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23, 24, 25: Heather, Sully and Vodka Puke

Note: this post is part of today's Spirit of America challenge. To find out what's going on and what you missed already and how to join in, please start here and scroll up. All the questions are in one happy place. 23. Steve asks: What does the phrase "What is your damage?" mean, and what made it famous? I genuinely do not know. What's your damage, Heather? 24. Coalition member Dork (who is offering up his culinary skills in return for an SOA donations) asks: Do you check your referral logs? And if so, what is the weirdest referral you've ever gotten? (this includes search engine queries) Yes, I check my referral logs religiously. Not for numbers, but to see where people are coming from. It's always good to get a heads up in the morning by checking your stats and seeing you've had some Kos visitors. Your best offense is a good defense, and the referrers page is like having Nettles at third. I've had some great search engine referrals. But you want weird? Just the other day I got this one: Andrew Sullivan took my gay kid away. I come at number two, right behind Sully himself. And it leads to a post in which I mention that I had a dream about him playing volleyball in his underwear. #25 Esteemed blogger and Vodka Pundit guest blogger asks: How much hurl would a Steve Green chuck, if a Steve Green would chuck hurl? (He would, BTW.) Well, I don't know about you Colorado boys, but around these parts, hurl is vomit. So, after I did the dry heave thing a for a few moments thinking about Steve throwing puke around, I got down to business and did the calculations. Figuring in height, weight, stamina and age, then doing some scientific calculations based on everything Andy has every told me about Steve, and taking into consideration that Will would probably be there, making sure the consistency of the hurl was just right, Steve would be able to chuck 3.24 quarts of hurl, if said hurl was in a plastic container and not a metal one. And by chuck I mean throw, and not throw up, but throw around, so imagine Steve and crew sitting around the Denver Press club, covered in puke and laughing about it. while Jeff Goldstein blogs the whole thing, but uses 80's new wave lyrics to tell the story. No wonder Ken Layne wants nothing to do with you guys. Hey, it just so happens that Dork is in Colorado! Maybe he should cook for that big blogger bash. Alright, we are a quarter way through and it's only been like twelve hours! I either have to answer more questions at a time or stop packing for a bit.


Somebody'd have to bid pretty high for that! That's a lot of hungry bloggers, and a lot of shrimp.

I don't know why, but the expression "vodka puke" made me think back 23 years, to the time I dragged my friend Darryl back home after an evening of screwdrivers made with "Twin Sisters" vodka (I believe that brand is no longer, but their advertising slogan was "discover the secret, of Twin Sisters".

After I deposited him in his room, Darryl climbed out of his second floor bedroom window so he could barf on the roof. Not in the bathroom, oh no....on the roof. Where no one would hear him retching.

I was on the porch, explaining to his dad "nooooo, we're ok. Really. We're fine".
His dad asked me (as I stepped aside anticipating the dribble off the roof), "what's wrong with Darryl"?

And, swear to God, I said "I believe he has discovered the secret".

Good times, good times.