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Questions, #s 2 and 3

First: we are up to $700 in donations for this questions challenge alone! (see here for background, details) We're going to tackle several at a time here. And try to limit it to ONE question per person, please. Thank you. 2. JAB asks: Other than your family or this blog, what has been the biggest compliment someone has paid you? I was in the diner with my two kids, many years ago. The owner of the diner came up to our table and told me that he had never seen two such charming, well behaved children in his life, and proceeded to give them free dessert. I beamed. Good thing they waited until we got into the car and pulled away before they started spitting at each other. 2. Tommy asks: Would you ever wear Sox gear again (excepting charity events, of course)? In a word, no. In two words, fuck no. I'll be nice and tackle all of Skillzy's but, due to the nature of the charitable end of this challenge, I'm only counting them as one questions.
3. * Is Alex Rodriguez overpaid? * Have you ever eaten grits? * Can Eli Manning save the Giants? * Aren't Southern accents shexy as hell? * Who's your favorite NASCAR driver? * What's so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding?
Yes. Yes. Grits with cheese, butter and salt is the breakfast of Gods. Dude, the Giants play in Jersey. Nothing can save them. Ever. Not even the lesser of two Mannings. Southern accents are better than New England accents, that's for sure. I prefer mid-western accents, to be honest. Unless someone is going to pay me to watch those cars go 'round and 'round and 'round, you'll never catch me watching NASCAR. So I couldn't give you an answer to that, unless the answer is: none. And as I walked on Through troubled times My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes So where are the strong And who are the trusted? And where is the harmony? Sweet harmony. Where is the harmony? Where is the love? Nothing funny at all, Skillz. Nothing at all.


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Michele, auto racing is the sport I love more than any other - I suspect you would enjoy it if you knew everything that was happening as those cars seemingly go around in simple circles.

NASCAR has become the dominant racing series in the world because its leaders had the wisdom to maintain tight control over advancing technology. In other racing series like IndyCar and Formula One, the cars long ago became so advanced that the drivers are basically just window dressing, along for the ride. NASCAR vehicles are not completely glued down to the track and actually require great driver skill for success.

Racing at its best is a sport of balletic precision - the best drivers elevate it to what could almost be considered an art form. The absolute best form of the sport for me - the form I love to the depths of my soul and in which I participated for over a decade, is non-wing open wheel dirt-track racing. It's such a thrill to slide sideways through the turns, inches from other cars, with all that horsepower attached to your right foot. It's hard to adequately describe, but if you ever got to make a few laps in a real race car - especially a non-wing sprint car, I'm sure your opinion of racing would be changed forever.

I haven't updated it for a while but my racing website is still online, for anyone who'd like to see what these dirt cars look like.

Nice Vitriol, thank you.