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Dedication #7: [insert question here]

Well, this person made a rather nice donation to the cause, and I promised in return I would post on a subject of their choice. The person graciously agreed to my request that I not write the question here, just the answers. Allah Treacher Andy Jeff Goldstein Mikey D Mike Windy Eight was a weird number to choose. But there it is. And don't ask. And to answer the other part of your question? Rammstein's Stripped or Type O Negative's Love You to Death.


It's something to do with penis size, isn't it?

No, wait, I've got it. "Guys most likely to quit blogging sometime within the next two weeks." Ding ding ding

The it-never-really-gets-old-does-it crush question rises again, I figure.

Well, you do have good taste. Can't argue that one.

The question is: "Who Are Eight People Who Have Never Been In My Kitchen?"


Allah, no!

This is that desert island question again, isn't it?

great Cheers reference, david!

wait. what am i doing in there? i wanna know the dang question!

well, Allah IS the divine one, so he must KNOW what the question was, right?? right?

oh well.... is the Type O Neg song a cover of the Megadeth song of the same name?? If so, I MUST have it... that is an incredible song...

If we're playing "spot the Jew," I'm ready to buzz in with my answer...