quote James Lileks, the Marines and Army should "convert the miscreants" in Fallujah "into jam."

Speaking as an English teacher, I can tall you that...

I'm going to fuck you stupid!

...is not the same as...

I'm going to fuck you, stupid.

It's all in the intonation.

The comma makes all the difference.

Commas. The difference between a Grammar GODDESS and a Grammar, uh... whatever grammar thing I was that wasn't a God.

Maybe it was a Kelsey Grammar?

This is where I say "Kill them all and let Satan sort them out."


Say, Michele, not to be all finger-waggy or anything, but I thought you were done with the political stuff. Kind of for this reason.

"I'm gonna fuck you stupid!"

Actually, I believe there's a similar line in the excellent (and totally underrated) movie Way of the Gun. There's a scene in the beginning where a character (named P. Whipped) says,

"I'm gonna slap you stupid and I'm gonna fuck you silly."

Or something like that.

What? Are you telling me I may be guilty of some sort of plagiarism? I refuse to believe that. How could somebody have come up with something as witty as fucking someone stupid who wasn't me? This is simply unnacceptable. I must pause now to ponder the ramifications of such a claim. Joshua, you can be such a bitch sometimes.

Joshua, you can be such a bitch sometimes.

Okay. I think you're joking, but just so we're clear: I wasn't accusing you fo being a biter. I was just saying I've heard a line like that before, and it was funny.