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Station break/Victory Coalition News

Just got home from work, must take care of dinner, kids and some packing and then it's back to the questions. Keep asking, I'll keep answering! And we've got something super-duper special coming up. Victory will be ours! Click the image to head over to Captain Kevin's house and see what we've been up to. And aspiring writers - DO NOT MISS Gerard Van der Leun's offer on behalf of the VC. It's killer and I just may bid on it myself. You can catch up on all of today's questions here.


Fixing dinner? Taking care of kids? Packing for a move? It's like you have a life or something! Come on more blogging less living!

Hey Bobby,

You lost? This ain't a political blog no more. BTW, if blogs don't make "a difference in the world", why do you care? Oh, and BTW, you're an idiot.

blahggers? This guy even writes comments with a Masshole accent?

Guys, I deleted his comment. He's a regular troll.

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