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summer lovin': packing interlude

goggles.gifPacking is awful. I will build upwards and outwards forty times on the new house before I ever move again. Strolling through Target Tarjay today, my cart overflowing with Rubbermaid containers and cleaning supplies meant to make my packing crusade easier, I made a wrong turn and ended up in the aisle with all the outdoor items; bright coolers, infatlable pool toys, ice buckets in day-glo colors and a myriad of dining accessories that all cried party at our house! I almost worked my way out of the aisle when I had a thought: I have a pool. I have a yard. I have a house. And they are mine. And even though I wasn't there to buy things for the new house, but to purchase things to get out of this one, I tucked a small, bright orange citronella candle into the cart. Just because. We have plans to turn the huge, detached garage into a combo home theater/rec room. I'm thinking some retro decorating is in order. Maybe I'll call Faith on this one. Wow, I think I made it past the stressed-out/freaking about a thirty year mortgage stage and I've moved on to excitement. I think. I'm putting in two more hours of packing today and that's it - then I'll be here to fulfill more SOA/VC related post requests, addressing such issues as Dave Mustaine, Neil Gaiman, more cover songs and a list-o-mania of books and movies. Don't forget, the Victory Coalition still needs you! Update: You can take a photo tour of the new house here.


I have a pool. I have a yard. I have a house. And they are mine.

I can say with 99.9% certainty that I'll never own a house but I can also see what a gratifying thought that must be. Congrats, babe!

For some strange reason, I finally felt that I was on my own (in my first apartment) when I could by a jar a maraschino cherries. And in my first house when I got a citronella candle for the backyard.

Enjoy the new place!

Oh, and by the way, the Red Sox beat the Yankees again today. Just thought I'd let you know to, y'know, help with the purchasing...

Nice of the Yanks to give us a game today. Those blowouts get boring after a while.

Any huge detached garage I think is wasted without a bar.
We built a Greek theme taverna(?) in my friends.
"Spiro's Bar", complete with fridge, optics and fishermans nets on the ceiling.

Boy...the people you are buying from didn't believe in hanging anything on the walls, did they?

I have a feeling that once you've moved in, your home will reflect your personality a lot! I know what you mean about moving, though - hopefully I won't have to sell my house; just the thought of packing up fills me with dread.

Nice little place you got yourself there. Congrats!

Congrat's again.
I know it's going to be a struggle, especially with the moving, but in spite of all the problems inherent in home ownership there is a deep satisfaction to be found in having a place of your own.

And when exactly will movie night be? I make great popcorn.

It's fantastic. You must be terribly pleased.



The day you close escrow will be a weird mix of "WTF am I doing???" and "OMG, It's really ours". Terror and euphoria all mixed up in one giant glob, but it's so worth it.


Wow...Congrats! I can't believe how much house you get for the price....you'd pay double that in the SF Bay area...or more.

You have a pool?

I am so there this summer.

Big laundry room! Very important.

Looks great - congrats again.

Oh and Tink is right, you're going to have to sign about 400 documents. Get those writing muscles in shape!