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Questions: 4

The evil leader of our opposition, the retardedly named Fussilli's, left some questions, most of which will go unsanswered because they are either stupid or just him gloating, as is his M.O. I will, however, answer this one: 4. Does it shame you that both our Coalitions resorted to rack pictures because of that damned dirty Queen Of All Evil? That wasn't a rack. It was cleavage. You can see cleavage every day, in every place you go, from church to schools to PTA meetings. It is not illegal nor immoral to show your cleavage and some of us just can't help it as we'd rather not wear high necked sweaters every day. Also, unlike the other members who are posting their rack pictures, that's not what the photo was about. People donated to SOA to see me wear a Red Sox cap, not to see my rack. That issue was never raised, nor will it be. The shot was taken from that angle so I could hide my face, as it is not really a good thing for a Yankee fan to be shown wearing a Sox cap. Make of this what you will, but I did not "resort to rack pictures." No one expected that photo from me, nor did anyone ask for it, nor was anyone asked to donate more money in order for me to pos the photo. Which was generally just me, at an odd angle, wearing a regular, every day shirt. If you guys (and by that I mean both the other alliances) want to resort to selling off pics of your boobs and panties, so be it. I'm going for something more substantial here. Like talking about grits and soap operas. Not that I wouldn't consider writing about anal sex and the president's gay dog for a thousand dollars a week. Just saying. We all have our price.


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mmmmmmmmmmmm... grits.

As Jerry Seinfeld said, "Cleavage is like the sun. You just get a glimpse to get the idea of it and then you look away."

". . . just me, at an odd angle, wearing a regular, every day shirt."

But did you ever consider it is transformed into something much, much more with you sporting it. I mean, damn.

In the spirit of the contest, I think we should start calling him Fusilli Jerry. And you know where he ended up.

Hey, Ms. High Road:

I incuded a set of buff pecs in the Fusileer Booby Easter Egg just for you.