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birth school work death

And in between all that is blogging. I'm really trying to finish these questions, but life and work keep getting in the way, damn them. For now, I will direct your attention to all the fine offers that the Victory Coalition has going on for you. Please note that I am no longer taking post requests - I've met my quota for that and still have several to fulfill. I'll still take your questions, but please realize that due to time constraints on my part, the requests and questions will be posted for some time after the actual Spirit of America challenge ends. [the following is stolen from the website of VC member Matt] The offers are starting to get out of hand, but I'll try and run them down for you. If you've not yet joined the Victory Coalition, well, you obviously aren't very cool. How do we know that? Because Chris Muir joined and has donated an autographed print for auction. Personally, I plan to have that puppy hanging on my wall by the end of the week. I'm am, even as we speak, looking at the blank spot where it will reside.

Amongst the other offers, we of course have our own blog giveaway. Not just one, but two blogs. I build it, Michele does your logo and Kevin adds those special scripty touches. All you have to do is get ten friends and bundle a nice fat soft money contribution to the cause. At least two groups have started the battle, but more are needed.

Gerard is offering something this blog needs desperately, professional editing.

Michele, the newest Dear Abby of the 'sphere, is answering your questions for a small fee. Is she Dear Abby or Lucy Van Pelt?

Kate is offering dinner in Hawaii (travel not included) plus booze!

Quick! Pay money and see Sean in a Lions jersey.

Dorkafork wants to cook you dinner, plus booze!

Jay will redesign your hideously colored (red background, green text?) blog.

Three letters, BBQ!

If that isn't enough to get you off your butt and onto the donation page, what is? Booze, blogs and BBQ, sounds like a great party.

Wait! Laurence is forming a gathering of pussy photos! ___ Ok, so that's the offers on the table right now. Don't be a fool. Cough up some cash and get in on one of those bargains right now. For those who have already donate, thank you very much. Your generosity is a beautiful thing. Back later with the answers to all your burning questions, but no answers for your burning urinary tract.


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(Plus a Carnival of the Cats Challenge, but it won't hit until after the Thursday deadline.)


So does that mean we should donate our "matching funds" now since you won't be finished answering the hundred questions, until after Thursday?

Gerard is indeed a fine editor.

That would be great, JFH. And thank you.


A mix disc, delivered right to your door (or Mp3z).

and now,

A post on my blog.

Hey, and don't forget - Kate promised to wear 'that Sarong' for the meal!

Also, dropped a note in the latest Cox & Forkum auction asking if they'd accept ANY bids that went to the SOA...regardless of factional allegiance.

(the latest offer is $350 for a signed copy of Black and White World...)

I'm sure some Victory supporter out there can top that...but not to benefit (shudder) the Liberty alliance

Hey Cramer, don't you realize Michele thinks you're a cuntrag?

Sorry Jim, you got lost in the shuffle. Plus, I'm typing with casts on both hands...

If you can find some Trip Shakespeare by tomorrow, I'll donate another $25.

"Hey Cramer, don't you realize Michele thinks you're a cuntrag?"

Hey FW, start your own blog for flame wars.

That's not a flame war, sweets, that is a cold hard fact. Cramer sowed it, now she shall reap.

"That's not a flame war, sweets, that is a cold hard fact. Cramer sowed it, now she shall reap."

How cute and condescending!

Cramer, whatever her faults, wasn't starting trouble. Kramer and Michele weren't the self appointed "warriors" who went on the attack in their names. In fact Michele disowned that crap.

You seek to reignite that war of words which was likely started by asshats like yourself.

The problem, Ryan, is that FW is right.

I thought you said "nutbag".

I am going to have to start practicing with ear protection...

"The problem, Ryan, is that FW is right."

Then I concede the floor.

Lions jersey? I thought I made it clear that I wouldn't bother with them? I don't hate them like I do the Vikings and the Bears so it wouldn't feel like much of a burden to bare. But if someone's willing to pay...