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Is My Life Really This Meaningless?

BOO-YA! I passed Drudge on the Ecosystem!
[click for self-important size] Flame Fame is fleeting. Especiall blog-related fame. I'll take the ego boost while I can. Look out Charles, I'm crawling up your ass! Figuratively, of course. [Thanks to Ed for the tip]


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"Flame is fleeting."

Hehe. A little slip-up but just as true as the non-typo would have been.

Congrats on passing Drudge!

I would imagine Michele's much better looking in a fedora too.

Maybe I meant Flame is Feeting?

Does this mean we can look forward to bright red, 72 point post titles now?

you my dear are a superstar
and also
exceedingly more attractive
than mr. drudge
so rock on with your bad self!

Hee hee.


Nobody is cooler than you.

But we already knew that.

All you need now is a radio show.

Drudge's radio show is downright AWFUL. I listen to static now.

Regarding a post from a week back or so... you're number nine and Wonkette is number 53? And you were worried?

Keep up the good work, and your readers will be here, not there.


How does Rachel Lucas stand at #125th when her blog is blank, and she hasn't posted in some months?
Congratulations, Michele, on passing Drudge. Drudge bores me, personally. He reminds me of one of those gossipy 'columnists' from the 40s.

If I wanted uninformative tidbits that tell me to look up more at the website, I'd watch CNN. Otherwise, I'll stick to real blogs.

Good job, Michelle.

Okay, is anyone else disturbed by the image of Michele crawling up Charles' ass?

The goal is to get Michele past Andrew Sullivan in the ecosystem, and then replace him in our popular culture with Michele. So wherever Andy's stuff is, instead, we'll have Michele's stuff. It'll only take 400 more links.