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v-bay: Where else can a little league game get you laid?

programming note: all dedication posts (posts made to order in return for donations to SOA) can be found here Click below to discover all the new, exciting offers available to you through v-Bay- The Victory Coalition Auctions, Goods and Services program designed to help you earn great rewards for your donation to Spirit of America in the name of our alliance. We have such diverse offerings as a personal Cajun Chef, blog hosting and design, book publication services, free ads, music, donuts and me in Red Sox gear. Look, we don't bare our breasts, we don't have airline tickets to give away and we haven't been risking our lives for you in Iraq, but we believe that Quantity is Job One. And when you think about it, what does a bared breast get you? Five seconds of thrill? When you compare that to someone coming to your home and cooking you a genuine Cajun dinner, or a month of free ads for your blog, or music to soothe your soul, we're talking about lingering satisfaction here. Sure, you could own a piece of Lt. Smash's shrapnel fragments or the hat he wore while he blogged the war from Iraq. WhatEVER. Wouldn't you rather see me in a Mets or Red Sox cap? I'm selling my soul to the devil for you here! And look at all these posts I've written - I don't skimp on my dedications, people. I go all out for you. Today, I'll be offering grab bags of stuff I don't want to take with me in the Big Move. And a mix CD of my favorite songs complete with an annotation sheet and liner notes. And my son - that's right, my eleven year old son - has promised to play Creem's Sunshine of Your Love on the guitar, which I will record, for the first person that donates 25 bucks in his name. Not only that, but he promises to dedicate today's Little League game to the first person who donates 20 dollars in the VC's name today. He'll be pitching, so each strikeout he throws will be IN YOUR NAME! Line up around that water cooler, baby. They'll be talking about you for days. Oh, this will be sure to get you laid. I could do this all day, you know. I would give away my very soul for this. Blackened as it may be. Give. Give now. And when you give, send an email to myself or Kevin stating which prize package you qualify for/would like. Thank you, and enjoy your Sunday.


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I have a feeling your mix CD is pretty damn awesome. If I only had a job so I could help out. :)

That kid of yours rocks.