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Well, not really overheard, as I'm the one who said it. But I thought it was funny. Son: Mom, it's kinda weird that you're 40 years old and still listen to Anthrax. Mom: Hon, Scott Ian is 40 years old and he's still in Anthrax. And that shut him up.


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Haha, very funny. Great comeback.

Heh. Good one.


And Anthrax still rocks.

Son: But why, Mom?

I almost peed my pants when you e-mailed this to me... my daughter asks the same type of questions about why I listen to what I do.... AWESOME answer!

Scott Ian is also quite tastefully named.

Damn, that's funny!.

You forgot to mention how short he is in real life though (cool to hang out with at a Bouncing Souls show, but still very short)