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Questions 10, 11, 12: White Men Can't Drive

Note: this post is part of today's Spirit of America challenge. To find out what's going on and what you missed already and how to join in, please start here and scroll up. Another note: please limit your questions. One person asking 100 questions is not what we had in mind. If you've asked more than three questions, I reserve the right to pick and choose which ones I will answer. Also, they are being answered at random, not in any particular order. Clyde asks: 10. what are your top 5 tv shows? 11. what kind of computer do you use? 12. what's your commute like? My favorite shows change frequently. Depends on my mood and also depends on where a show is at - meaning sometimes I will get bored with a story arc or think that a show has not been funny for a few episodes, so I'll ignore it for a while and get back to it. That said, my favorite shows as of right this moment are: * The Chappelle Show * Aqua Teen Hunger Force (let's just throw in all of Adult Swim here) * Simspons (including the nightly repeats) * Unwrapped (Food Network) * The History Channel in general Computer. At home I use a Sony Vaio - it's one of two Vaios in the house and we'll never use anything else, we love it that much. The laptop is a Dell Latitude and it rocks, mostly because of how it came to be mine. Commute. My commute is all of six miles and looks like a straight line, with just a few, slight curves. One road all the way there, basically. Should take ten minutes, tops, right? So why does it take me a good half hour to get to work every day? I'll tell you why. Long Island must have the largest ratio of bad to good drivers in the world. I'd say it's like 80:1. And of those 80, about 70% are at the age where they should have their eyes gouged out before they are allowed behind the wheel again , 20% are 21year old white guys blasting hip-hop that may as well be a foreign language to them and driving while smiling at themselves in the mirror, and the rest are cell-phone yapping housewives in Hummers who have no clue about anything outside of their compartmentalized world, incuding the fact that people might actually be driving on the same roads as them.


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I misunderstood - I thought it was the # of questions we were aiming for, not the # of people asking questions - that's why I was trying to think of more questions.

You're doing a fantastic job with all this - hope you're having as much fun writing it all as we are reading it!!

As someone who lives on the South Shore I could not agree more...I hate driving on the island

As a former resident of Queens (Corona, Fresh Meadows, College Point) who spent more summers than I can remember at RumRunner's of Oyster Bay (and all points in between) I can attest to the length of your commute!

So, which of the 3 groups of drivers do you fit into? :-)

Excellent taste in TV

though I try to avoid the WWII stuff on the History Channel now - just too much.

I'm the one good driver against those 80, of course.

Question from a fellow fan, do you think the Simpsons have improved the last two years after being a bit off?

Thank God its a straight line.One of the delights of San Fran drivers is that they very rarely use turn signals,and when they do it isn't necessarily the way they will go.

Thanks, Michele, but now I feel guilty for making you work, and it's all your fault. Read your own promise again: "for every question asked that I can provide a decent answer to..." So it's not answers, it's questions that count! Depending on the definition of "can", there's no central controlling authority here, and those weren't "my" questions I threw over the wall...um, yeah, that's it--they're not "my" questions, they're society's questions, thrown toward a common goal. So don't blame me! In fact, to be fair and balanced and international and multilateral, I'll match your pledge by donating a dollar for every question (for which you have a decent answer) NOT answered.



Thanks for setting my entertainment priorities for the last two weeks.

First, there was the FNM songs you put up on MP3, prompting me to get a long overdue FNM "We Care a lot" collection and burn out my CD player the last two weeks.

Second, there was the trip to blockbuster on saturday, complete with the long shuffling scan over the shelves in reverse alphabetical order, finally coming across "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". "Hmmm. I've seen this mentioned on ASV... What the hell."

Spend the rest of the weekend laughing until I cried. First episode "What the heck?!?!?!" Second episode "bwahahahahahaha!" Third: Crying. Wishing I was drunk, becuase strangely that would make the ATHF even better.

It is an injustice that the second season comes on DVD a full two 1/2 months from now. Second injustice that we cannot see the Adult Swin here in Canada.

Thank you again.