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Question #9: Talkin' Baseball

JAB asks: 9. What was the most perfect baseball game you have ever attended? Believe it or not, it wasn't a Yankee game. It was 1983. The Mets sucked. Not just sucked, but sucked in that slurping, gurlging way a toilet bowl sucks when it's washing your shit into the sewer system. Being a Yankee fan/Met hater, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the complete collapse of the team. And, being a Braves fan at the time, I enjoyed the Mets' demise in a that My NL Team is Better Than Your NL Team way, which was almost as good as enjoying it in the time-honored My New York Team is Better Than Your New York Team manner. bq. (ed note: Mets statistics for 1983: 68-94, Finished 6th in NL Eastern Division. It was Strawberry's rookie year. Braves stats for 1983: 88-74, Finished 2nd in NL Western Division. Dale Murphy hit 36 home runs that year) So it's summertime and the living is easy. I have some menial job I tend to at night. During the day, my job is to drink beer, listen to music and taunt Met fans at Shea Stadium. So July comes around and the Braves are coming to Shea. Four of us pack up a cooler of goodies and head to the Big Blow Toilet Bowl in Queens. (actually, I believe this was pre-BBTB days, I forget when the painted the place). We went to a lot of Met games. The bleachers were empty. The sun was good. The beer was plentiful, as the beer guy had no one to sell his wares to besides us and was at our constant beck and call. And this day was no different. It could have been a Wednesday, I'm not sure. I just know it was a weekday game and I'm pretty sure the Mets won. Doesn't matter. It was a perfect weather day, Kevin caught a foul ball, we got drunk enough to taunt the Met players but not drunk enough to say anything to get us thrown out, and Dale Murphy nodded and tipped his cap toward us when we cheered every time he touched the ball. It wasn't a baseball purist's idea of a great game, by any means - I can't even remember who won - but it was, indeed, the most perfect day I ever spent in the stands at a ballpark.


"Most perfect" annoys me just as much as "proactive."

Next thing you know, people will try to sell you things that are more-than-perfect.

You forgot to mention that Jesse Orosco finished third in the Cy Young voting that year. No kidding. You could look it up.

Hey, we Mets fans took our joy where we could in those days.

Didn't someone say that year that Stawberry was going to be a far better player than Dale Murphy? (I think it was Steinbrenner)

Michele, you have no idea how happy a story that involves you rooting for the Braves makes me. I know, I know...it's all over now. But, still. There was a time when...

At least most Braves fans share your Mets-loathing. And we don't usually root against the Yankees, unless there's a championship involved. After all, Torre is a homeboy from way back.

Shea Stadium -- Oct '73 -- Pete Rose barrels into Buddy Harrelson (Mets' SS), and for the rest of the playoffs, the chant could be heard from left field all around to us in the right:


Who knew?