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Chris Muir Joins the VC!

Sure, the Liberty Alliance may have scord Cox & Forkum, but the Victory Coalition is now sleeping with Chris Muir! Thanks to the generosity of Day by Day creator Chris Muir, The Victory Coalition is proud to offer for auction an autograph copy of a printed version of this strip: This is only the second time Chris has offered an autograph strip, so hurry and put in those offers while it's still available. Everyone knows that someday soon, Chris and the cast of Day by Day will be world famous. So when Damon is gracing the pages of your city's newspaper, and you're in your local diner having a morning cup of coffee and a bunch of people are discussing the latest Day By Day strip, you can turn around and say, Yea, I've got an autographed Muir hanging in my living room. I rule. Damn skippy. Get right over there and find out how to enter your bid in the auction. Thanks, Chris! [Speaking of Day by Day, today's strip is one of those "that's about me!" strips]


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Sheesh - the Fusilinimousity crowd is reaching now - Smash is trying to hawk other people's hotel lobby brochures now.

Hmmm. I've got a bag full of the little shampoos, conditioners and mini soaps from when I travelled a lot...wonder how much we'd get for a genuine "Best Western" item?